Ended relationship because of distance

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ended relationship because of distance

I liked our long distance relationship because I like my independence and I like the but the one thing is a necessary end to distance if that's his biggest gripe. But neither of you want things to end once you head back home. A long- distance relationship was really good for me because it was the best. Your partner might be bored with the relationship, or he or she may be interested in other people. Whatever the reason is, your LDR is suffering because of it.

I am not interested in starting a family now or in the near future. My boyfriend lives in a remote town in Europe. I feel as if I would be making a huge sacrifice and taking a massive step backwards if I were to move there.

I am happy with my lifestyle, have a job I love, friends and family close by and a wonderful home. I love my boyfriend very much and cannot contemplate being with anyone else, but I am reluctant to give up what I have to live somewhere very isolated that offers me few opportunities.

Every time I spend more than a few days where he lives, I begin to feel stifled and depressed. My boyfriend is also unwilling to entertain the possibility of coming to live here because he has a secure, well-paid job where he is. The language barrier is also a problem for him. We have looked into moving together to a different city in the country where he lives, but each time I suggest an alternative solution he seems unwilling to consider it and cites his job and the convenience of living close to work and family as a reason not to move.

You bet your ass is is.

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Which kind of brings me to my second, and in some way bigger point. The people who are in long distance relationships miss out the most when it comes to trying new experiences and truly immersing themselves in their new lives. And I was only part-time long-silence. Many successful relationships have at some point come through a bit of long-distance. But for those of your starting your degrees, remember this: In most cases, your best course is just to end it on the best terms you can and then move on.

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Do it properly, and you might even gain a friend, and leave things open to get back together in the future, while opening yourself up fully to your new world. Certainly, that has been my experience with my now-husband No way would we have broken up or now get divorced because of career reasons -- we are very clear that we are each others' top priority.

ended relationship because of distance

So, I think maybe it helps to frame it that way -- that even though the break up will be hard, ultimately you don't have the feelings you need and want to have for a life-long commitment relationship. You want to make sure you're getting support from your friends, family -- whatever parts of your social network are not your boyfriend. And he needs to do the same with building a new life in his new city.

ended relationship because of distance

It will be hard to do this if you keep being each other's main support. Once you guys have moved on and are dating other people either casually or seriously -- I'm not saying you have to be married, just not holding a torch for the person anymore! The boyfriend I broke up with due to distance and I have seen each other a few times since when one of us happened to be in the other's city, and it was a little awkward but ultimately completely fine and nice to catch up.


We both figured we were cool and mature about it, we joked that there'd be a few weekend nookie runs, and there was one, but I kinda landed in an unanticipated serious relationship within weeks of moving and the person I left, whom I did care for, got really hurt.

So I guess my advice is, both be very clear in your heads, and explicitly with each other right now, you each will be in other relationships, serious ones and one night stands. If that makes you sad or jealous or sours your time left together, react accordingly. That might be a long distance thing, that might mean no contact, that might mean stopping seeing each other now.

But don't do this shit halfway, thinking that whatever happens, happens.

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What's happening is you are each moving on with your lives without each other. When you meet your soul mate no amount of moving cross-country or career will compete.

ended relationship because of distance

We'd been together for years, opportunities were opening up for me and my partner was not able to come along for the ride. No contact was next to impossible as we had several business and online entanglements that made it difficult to navigate without imploding beneficial things in our lives.