Movie about a long distance relationship

5 Great Long Distance Relationship Movies

movie about a long distance relationship

long distance relationship movies Let's start off with a light-hearted film that deals with a long distance relationship head-on. Going the Distance. Na Tum Jaano Na Hum The Lunchbox How To Bring Back The #Spark In A # Long-DistanceRelationship. Here are three great long-distance relationship movies to give couples in This movie definitely reminds us that relationships are hard, but if you love each.

The story follows two friends who spend a night together, starting a series of events that lasts across years of their lives, most of which they spend apart.

The film looks at them on one day of every year to tell the story of their love. Each movie is set during one meeting between the two people who fall in love.

movie about a long distance relationship

It has everything an urban Indian couple might have to deal with, from family disapproval, trying to balance your career with love, and of course, a long distance relationship. London Paris New York Image Source A film similar to the Before series, or even the film One Day, it follows two people who meet over many years across three cities of the world.

Long Distance Relationships in Films

Each comes with their own problems and complications, and the physical distance plays a big part in the way their relationship shapes up to be. Break Ke Baad Image Source The film is more about 'a break' than a typical long distance relationship. But the break does involve putting distance between the two best friends turned lovers, and the film looks at how that changes the way people think of love.

movie about a long distance relationship

Hum Tum Image Source Possibly one of the best films about relationships in the current age, the actors and the director made a film that connected with audiences across ages. The story is of two people who keep bumping into each other, and the way they fall in love. Saathiya Image Source Another beautiful film that tackled changing relationships in India.

Top 10 Long Distance Relationship Movies

The film focused on the characters and the real issues they faced rather the surrounding drama. The Lunchbox Image Source This film is different from most of the other ones on this list, especially the Bollywood ones.

The story is more about human connection and how distance doesn't matter when it comes to people finding love or friendship. Now grab some popcorn, get cosyand find your faith in love that transcends distances. Atonement follows a couple constantly kept apart by the changes in their world. They face wartime dangers, both on the front and in London during the Battle of Britain, and they must stay in touch primarily through letters.

This one might make you cry, but long distance relationship veterans will be able to relate to the struggle of being apart from someone you love when you must savor your rare moments together.

The bittersweet ending provides a new twist on the intersection of love and tragedy in fiction. The couple falls in love when they are communicating across a distance, even though they actually live in the same city. Their love develops from afar, just as it does for many long distance couples who meet online these days. Sleepless In Seattle Also starring Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks, this is another film where we see the couple falling in love from a distance.

The sweet moments will resonate with any long distance couple, especially those in the early stages of their romance. Not only do they have to deal with distance, they are often separated across time! This film explores the pathos of spending a lot of time apart from someone you love.