Long distance relationship story first meeting date

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long distance relationship story first meeting date

The first week, I spend my time with a good friend of mine and kept myself busy. .. I'm from India and i met my boyfriend on chatous. we've been dating since 15 . Would you fly halfway around the world for a first date? That's exactly what happened to the four women and one man whose stories are shared here. He came to New York for work five months later, so we met up a few times. . But, I' ve learned a lot from that first long-distance relationship, and I don't. The Way We Met is a Facebook page that tells the stories of how people met, . out there or couples in long distance relationships, stay strong. On the night of our first date, I was so nervous that I almost called off our plans.

After the third week I gave up on waiting and was trying to accept the fact that he will never contact me. I tried to convince myself that he lost the note somehow or anything, but deep down I miss him. Karna November 22, at 2: I am norwegian and I have been together with my boyfriend for 2 years. He is from16 and from Chile, although we met in South-Korea, where we both lived because of our family business.

We met in January and dated ever since. We have been in a LDR for 5 months now, however he broke up with me yesterday. I never smoke, drank or messed around with boys — until i met my boyfriend x-boyfriend. I lost my virginity to him when i was But we loved each other. My parents knew we were young but they loved my boyfriend, and his family loved me.

Our relationship was perfect until I moved away from Korea. I was spending the summer of in Norway with my friends and family before I moved to Spain for 1 year. My boyfriends parents were so nice, letting him come to Norway for half the summer, which was the best time of my life.

I fell in love with him even more, seeing him get along with my friends and family. To be honest, our LDR has been going great. We skyped everyday and all day on Sundays despite the time difference, which was the major battle in our LDRand we communicated lots. But since he was drunk and only kissed her, i decided to give him a second chance. Lately we have been arguing a lot about the future.

When were we going to see each other again? What happens after we see each other? How long can we continue our LDR? Until the end of collage? The next time we might be able to see each other would be next summer. But, 1 year apart? We love each other, but I cry myself to sleep almost every night and he suffers from great depression. Even though he is depressed and I am suffering from anxiety, everything goes away when we skype.

For the last week, we have been debating whether or not we should simply just break up — and that maybe it was for the best. This weekend 2 days agoI decided to forget about everything that was going on and go to my friends birthday party, at a pub.

I got drunk for the very first time. When I woke up the next morning I was so nervous to tell my boyfriend. This is because I promised him that my first time getting drunk would be with him; i would be safe in his arms. And then he hung up.

My heart sank to the bottom of the ocean. I expected him to get mad but not this. I did not cheat on him, so I was in complete shock. How could he react this way? He broke a promise, to stay faithful to me, but i still gave him a second chance. He sent me a text right after he hung up, telling me what a terrible person I was, complaining about how he thought I was different and independent, and loyal.

This text made me even more confused. I have not replied or called since. And I think he is expecting me to ask for forgiveness, and he would forgive. Normally this is what would happen in our relationship, since this has happened many times before.

But perhaps its best this way. He was my best friend, and I would still want to talk to him everyday. Maybe he would take me back and things would go back to normal, but than what will happen? Im only 15 and I know I have a whole life ahead of me, and sorry if this sounds totally insane, but I can only imagine my future with him! I am so comfused. I love him and I want to be with him but even IF he did take me back, what will the future hold? I have read all the other stories, and it really helps to relate with other people.

I am in so much pain. Gerald December 22, at However 32 months later, We finally proved them wrong. Me and my girl friend got back together with more love and passion. It will work if you work it. Madison March 6, at 3: Ive been down for Zach since we met and he said he feels the same. We tell each other we love each other atleast 20 times in a hour.

We plan on moving in together in the future. And we got together. I knew from the start I loved her, I was just always worried about my personal problems, which made me think will cause me to loose her.

And I was trying to get more settled for us. I was a pretty bad fuck up in high school, so I was trying to get done with school, get a job, raise enough money and go see her.

She even agreed to the idea and everything. But one problem was she always thought something was holding me back, but that was just school, money, and me. So finally i graduated high school, as a super senior, but early within the year than actually expected. And now i was trying to get a job, but was having trouble. But we finally had a HUGE talk one night and she told me everything where I was wrong, and put me in my place to say, so then I decided we needed to compromise and so we gave each other many, many promises, and I finally stopped holding back and see each other and gave up my fears of it.

So now it is March, and sadly we got into a little fight which turned into something else. She ended telling me she wants to be with another guy, because he has his own place, job and started school again. Even before she planned on going to school here so we can live and be together but she decided to stay. And at first i was a bit sad she started school, because we planned on.

