Xena and ares relationship to other gods

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xena and ares relationship to other gods

A Xena: Warrior Princess / Being Erica Crossover . "Ares, I know you're used to other gods, and mortals for that matter, jerking you around as it were, but that's "Your relationships, your life trajectory, all of it is tied together. The current argument was over who was to be Zeus' successor on the golden It wasn't like his relationship with Aphrodite they got along like. Xena was depicted as the daughter of Orestes and Cyrene, although in one episode, it is mentioned that the god of war Ares may have been her biological.

When she dares him to kill her, he spares her at the last moment. However, there is no suggestion of any emotional attachment. In fact, he plans to leave the actual Xena stranded in Callisto's body in Tartarus. Ares loses his godhood when, during his adventure with Xena and Callisto in the underworld, Tartarus escapee King Sisyphus steals his sword. Sisyphus then holds a contest among a group of warlords, ostensibly for the job of God of War, but actually to have them kill each other and supply Hades with their souls in exchange for his release.

Xena, still trapped in Callisto's body, runs into a scruffy-looking mortal Ares in a tavern and agrees to help him get his sword back when she learns that without a sitting God of War, ordinary people are unable to control their aggression. She finds herself feeling protective toward the vulnerable ex-god while he begins to show unexpectedly appealing qualities.

True, the mortal Ares is a bit of a drunken bum when we first meet him. Later on, however, he deals rather nobly with the prospect of his own demise, begging Xena to take over the godhood of war if he does not survive so the job does not fall to one of "those animals". Ares also develops some awareness of the human condition and the costs of violence. He tells Xena that things may be different once he regains his godhood.

When she bandages his wounds sustained in a fight with the warlords, he remarks that even in Callisto's body, she still has her touch -- "warm, firm, passionate, yet, at the same time, gentle" -- in contrast to Callisto, who is either a cold fish or wild animal. She jerks her hand away from his kiss, and after he rather smugly informs her of his romp with her Callisto-inhabited body, Xena states her intent to "take a long bath" once she is back in her own skin.

Alas, the kinder, gentler mortal Ares is still no gentleman. She is skeptical about his ability to change: The two exchange a tender look that could be a prelude to a kiss, but are interrupted by a warlord who bursts in and then drops dead with an axe in his back.

For the first time, we see a "humanized" Ares with some potential for goodness brought out by mortality, but also, maybe, by his feelings for Xena. Upon regaining his godhood, Ares reverts to his cold and cruel self, and he allows Xena to twist in the wind a little before switching her back into her body as promised. This time, Ares turns the Furies on Xena for failing to avenge her father's death, and goads Xena to murder her mother Cyrene, who, it turns out, killed Xena's father to stop him from killing little Xena.

While there is no doubt that he is a nasty piece of work in THE FURIES, and his actions are horrendous, there seems to be a new element of absurd though this may sound affection in his manner toward Xena. When he stops her from hurling herself off a cliff, one senses that he is not merely protecting his investment in his favorite warrior but, in his own twisted way, actually cares about her.

The Warrior Princess wriggles out of her predicament by telling the Furies that she has no obligation to kill Mom because her real father is alive, and is none other than the War God himself. To prove it, she fights Ares and beats him, convincing her tormentors that she must be half-god.

After the miffed Furies depart, Ares asks, "You don't really think I'm your father, do you? The Furies think you are, that's all that counts. I took him away from you. I kept hoping that maybe I'd run into him, somewhere. Understand -- understand myself. I know that will never be. If Xena is not a demigod, she should not have been able to win.

Does Ares decide to reward her brilliant stratagem of claiming him as Daddy? Does he, deep down, have a soft spot for her? Is he worried about the damage he could do to her if he used his full power? Perhaps that is why Ares gets such a nervous look when Xena challenges him, prompting Alecto to ask what he is afraid of. Or could it be all of the above? When the god warns his new protege Agathon not to underestimate Xena as others have, the brash young warlord retorts, "No, no, no, no, War God, nobody underestimates Xena.

