Yahoo types of relationship chemistry and nursing

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yahoo types of relationship chemistry and nursing

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In office work or industry you can be off sick for long spells and still return to your job. This is not tolerated so much in nursing. The staff are interdependant on each other so a member of staff having sick leave frequently say 3 or 4 times a year for a week or two would be very disruptive to the functioning of the team. It's a very physically and psychologically demanding job. You have to be tough and healthy to survive. It rubbishes your social life as care is 24 hours and all but the very senior nurses work all the shift patterns including mornings, days, evening, nights, week ends, bank holidays, including christmas and new years.

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My experience is that staff are not allowed to take anual leave over christmas and new years because that would be unfair to those that have to work. You start out after training as a general nurse D grade, or it was when I worked.

yahoo types of relationship chemistry and nursing

There were 5 pay bands with in each grade. You do not get promoted. If you want to go up a grade you have to apply like any other external applicant. The higher the grade the higher the range of pay scale, the more responsibility you have.

The higher grades take charge of the ward more frequently. Every nurse starts off with a basic NHS training in the UK, but if you want to work in a surgery, or a speciality you would have to do further training.

This may or may not be funded by the hospital and can cost from a couple of hundred to a thousand pounds. You would also have to arrange unpaid leave, which may or may not be granted. To get on these course you have to have basic experience on the wards for a few years, and prefably experience related to the specialization.

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Yes there are better paid jobs in Saudi Arabia, but they want experience nurses in a speciality and like I said this would require further training possibly at your own expense.

Every nurse in the UK is required to be active on the register and needs to re register every 3 years. You also need to proove that you have done courses in those three years to update your knowledge and practice. This is called PREP post registration experience and practice depending on where you work you may be funded and given paid leave to do these updates, but not all employers will fund these courses and give you paid leave so you will have to do them in your own time at your own expense.

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yahoo types of relationship chemistry and nursing

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yahoo types of relationship chemistry and nursing

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yahoo types of relationship chemistry and nursing

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yahoo types of relationship chemistry and nursing

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