Yamcha and bulma relationship help

Things You Didn't Know About Vegeta and Bulma's Relationship

yamcha and bulma relationship help

Oct 25, Background Yamcha and Bulma first meet when Bulma along with Goku and So, so far, their relationship here is in good standing. of above, Bulma and Yamcha put aside their fighting to go and help Goku fight the Red. Mar 29, Bulma and Yamcha's relationship was doomed from the start. . this couple, I don't support because I felt that all Bulma and Yamcha did was. Sep 15, Vegeta and Bulma's relationship always seemed out of left field to me he was aware that he might need some help against Frieza's minions.

The first time being at the 23rd World Martial Arts Tournament and again on Namek where she thought that she picked the wrong man she was with Yamcha at the time.

The bond between Bulma and Goku has always been stronger than Goku and Chi-Chi so it makes a lot more sense for her to be attracted to Goku than Vegeta. Also, think of the humor of trying to get Goku acclimated to life in the city?

Comedic opportunities waiting to happen. The truth is, though, that Goku is much less of a moral pillar than the Man of Steel is and that was proved when Vegeta rightfully scolded him in the Buu saga for suggesting something awful. I know fans accuse Vegeta of having a big head, but this is ridiculous. Despite the Earth being at risk, the Old Kai is not willing to allow Goku to use the Dragon Balls in order to bring back all the lives of those lost due to Majjin Buu. Goku, however, has an idea!

Knowing that all old men in the world of Dragon Ball seem to be creepy, he tells Old Kai that if he lets this slide, he will give him pictures of a human woman. Sensing something is up, Vegeta probes him about which one he's talking about and Goku confesses that he means Bulma. Vegeta refuses to let this happen defending the honor of his wife. Bulma probably would have 'rewarded' him greatly if she found out about this.

Goku, on the other hand, would need Zeno to save his behind from the whooping Bulma would give him. In the case of the blue haired wonder, her first visual of the prince was him blowing through Zarbon in his monster form. While technically Vegeta protected her really he was just protecting the Dragon Ball she is quite horrified by his blood lust and rage.

That would serve as the basis for the nightmare she has of the prince later on in the saga. The voice acting from Chris Sabat and Tiffany Vollmer in the Funimation dub is on point in this scene. While Bulma is trying to keep some sleep in a cave on Namek, she dreams that a red-eyed even more sinister looking Vegeta has tracked her down and wants the Dragon Ball. More than that, however, he wants her in the ground six feet under. Ignoring her pleas for mercy, "Nightmare Vegeta" charges an energy blast that would have incinerated her but Bulma wakes up just in time.

I don't know what's darker, the fact that I can see Vegeta at this point of his life totally doing this or the fact that Bulma proceeds to call him cute near the end of the saga.

Yamcha and Bulma

Maybe these two messed up people truly deserve each other. Although it definitely doesn't start out that way. Early in the saga, Vegeta realizes just how far away he is from the resurrected Goku on a power level and decides drastic needs for vindicated pride call for drastic measures.

If Vegeta hadn't knocked out Goku, would they have been able to beat Majjin Buu together? Vegeta enters a Faustian bargain with the evil wizard Babidi and is granted a massive power increase at the cost of his soul. With this new power, he is able to take on Goku in combat Goku could have gone Super Saiyan 3 the entire time, but we'll just ignore that but Goku eventually smacks some sense into this dense Prince and tells him their fighting is going to unleash the greatest evil the galaxy has ever seen.

Once he gets the truth knocked into him, Vegeta decides that he will be the one to save the planet from Majin Buu but all his attacks are useless. Seeing only one option, he decides to destroy himself in a self-destruction attack and I'll let his own words end this; "Trunks, Bulma I do this for you. And you know what, despite the events of the Cell Saga, I still don't think that Vegeta would have actually become a loving husband and father to Bulma and Trunks if it wasn't for one person; Goku.

If Goku was alive, he'd definitely be Vegeta's best man at the wedding. Let's think about this for a second. After the defeat of Frieza, Vegeta's goal in life is to surpass his rival in terms of power.

But once Goku blows himself up on King Kai's planet along with Cell, Vegeta is crushed as now he won't get the chance to test himself anymore. Finding himself with no purpose in life, he vows to never fight again. This opens the door to Vegeta settling down with Bulma and becoming the character we all love nowadays.

There's absolutely no chance that it would have happened if Goku never did his sacrifice or if he allowed himself to be revived. Though it would pain Vegeta to say it, Kakarot is the true reason why his eyes were opened up to the joy that is Bulma. She wouldn't trade him for anything in the world.