You've got a hot spot for the killer babe, and when push comes to shove, you follow your, uh, lower instincts, know what I mean? Later, he visits the Warrior Princess to deliver a warning: I'm not gonna make any deals this time. I promised Agathon I would not interfere. If you attack, he's gonna kill you. We do not know if he is trying to stop Xena from messing up his plans or from getting hurt.

When push does come to shove, he does not intervene as promised, and thereby allows Xena to kill Agathon. Maybe he is simply swayed by her argument that a warrior whom he has to bail out is not worthy of his patronage, which would mean that his earlier warning to Xena was indeed for her benefit, and not Agathon's. Perhaps there is something more going on as well. But as always, ambiguities abound.

Ares emerges here as the ultimate survivor, an opportunist who is willing to kneel before Dahak to save his hide but may well be playing his own game.

xena and ares relationship to other gods

When Ares tells Gabrielle that if she does not stop Xena from killing Hope, Xena will die under a deal he has made with the Fates, is he protecting Hope or making sure Gabrielle is the one who kills her?

When he brags to Xena and Gabrielle about having sired Hope's demon child, is he genuinely gloating, or putting on a show for Dahak while priming Gabrielle for the kill? He instills in those fans that are capable of seeing the hidden depths of objects and the abstract characteristics of a personality the need to understand his motivations as an individual.

He has the power to provoke passionate reactions and opinions concerning him. His idiosyncrasies parallel those of human beings. It is no coincidence that the Greek Writers created their Gods in their own image, as human looking and human acting deities with omnipotent powers.

Ares, being one of these Gods, was not the exception. Unfortunately and unfairly, though, Ares has been the recipient of rejection and contempt throughout mythological history. The Intellectual Greeks were not interested in war. They despised war and anything that had to do with it, and so Ares was more often than not portrayed in a negatively manner.

He is depicted as a hated being, disliked by his siblings, hated by humanity, and neglected by his Father Zeus, the God of all Gods.

xena and ares relationship to other gods

Ares was left to grow under the over-protective wings of his bitter mother, Hera. No doubt, his aggressive and egotistical behavior is the product of his father's favoritism of his other children and neglect, and his mother's dubious and vengeful motivations. Although suffering sometimes builds character, it may also bring out the worst, and that has been the case with Ares. Frustration created anger, which generated aggression. Ares grew up amidst these aversive stimuli evoking hostility and resentment in him.

He demonstrated he is capable of experiencing all the emotions that makes us human beings unique: The objections are mainly composed of two issues: Ares "abusive" behavior towards Xena and Ares' "rape" threats.

What I imply by worse is the fact that Gabrielle has been the constant recipient of Xena's volatile rage without once defending herself, while Xena on the other hand has been more than capable of thwarting Ares' every manipulation.

Clearly it was a battle of will and wits between them.

xena and ares relationship to other gods

For the sake of plot development, Ares became the villain of the story and Xena the hero of the same. Both characters gave glimpses of a shared past, and Ares' obsession with Xena became a new theme in the series.

It became his goal to bring Xena back to his side, and in return, it became Xena's goal to thwart his every attempt. The obsession became a link and established the relationship between them. Were we aware of Ares' deceptions and selfishness?

Ares (Hercules and Xena)

Yes we were aware of it, and we did not ignore it. We analyzed it and tried to understand its motivations. Ares has been portrayed as the villain since day one, and as such, many fans, I included, expected him to behave as one.

This is what made the relationship so interesting and exciting. Xena's capability to thwart his every scheme no matter the odds against her was what made this so exciting. The fact that Ares had never killed her, although he possesses the power to do so, was very intriguing. The fact that Xena had never killed him, although she has had many opportunities to do so, was self-explanatory and intriguing. Some call Xena the victim and Ares her abuser, but in this series Xena has never been anybody's victim, much the less the God of War's.

