How to survive a long distance relationship yahoo answer

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Some games provide you with controls for the type and frequency of these emails Yahoo Answers collects information about your activity in both anonymous and Yahoo Finance and AOL Finance have relationships with partners who. Online long distance relationship can be maintained by continuing to Can you answer these readers' questions? Deal With Long Distance Relationships the personal experiences of Nicolas and Rodgie who met online through Yahoo!. I disagree with the other answerer - no matter how in love you are, long distance is always hard. But it's possible, and if you make it through it.

Communination is huge and both of you must set aside time to spend with eachother. I am currently in a long distance relationship, I reside in Canada and my boyfriend lives in California.

We are about 27 hours away and can only see eachother once a year, but we usually stay awhile when we do. We've been together for about a year and three months and plan on getting married within the next year or two. I am 19 and he is Our relationship is great and we consider ourselves bestfriends as well as lovers. Not to say things haven't been tough in the past but we both worked through it.

It can be very difficult since you both are not there physically and that will be something both of you will have to look past if you want this to work.

how to survive a long distance relationship yahoo answer

Give both of yourselves a goal to look forward too, maybe the possibility of moving to where one of you are residing. A visit in the future perhaps. My boyfriend and I do a lot of stuff together.

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how to survive a long distance relationship yahoo answer

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Tips for long distance relationship?

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How to survive a long distance relationship?

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