These Couples Recounting Their Love Stories Will Make You Believe True Love Is Worth Waiting For

ILoveAngel March 13, at 8: Jacob March 24, at 1: I am super happy to say me and my lovely GF are together now and about to move into an apartment together this summer and our relationship has never been better!

But there has been an overwhelming amount of forgiveness and realism. Despite all the bumps and extreme emotions that come with all of our mistakes, we kept a realistic out look on our relationship.

She had to decide if she still loved me after I could make such an extremely dumb decision. And it look about 6 months for her to really start to trust me again. Which is more than understandable if you ask me! I had to make a similar decision when we wanted to get back together after she left me for another guy. I would say communication is the most important thing in a relationship for many reasons. Every relationship is gonna take its own form of communication. It takes a reprogramming of your brain almost.

These Couples Recounting Their Love Stories Will Make You Believe True Love Is Worth Waiting For

They never mention the times where it takes his dumb ass 4 years to commit to even see you. Marriage may seem like this wonderful rainbow that a unicorn farts out for once you become a certain age, but let me tell you as someone fresh out of a LDR and about to be engaged. Its scary as SHIT!

I also take payments in food. Tell her you are willing to see her and really DO it. But if she really has moved on, I am so sorry, there is a girl out there close or far who is much worthy of your love and who will love you back as much you love her. I am in a LDR for 4 yrs now and communication, trust, honesty and constant reminding the other of our love what keeps us both solid and together.

There should be reciprocity of love between the two of you or else one will be depleted, with all his or her love spent already. You empty love and get filled with love by the other. Both should be willing to fight for the other. Go and visit her if you must and talk to her in person or prove to her you meant it…your love for her. I hope this helps…Good luck. Halie April 15, at 5: My boyfriend 45 is from Florida.

He is a truck driver. We talk quite more than before. He develop feelings for me. Been cheated and hurt in the past. I will see you soon. I called him asking what for. He wanted to know what happen between us. He was talking to someone else at that point in October. He had feelings for someone else which that was me.

It was his idea that I should fly out to Florida to see him to see where it was going to go. I booked my flight for Dec. I was excited and scared meeting him for the first time. He was amazing everything what he said was true. I fell in love with him. We made it official that we were dating right on his 4th birthday. I was their to celebrate with him on his special day.

Hardest part came on Jan 3, was the day I was leaving. We wrote each other a letter on how we felt towards eachother. As we got to the airline getting my bordering pass saying our goodbye and sweet kisses was the hardest thing. I went my ways to get ready to go home. He called me after I got through security telling me he was trying to hold his tears back walking back to car. That really made me sad. As I was on my way home… it felt different. With up and downs.

We always talk,videochat,text just try to make the most of it. He got me a promise ring the symbol of his love to me that he wants to be with forever. I will be moving to Florida to be with him next yr in March to have our life and future together.

We will be getting married and I will grant him a daughter he always wanted so do i. Just to let everyone know who is in a LDR that it does work.

My boyfriend and I dated all through high school and was even engaged the night of my Senior prom. We had an amazing relationship, but I went off to college and he went into the Marines. Everyone was saying we were too young for it to work, there were people telling him I was cheating on him and vice versa.

None of that was true, but we ended up breaking up and moving on. We both married other people and had we each had three amazing children. After both our marriages failed we ended up finding each other by accident through facebook. It has been two years since we found each other and we are more in love than we ever have been. The problem is…we live across the country from one another so we only get to see each other maybe once a month, if we are lucky.

Our kids are all teenagers and theirs lives and other parents are where they are. We cant figure our how to get together. My divorce decree states that my kids are to stay in this school district and so does his. Our youngest children have five more years of school left. Any advice out there? Eirini April 23, at 9: Well, here I am on my 4th year in college-need one more to graduate- having a LDR with a beautiful inside out French guy that originally started being both in the same place-that is Greece- for the first 2 months.

I cannot say much, apart from the fact that I had plenty experiences and I always felt liberated from attachments. Now in my 23 years and for the first time I truly feel in love and ready to be with that person for long time.

And that is why…i feel that this is so unfair. One night I was just being cheerful and happy and another member of the group attacked me for it saying how I was a fake,considering he was the one asking me to join.

I was so upset I spend my night crying. But then suddenly I hear my phone,a text,it was A…. He texted to see if I was alright and that he could provide a shoulder for me to cry on. It never crossed my mind that I could fall for him. I mean he lives a continent away,I was 17 he was We would stay up late talking about a future together,a beach house,him,me,our two daughters and a dog. He filled my days with happiness. Months went by we were more in love with each other.