Neither of their mates could understand the extent of their friendship. Sure, they knew that Bulma and Goku had known each other longer than anyone else in the group. Their meeting had been what eventually led to the formation of the Z Warriors. They could understand that, but they couldn't understand the extent of their bond.

To put it simply, Vegeta hated Goku, or, at least, he had in the beginning. No one was really sure when Vegeta's all consuming hate of the low class Saiyan had turned to grudging respect and friendship. But that certainly didn't mean that Vegeta enjoyed Goku's attitude.

And he certainly didn't like the hold Goku had over his mate. Bulma was always quick to defend Goku from any insult or quip Vegeta made, but she would laugh along with Goku if he said something about Vegeta being grumpy. Chi-Chi liked Bulma well enough. The only times they really seemed to fight were when Goten and Trunks fought matches against each other in tournaments. And really, that was more of a friendly rivalry.

The only time Chi-Chi might have disliked Bulma would have been before she and Goku were married. Goku hadn't understood what marriage was and had been more content to run around on adventures with his blue haired friend than planning his own wedding. But Chi-Chi knew there hadn't been anything romantic happening between them. Bulma had been with Yamcha back then, and unlike Yamcha, Bulma didn't cheat. But knowing or lacking evidence of romantic feelings between their respective mates didn't stop Vegeta and Chi-Chi's blood from boiling when Goku and Bulma seemed too close.

Maybe they were just overly suspicious and quick to form feelings of jealousy. Vegeta certainly still bared his teeth nastily when Yamcha was around. And it was a good thing for Goku that Chi-Chi didn't know. It always drove Vegeta and Chi-Chi up the walls and confused the others when Goku and Bulma cuddled up together on the couch during reunion parties. Goku never thought anything of wrapping his arms around Bulma. It was natural for Bulma to lean up against Goku. They never thought anything of the way they squished their cheeks together when they hugged.

Again, it was natural.

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They knew that their mates tended to get jealous, but they knew that there was nothing to be concerned about. Bulma thought of Goku as her little brother and the best and closest friend she'd ever had. He was her soul mate, but in a way different from Vegeta.

Bulma loved all of her friends with more fire than she could describe. She would have gladly taken on an army to defend her children.

She would step in front of a ki blast that Vegeta could swat away with a finger to keep him from harm. She would gladly die to keep them all safe and happy. If something were to irreversibly happen to them, she'd be miserable.

yamcha and bulma relationship help

Her heart would break, but it would eventually mend itself. She would eventually get over it. But if something happened to Goku, she'd die. He loved her more than anyone else he'd ever known, and not to brag, but he knew a lot of people.

Of course, he loved all his friends. He loved his family, his granddaughter, his sons, and his wife. He loved them all, but his love for Bulma was something entirely different. Of course, he loved Chi-Chi. She had always been so good to him, cooking his food, cleaning his clothes, and taking care of him. Also, she had mothered his two wonderful sons. He couldn't forget about that. At first sight, Yamcha is terrified of Bulma because of his fear of women, causing him to madly blush and flee the scene.

Bulma on the other hand is instantly smitten with Yamcha and is eager to pursue him. Ultimately, the two form an alliance to keep Pilaf and his minions from stealing the Dragon Balls and when Oolong uses the Dragon Balls for his wish, Bulma and Yamcha are disappointed that their wishes were unfulfiled Bulma wanting the perfect boyfriend and Yamcha wanting to get rid of his fear.

However the two realize they have each other and decide to become a couple. After becoming a couple, Bulma and Yamcha quickly fall in love but their relationship suffers from problems almost right away.

After barely half a year, they break up due to Yamcha spending majority of his time training in the wilderness and keeping little to no contact with Bulma.

yamcha and bulma relationship help

When he returns to visit her, she accuses him of neglecting her feelings but says he will make it up to her which is implied to be sexual intercourse.

They get back together and by all appearances, seem to be a devoted couple, although Bulma frequently attempts to chase other men, whilst blaming Yamcha for not being a good boyfriend. Krillin asks Yamcha why he bothers putting up with Bulma's rudeness and mistreatment, and Yamcha replies he can't help but like her. After being a couple for five years, they attend the 23rd World Martial Arts Tournament after maintaining another long distance period in which Yamcha spent training in the wilderness.


Bulma misunderstoods that Yamcha dated Chichi and she is furious but eventually forgives him. However, upon learning of the inevitable arrival of the Saiyans, Bulma meets with Yamcha to tell him, and Krillin observes that Bulma is still in love with Yamcha.

When the battle with the Saiyans commences, Yamcha is killed and Bulma, who has been watching the battle from television, breaks down into tears.