Wolfram and yuuri relationship counseling

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wolfram and yuuri relationship counseling

Please tell me that they don't stay separated, because I really grew to love them as a couple and I really want them to actually marry some day. I really don't feel. Wolfram looked astounded "Do you and Yuuri give each other idiot and wimp "I can't believe you are trying to give me relationship advice. Conrad Yuuri Wolfram relationships (hopefully it will become a discussion) I can't believe wolfram was created only to fall in love with the Maou and never be .

Wolfram was clearly overexposed and started to convulse right there on the bed. Medizin was a compound that acted as a conductor of magic. It proved to be the only known non-magic treatment for exposure to esoteric stones.

Yuuri funded several scholars to develop the compound to help exposed soldiers and prevent healers from overextending their magic to save them. Without it, healers put themselves in danger if they overused their magic to restore the life force of the victim.

It proved a blessing on the battlefronts, especially in human lands where summoning any kind of magic was difficult. A bottle of the medizin was produced and a fresh syringe. It would need to be injected into the jugular. Yuuri drew the maximum amount into the syringe and ordered his assistant to hold Wolfram's head still so he could administer the shot. The results happened within seconds. Wolfram's heart rate steadied and his convulsions stopped almost instantly. Yuuri surmised he would likely need another dose, but now he was stable enough for him to remove the arrow.

His assistant produced a cloth steeped in ether to keep Wolfram sedated. The arrowhead was retrievable, thankfully. But it had landed between the sixth and seventh rib. It was a common arrow used by the general archers of the Dia Cimarron army. The simple metal head had punctured the lower lobe and looked to have missed the major arteries. Yuuri took a bottle of wodka, a high-proof liquor, to cleanse the wound.

Yuuri meticulously sawed the shaft, leaving only an inch. He dropped the shaft, not caring for protocol. Using utmost precision and care, Yuuri worked to remove the arrowhead. He gently twisted the remaining shaft to create space to remove the arrowhead.

wolfram and yuuri relationship counseling

He avoided damaging any tissue, he needed to avoid worse damage to the lung. Yuuri kept his breathing steady as he worked, pushing away the anxiety and shock of seeing the ex-prince again and in such horrid condition.

He had only heard stories and rumors from the battlefield and tidbits from his generals about the blonde's actions on and off the battlefield. They told stories of Wolfram's growth into a strong commander and strategist who had found solutions to impossible problems and utilized the skill of the fire wielders he led in ways that showed incredible innovation.

Yuuri wouldn't have known Wolfram the Brave Commander to be the same temperamental prince he had known so many years ago. Wolfram looked like a war-torn general. Even now, Yuuri noticed from the corner of his vision the long scar that trailed horizontally across Wolfram's left pectoral. It looked like a wayward sword strike that showed signs of improper treatment. His now-torn uniform looked like it hadn't been changed in days, speaking to the constant waves of battle.

He knew that Wolfram and his fire demons had often been in the worst of the battles across the allied countries and were among the first to enter into the enemy territory.

It shouldn't surprise him to find the prince is such a state. It would have happened eventually. But that didn't make it any easier.

Yuuri splashed more of the wodka to wash away the blood. Now he could see the arrowhead. Taking the forceps, he very slowly extracted the arrowhead, watching for any excessive bleeding and trying his damndest not to collapse the lung. The bloodied point was put aside and Yuuri immediately went to work closing the wound. This was a case that required healing magic. Once the bleeding was slowed, Yuuri positioned his hands and channeled his magic into the wound and forced the flesh to renew and re-weave itself.

He couldn't magically heal the wound like he wanted. Any use of magic on human lands was exhausting and the days of constant strain made it even harder. He had to use his energy wisely as more soldiers were being brought in as he continued to work. They would need his attention as well. The flesh repaired itself under Yuuri's magic. He pulled away when the strain-induced headache warned him not to push it further. He glanced at Vince, who had the chance to remove the other arrow in his leg, but a more critically wounded soldier took away his attention.

However, Vince took time to leave it where Yuuri could pick up where he left off. He assessed the wound after cleaning it again with the wodka. The biggest threat was infection and exposure to the esoteric stones. A later dose of medizin and ether would help. Yuuri quickly saw to the leg wound. It would need stitches.

But that would have to come later as another wave of bloodied soldiers were brought in. The fetchers called for any available healers.