Then one night I felt he was pushing me out. By then I realized hey were dating. I tried my best to keep them together I wanted him happy even tho I was miserable. Hershey May 9, at 8: I hope he do and I got that feeling yes he do love me: I hope we will be together for forever: I love you River May 13, at 4: We met through our parents and goes to different colleges.

Anyways he started to like me right after and after he confessed we started our relationship long distance. I want to give him a hug after a long day at school and want to hold his hand during a chilly morning. Should I break up with him? JustAGirl May 17, at Oh and also, my boyfriend lives in the US and I live in Canada. So it all started October when I wrote in a group chat on Facebook about how depressed I was. That guy was the only one that asked me why. So I sent him a private message and we chatted the rest of the evening.

Before that, I had seen him once during a skype group video and thought he was cute but I never dared to talk to him.


So that evening, we talked and I even told him the first time I saw him i thought he was cute and everything. Anyways, 2 months passed and feelings started growing and growing. One day, I got a letter from him. I also sent him a letter and that day we both got our letter so we decided to open them at the same time. His was a poem he made. I cried and kept telling him how much I loved him.

So that was the beginning. It was going well until I cheated on him with a guy in the same group chat as before. I felt terrible and one day, when we were both telling the whole story of our life, I included the fact that I cheated on him… he was sad for some days and I was too.

I feel so frustrated not to be able to do anything but hope and wait. Hiba May 18, at 8: I was in a Long distance relationship for 3 and a half years.

I told him I give up on is too. So we broke up. He told me goodbye I said nothing. Even if he can make it now I will never think about it. He left when I needed him.

long distance relationship story first meeting date

While I was there for him. Our love was undoubtedly strong and very deep. I still love him I can tell it.

I will fall in love with someone new, I know. But I never would want you back. Daly May 20, at 3: He used to live here as well but last year he got deported and now cant come back to the U. So i feel like im stuck he cant live here with me and i really dont want to live there with him. I would have no one but him. My whole family and friends are in chicago. And i dont want to leave i was born here i like it here, ive tried staying with him for a month but i cried almost everyday i know nothing or noone but him.

Having no support or just someone to vent sucks, i can tell he feels bad about the situation but were both kind of stuck. I just want to know what to do should i suck it up and go be with him and leave everything.

The last thing i want is to get cheated on and i honestly think it will happen eventually if we keep going with this long distance relationship. Phe May 23, at 2: I go through these rough patches when I get stressed out and wish we could be together physically. Sam May 26, at 7: Ich bin aus Deutschland und er lebt in Indien. Wir beide haben uns auf Facebook durch ein paar Freunde kennengelernt.

Damals ging mein Freund und ich durch eine emotionale Phase, die uns das ein oder andere Mal sowohl zusammen, als auch auseinander gerissen hat. LDR sind nicht einfach. Aber meiner Meinung nach ist keine Beziehung einfach. That's when I learned he was enlisted in the United States Army. We were both quick to admit we had a crush on one another but decided to take it slow.

Two months later, on October 27th, he asked me to be his girlfriend at the Homecoming dance. The following Summer, he graduated and left for basic training. While I was learning how to communicate with Josh through letters, he was transforming into a dedicated, hardworking U.

long distance relationship story first meeting date

He graduated from basic training and then decided to go active duty. On July 25th, he was deployed overseas and our long distance journey continued. After 11 months apart, I was finally able to welcome him back home last July. He's now stationed in the U.

Yes the limited communication when he's away is tough. Yes, the "see you soons" are excruciating. But every time we reunite and I get to jump back into his loving arms, I'm convinced it's worth it. To all of my fellow army families out there or couples in long distance relationships, stay strong. Anything worth having is worth waiting for.

Face I spent years trying to find a guy I was compatible with. I wasted so much time on people I knew I didn't have a future with. I just wanted to find someone who would appreciate me for exactly who I am. I show my emotions almost immediately.

I wear my heart on my sleeve and don't apologize for it. For years I struggled with feeling isolated from the gay community. People don't realize there's a lot of alienation within the gay community itself. The media often portrays homosexual men with a certain image- tall, skinny, muscular, perfect hair, and chiseled features.

I don't fit that mold and it made me feel unworthy. Just when I was starting to give up on men, I received a Facebook request from Matthew. Apparently Matthew had come across my page on the "people you may know" section.

He was so handsome and although I figured he was out of my league, I took a chance. I messaged him a simple, "Hi" and it was the best decision I've ever made. We hit it off from the jump and scheduled dinner plans for later that week.

On the night of our first date, I was so nervous that I almost called off our plans. But something in my gut told me to go, to show up, and to push myself to be vulnerable one more time. When I arrived at the restaurant, Matthew was standing outside with a single rose in his hand.