She is more than capable of fighting back as the magnificent warrior and the brilliant strategist she has demonstrated to be.

Love/Hate Relationship With Xena & Ares

The popular media, be it the present one or past ones, always celebrated the rugged individual, the bad boy who was true to himself and bucked social conventions, the intriguing loner who answers to none but himself. It became an icon of sexiness. Personas like Marlon Brando and James Dean are icons of the bad boy image.

Ares portrays this image to perfection. This was the first factor that induced fans to take a second look at him. The rugged individual Ares became obsessed with the Warrior Princess, and he set out to do whatever it took to bring her back to him. What dissenters consider stalking, many fans consider as what is presently known as foreplay, lover's banter, and flirtation. The constant interaction between the two individuals enshrouded in apparent hostility veiled an obvious attraction between the two.

In this film, two individuals were united by adverse circumstances and immediately treated each other with hostility and contempt, when in fact they were sexually attracted to each other all along. The more they interacted and treated each other with hostility, the more attracted to each other they became. The popular media has always exploited the Romantic Notion of the seduction. It might be considered an unrealistic script, but so far, such writing gender has maintained its popularity.

Scarlett O'Hara was carried to bed screaming and unwilling and woke up singing and overmuch content. This romantic notion has been part of life since the earliest of times. All we have to do is read from Shakespeare to The Iliad, to contemporary romance writer Johanna Lindsey.

Xena is a prime example of this gender. Do I condemn Ares' behavior towards Xena? No, I do not. Do I approve of it? Many times, I have not.

Love/Hate Relationship With Xena & Ares - Xena & Ares - Fanpop

Ares has only manifested human emotions, and as a sinner of such emotions, I cannot condemn him. I do not approve of his schemes, and in many instances, I wished he did not behave in such an aversive way. Yet, all of the characters in the series, including Xena and Gabrielle, behaved in unethical manners at one time or another even though they are the heroes of the show and their responsibility is to convey a positive moral message at the end of the story.

xena and ares relationship to other gods

Suffice to say they have not behaved in a heroic manner always and Xena herself has behaved worst than Ares himself in many instances. He is the villain of the story and behaves accordingly. One could understand Ares' motivations even if one did not agree with them. Ares is no worse or better than anyone else in the series.

Ares is only manifesting human emotions, being blocked of a goal that increases people's readiness to aggress. Frustration creates anger, hurt feelings create frustration, and rejection creates hurt feelings. Ares' vulnerability is Xena, and her constant rejection led him to act like a spurned lover, a hurt individual who in a moment of frustration tries to cover his hurt with mean but empty words.

His self-preservation mechanism triggers itself when his feelings are hurt. Ares, in his hurting anger, acted like a spurned lover, demanding Xena to give him what he wants. It was funny how many were so ready to condemn Ares over this incident when in fact, have not many of us acted in a similar manner to try to hide hurt feelings? Again, this was an expected and appropriate human emotion and behavior.

Nothing to be proud of, but nothing to be horrified of either. Amidst all her rejections and denial she indulged herself in his arms whenever she got the chance, and many times before permitted Ares his intimate advances, obviously enjoying them.

Her behavior suggested she was subconsciously attracted if not downright in love with Ares. She declared she despised him, she asked him to leave her be, but she was not able ever to ignore him. In one instance, he told her "Honey, you could not ignore me even if you tried". Hatred is not the opposite of love; on the contrary, it is another facet of it.

Indifference is the real opposite of love and indifference is not an active ingredient in this relationship. She is trying to protect herself emotionally, for she is not prepared to deal or cope with the terms of her feelings for Ares.

She cannot allow herself to assimilate the truth. That would be admitting her dark side is an essential part of her being, a dark side she tried to vanquish from the day the Greater Good became her main objective.

Admitting her true feelings would be returning to her Warlord Self. Her denial only keeps her from the introspective reality that she needs to embrace the truth in order to change for the better. Her admission would finally set her free, for she would understand that she is the balance of light and darkness.