Yuuri bandaged the thigh wound with wodka soaked cloth and finished up his work quickly. Now that the most critical part was done, Yuuri prepared himself for the rest that needed his aid. Hours and hours later, they had saved those they could and laid to rest those they could not.

The number of recovering patients overflowed into the triage tent, which was supposed to be kept free for those who needed emergency care. The intensive care and recovery tents were completely full. Yuuri watched the assistants take the bodies to the morgue tent. Of the eighty or so men, they saved forty-five.

It wasn't a number Yuuri was proud of. He and the other lead healers had to make the difficult decision to leave those who were beyond saving and focus on those who had at least half a chance of survival.

Unfortunately, it was the majority that could not be spared. Yuuri didn't want to think of how many men he had to euthanize himself.

He knew it was at least ten. The king collapsed into the closest chair and leaned his head back, eyes shut. He could feel his body failing him. He had neglected his own well-being for too long, but he couldn't help it. As long as he breathed, he would try to save his men. And find more wodka," Yuuri ordered without opening his eyes.

His lids were too heavy. After resting his eyes for a precious five minutes, Yuuri finally straightened and scanned the tent.

If he kept his eyes closed for too long, he feared he would pass out entirely. He watched the sleeping patients for any sign of distress before landing on the one laid closest to him. Wolfram was stable, his wounds were treated and bandaged. If he survived the next forty-eight hours, he would be home free. Another administration of the ether left him sedated and expected to remain in a drug-induced sleep for the next day at least.

Yuuri sank into the chair. He crossed his arm in an attempt to self-comfort. Forcing his body into relaxation, he finally procured a few minutes of precious sleep. It was two years of tense silence between them. Yuuri went against his first instinct to pursue Wolfram and attempt to repair what was left of their friendship.

It would only make it worse for the two of them, he was told by Conrad and Murata. It would be selfish and pointless, said Gwendal. Let him be to wallow in his shame, Gunter advised. All, including his own logic, said to stay away and only engage when absolutely necessary. So that is what he did.

What few times he spoke to Wolfram was through letters strictly focused on business. When word was sent that Waltorana would retire from being the leader of the Bielefeld household to allow Wolfram his birthright, Yuuri was surprised. He had never had an opportunity to truly study the lineages of the Great Families, so he only recently learned that Waltorana was the younger brother of Wolfram's father and was only the leader of the Bielefeld family until Wolfram matured.

Having now reached that maturity, Waltorana announced he was stepping down and would give the title of Lord and Sovereign of the Bielefeld Family to Wolfram.

Yuuri sat on the throne surrounded by courtiers, nobles, and the heads of the Great Families. Before him stood Lord Waltorana speaking on behalf of his nephew and his many accomplishments. He spoke of why Wolfram was worthy of being sovereign of the Bielefeld name. Wolfram had shown great bravery and service to the crown, Waltorana stated. It was his birthright given unto him by Lord Wolfgang von Bielefeld.

Yuuri had only a vague understanding of the ceremonial speech and how it actually related to Wolfram's competence, but he remained stoic, upright, and with hands folded on his lap as he listened. Wolfram stood before him with all the poise and pride Yuuri expected of him. He looked like a perfect fusion of his uncle and Shinou the Great.

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He was taller now and broader shouldered. The dark sapphire blue of his uniform contrasted with his ivory skin and honey-blonde hair that was tied at the nape with a matching ribbon. He looked like the pictures of fairytale princes.

wolfram and yuuri relationship counseling

But his expression was icy and showed no feeling whatsoever at seeing his ex-fiance for the first time in person after two years. They only stared at each other for a second before Wolfram kneeled at Yuuri's feet. I come before thee a humble servant of the Bielefeld Family ready to pledge my blood and soul to your divine reign," Wolfram's voice resonated in the Old Tongue, steady and confident. I pray thou wilt accept my pledge. His boots clicked on the marble as he came to meet Wolfram, who remained kneeled.

Yuuri placed his hands on Wolfram's shoulders, standing tall and speaking with authority and successfully ignoring the swell of emotion at seeing his once-best friend. He met Wolfram's eyes with unwavering determination that hid his nerves. I accept thee as a leader of the Great Families with my blessing. Underneath the pride, Yuuri saw the storminess behind green irses.

To the heads of the Great Houses! Join me in giving him his due praise! The court erupted into enthusiastic applause and shouts of encouragement. Wolfram met his audience with a satisfied smile while Yuuri looked on in genuine pride for the new lord. Later in the night, Yuuri watched Wolfram be congratulated by the guests from the far side of the ballroom.