We hugged and I immediately felt the fireworks. The conversation that night flowed so easily and there was never a dull moment. My message to anyone reading this is to just wait. Not when it comes to love anyways. Your person is out there and you will find them when the time is right. Actively searching for love never seems to work out. When you meet the person you're meant to be with, you'll know. You won't question it. And your excitement to be around them will never go away.

Facebook I wrote the letter below 3 weeks after meeting my husband. We've now been together for 3 years. We met in Australia when I moved there to teach for a year. He's British but had also been living in Australia at the time.

We were introduced through mutual friends at a party at my friends apartment: I would have said that being with one person for the rest of your life is ridiculous. But maybe that's just how a person feels until they meet someone worthy of forever. I've only known this person for 3 weeks but I can tell you that I know him more than I've ever known anyone. I feel like he sees every part of me. He makes me want to be a better person and get rid of that promiscuous, smoking, blacking out, cursing girl from New York.

I'm not changing myself for him either. It's more of an internal desire to be different for this different kind of love. After one day of knowing him, I felt complete complacency emotionally, almost as if I had found a nook that I fit into.

For years I've been with people who treated me like an old sweater- something they enjoy every once in a while but are quick to forget about and store in the back of their closet. In contrast to those guys were the ones who treated me like a queen, but I was never fully enthralled with- they were my old sweater. Since the day that I met this quirky and intelligent English boy I have felt that we are each other's favorite sweater. The one you put on after a long day, every day, and still love just as much.

Don't get me wrong, I have been naive with falling in love too quickly in the past- having exaggerated feelings and unrealistic future plans. But this feels real. Even if this romance turns out to be another 2 month stint of passion that fades out quicker than it started, I'm okay with that.

I'm grateful that this love has awakened the little girl inside of me who believes in fairy tales again. It has helped me to heal my former bruised and damaged self. Call me insane, but I feel like I could spend every second for the rest of my days with this man and it wouldn't be enough.

Facebook After the tragic death of my first love, I believed opening up my heart again would be an impossible act.

Long distance relationship first meeting 2016 our love story 😍

I had already sealed my fate that I would never love again, much less get married. A year after the passing of my first love, my great Aunt told me about this local musician in our area who could help me find gigs, because I was also a musician. I looked him up on Facebook and sent him a friend request. By his profile picture I could tell he was cute but didn't think anything of it because my heart was still healing.

The next day I received a message from him. We spent a full day chatting online and getting to know each other before exchanging numbers. We agreed to meet that week to discuss possible music opportunities and gig options. On a Tuesday night, we met at this cute little local coffee shop and it quickly became clear that we had more than just music in common. After about an hour of talking over coffee, he mentioned he had his acoustic in his car.

So we grabbed his acoustic and went to a nearby park where we sat on bench. We spent all night singing, playing music, and talking about life. Before we knew it, it was one in the morning. In the weeks that followed, we went out almost every night. I tried hard to fight back my developing feelings for him because I was afraid of getting hurt again.

However, the more I tried to fight it, the harder I fell. Within a month, I agreed to be his girlfriend and I was in love again.

Since being together, we've formed an acoustic group called. Music always has a way of healing pain, but in my case it also brought me my future husband. I knew I was in love. Facebook I'd like to think of myself as a person with romantic sensibilities, but I must admit that I was very cynical about the notion of love at first sight. I was divorced after being married for 16 years, and in my 40's, so that "sweep me off my feet" kind of love seemed impossible to have.

Especially by meeting someone online. I was resigned to the fact that I would never feel butterflies or find a real honest connection with someone ever again. I didn't think it was possible to find a man who would love me and who I would love back with all of my heart I was giving it one last shot on a dating website. Our connection felt so sincere that we graduated from emailing, to texting, to eventually speaking on the phone.

I couldn't believe how much I liked him when I hadn't even met him in person yet! After several weeks of talking, we decided to meet face to face. We met up at a Wine Festival when I was with my sister and cousins. I thought it was pretty brave of Sean to meet me for the first time with my judgmental and tipsy family in tow. The best part was Sean felt it too- the butterflies, weak knees, heart pounding, romantic, consuming love!

Now Sean is someone I can't imagine my life without. He is by far the most thoughtful and generous person I know. My family and kids love and respect him, and my friends adore him.

We have spent almost everyday together for the past 3 years and are now house hunting this summer. Facebook Mark plays baseball for the Cincinnati Reds minor league team. I was at one of his games when he noticed me in the stands and threw me a baseball with his number on it. I let him take me out on a date but didn't really expect anything to come of it. I knew he traveled for a living as a baseball player and doubted he'd want anything serious.

