Long distance relationship hug shirt

7 AWESOME (or CRAZY) Gadgets for Long Distance Relationships

long distance relationship hug shirt

Long Distance Relationship T-Shirts from Spreadshirt ✓ Unique designs Long Distance Relationship Virtual Hug Loading for White Products - Men&# hugshirt. Sending kisses is good, but how far can we go? invented the first T- shirt allowing to send and receive cuddles remotely. Hug Shirt. Still not in mass production despite being presented to the public a long time ago ( years). Works via messaging on the phone.

Would you like to have your own private social network reserved for your couple?

long distance relationship hug shirt

It is possible thanks to Avocado, Between or Couple! These applications offer you all the classic features of a social network photos, videos, events, chat and much more: You will feel much more connected to each other.

long distance relationship hug shirt

Kalain What if you could smell the presence of your partner around you despite the distance? The concept of Kalain is to allow you to fill the absence by transcribing as faithfully as possible the smell of your loved one.

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Learn more about Kalain: Smart LDR bracelets Finally, here are some intelligent LDR bracelets that will allow you to communicate remotely with your partner without having to use your phone or computer. No words, just touch.

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The point of that? It is to be able to connect with your lover, wherever you are on the planet. Just tap your LDR bracelet and your partner will instantly receive your touch.

long distance relationship hug shirt

Read our Bond Touch review: It seems too strange coming from a beloved partner, she said. Why is touch different?

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Phones and photographs have existed for a long time, Young said, so people are familiar with the sensations. Perhaps with time, people will get used to touch technology as well.

  • Long Distance Relationships May Benefit From 'Hug Shirts,' Other Technologies
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In their own little world Most of the long-distance couples Young works with keep in touch by phone or with video calls, but there is a "subset of the population," she said, who use avatars in virtual-world games such as Second Life to keep things "spicy.

Young recommends them for long-distance couples who prefer doing things together over sitting and talking. She has seen these games work well with long-distance lovers, but she's also run into couples in which one partner enjoys the new game much more than the other.

In that sense, it's just like joining the local bowling league together or picking up community gardening as a pair. With better video screens, improving tactile technology and more online activities and games, separated couples in the future can keep in close touch.

Long Distance Relationship

There's no app to reproduce the dirty details of day-to-day living, however—snoring, nose-picking, arguments both petty and important. Couples who plan eventually to live together should keep that in mind, Young said. People should expect a potentially rough adjustment period when they get back together again, Young said.

long distance relationship hug shirt