However, we continued to talk every day while he was on road trips and see each other whenever he was in town. Mark proposed to me on Christmas Day while I was in our bedroom packing for an upcoming trip to New York. I was in a robe with wet hair, and no makeup on. Mark told me he had originally planned an elaborate proposal to happen during one of our evenings out in New York, but because he travels for a living, it's not that glamorous to him anymore. He said the moments he cherishes the most are when it's just us two together at home, so that's when it felt right.

We're now married and have a son named Andrew. Being a baseball wife isn't easy, but he's the most incredible man and I wouldn't trade it for the world. When Tamara was 21 years old, she was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin's lymphoma. It was a day that I'll never forget. She was diagnosed on Februay 17th, my birthday. To hear the doctor confirm the diagnosis was heartbreaking and soul-crushing.

long distance relationship story first meeting date

There was nothing I could do, and that was the worst part. Tamara was so brave and I did my best to stay positive the entire time. Although we've had ups and downs like every relationship does, this was by far the toughest thing we've ever had to go through.

But it brought us closer together and really showed our husband-and-wife qualities. It was during Tamara's second chemo session when it hit me out of nowhere like an epiphany that it would be really great to propose to her on her last chemo session.

I felt like it would mark the end of everything we had gone through together with the cancer and turn the page to a new part of our lives. So on June 5th,on her final hour chemotherapy session, I proposed to Tamara right in her hospital room. We decorated the room Hollywood-themed on the day of her last treatment.

Tamara wanted a Hawaiin theme at first, but I pushed for a Hollywood one on purpose so she would be all dressed up for the proposal. After her chemo was finished, Tamara's friend and sister convinced her to step outside the room for a few minutes to talk. As they distracted her, I had a group of about 30 people, including hospital staff, transform the room into a romantic setting filled with candles, bouquets of roses, and 60 balloons.

When she re-entered the room, she was shocked. I started to speak but was so nervous. I was choking on my words and fighting back the tears. But in the end, I pulled it off.

Meeting Your Long Distance Partner For The First Time

She was so surprised and the moment was perfect. We are so excited for our future together. Lucas then showed up with his head newly shaved as well. When asked about it, Lucas replied, "I wanted to show her that I was with her all the way. Facebook I had just finished university in the UK when I was offered a job in Dubai, working in marketing for a big five-star hotel. It was a totally different world from anything I'd ever experienced being from a very 'normal' working class background and having previously trained in journalism.

On my first day, in the orientation workshop, I spotted another new recruit - Mariano from Argentina. He was so handsome, and seemed so confident yet quiet.

In reality, he didn't understand a word of English. He had been transferred by the same company he had worked for at his previous hotel in Argentina. At first we communicated through his friend who had also come from Argentina, while he began to grasp the language. We were poor and navigating a new city. It was also the holy month of Ramadan which is a quiet time in Dubai.

So we spent our evenings sitting on the roof, trying to see the stars, and sharing our favorite music with each other, rather than going to the usual clubs and bars. After a month of getting to know each other, and learning how to communicate with one another, we finally became a couple. We have now been together for ten years and married for seven this August. We have a beautiful two year old daughter who was born on our wedding anniversary. We spent five years in Dubai before moving to Shanghai, and now we are living in the Maldives.

I don't know how fate managed to bring us together considering there were over employees at the hotel. Had it not been for orientation, we may have never found each other. Our meeting was purely through chance. I will love him until the stars fall down, and then some.

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He was standing in the lobby of the restaurant and we made eye contact a few times. He wasn't seated in my section so I didn't have any interaction with him to feel out his sexual preference.

As he was leaving, I wrote my number on a piece of paper with a note that said, "Text me sometime - Jason. An hour later, I was restocking coffee mugs when I hear someone with an Australian accent say, "Jason? I was just hoping for a text, but he came back to see me.

Coincidentally we were both in Vegas the following weekend and fell in love instantly. On June 28thI woke up pretty early to watch the news because the decision for legalizing gay marriage was said to be announced at 7AM. Damian was still sleeping. I was crying with happiness as I ran and woke up Damian to tell him about the good news. I turned on the TV to show him all the people rejoicing and celebrating. Everyone was so excited.

I laid down next to Damian and held him tight. Pouring out of me came the words, "Will you marry me? So, I tried to hide behind a book and pray that I got prettier real quick.

Facebook Jordan is a carpenter. I am a writer. And we probably would have never met if it wasn't for my little sister. I had just graduated college and was living at home during that weird period of job searching. My little sister came home from a mission trip and was showing me photos of her team leaders. There was one photo I freaked out about- a man with long dreads flipping his hair back next to the ocean.