Yuuri and Wolfram stay together?

Wolfram was surrounded by a small crowd of attractive lords and ladies all vying for the chance to win the newly appointed Lord of Bielefeld's affection. The opportunity bore the reward of wealth, status, and political clout. It was something worth competing for. Yuuri couldn't help but find it amusing. He could clearly see that Wolfram felt awkward as his admirers tried to butter him up while throwing shade at their rivals.

Yuuri chuckled into his wine glass when one lord, a young nobleman named Zachary, boldly pulled Wolfram away and asked him for a dance, much to the chagrin of the other social climbers. Good thing Yuuri was used to it, so he only casually regarded his friend before continuing to watch this new contender romance Wolfram with an elegant waltz.

He doesn't need me. I'm giving him his space. He really didn't have time for Murata's mind games and prodding. He didn't want to give Murata the satisfaction that Yuuri had indeed noticed Wolfram's glances towards him in between staving off his other admirers.

There were even a couple of times their eyes met, only for Wolfram to break the stare with a tight frown. But just a few minutes later, Yuuri would feel his intense gaze on him again. Gossip was the main pastime of the court and his tumultuous relationship with the prince gave the talkers so much material to work with.

The fact that they both had yet to find adequate replacements for themselves added more fuel to flame as the hopeless romantics wished for a dramatic reconciliation. Yuuri sneered into his glass. They just want attention. Dai Cimarron had begun making threats and generally acting out more than usual in the past few months. Yuuri would never understand why this country felt like it had to pick fights with Shin Makoku and its allies.

It was almost a ritual at this point. How were all their rulers that insecure? Yuuri really didn't want to think about this right now. It took way longer than he wanted to finally locate a wine server. Every time he got one in sight, he was distracted by yet another noble wanting to flirt and get his attention. Yuuri politely brushed them off, he didn't have enough alcohol in his system to summon the patience for political schmoozing.

Now that he could see him this close, Yuuri took in the full view of Wolfram. The blonde was nearly his height, which meant they had both grown due to Yuuri now being Conrad's height.

Loose tendrils of hair framed Wolfram's face that no longer bore the cherubic features he was so well known for. His eyes remained green and clear and impassioned as always.

His shoulders were broader and his suit hid the toned muscles underneath. He had matured from pretty to handsome. Yuuri immediately banished the image of Wolfram shirtless from his traitorous imagination. Now that he could listen to the demon lord's normal speaking voice, he noticed how it had deepened into a smoky tenor that added a tempting sensuality to his being.

Yuuri told his imagination to shut up. His first instinct was to tell Wolfram to call him by his given name, but avoided it.

I'm prime real estate when it comes to marriage prospects. Yuuri suspected they feared a reunion. Anyone would be lucky to have you. Yuuri suddenly felt uneasy under his stare. You're smart, passionate, loyal, and a bunch of other things. I can see you being very kind and caring for anyone who is married to you.

He decided to change the subject. I always knew I would inherit lordship of the Bielefeld name once I had proven my worth.

Wolfram von Bielefelt

The prince revamped his training of the fire wielders, turning his own personal guard into a full on militia in the service of the king. In addition, Wolfram came under the mentorship of his uncle and developed uncanny political savvy.

He had even served as a representative at foreign diplomatic visits and was a consultant at the Military Academy.

In two years he transformed himself from an ill-tempered brat to a capable and confident young lord. He just didn't like the formality that existed between them. Sure enough, there were several eyes on them trying to assess and analyze every move and word. Yuuri really wanted to ask them to bug off, but that would just prove their speculation that something was going on between them. Just for a few minutes? He figured now would be the best moment and he just needed an excuse to get away from the stuffy ballroom.

Wolfram silently nodded and stiffly followed Yuuri out to the main gardens. Yuuri waved away some guests and servants so that they were completely alone amidst ornamental trees and flowers. Yuuri could sense the apprehension in his tone. He had to push away how much he missed Wolfram in the past two years. His other relationships weren't the same as his former friendship with the blonde.

But he made his bed so he would sleep in it. Wolfram's eyes widened before he replied. I thought that was appropriate? I just wanted to talk to you about maybe having her visit you. She's asked non-stop about it so I thought I'd breach the subject with you.

Would you like that? I have no right to demand that she visit me. It was generous enough that you allowed me to maintain correspondence with her.

He honestly didn't understand why the nobility found it weird that he allowed his daughter to maintain contact with his "shamed" ex-fiance. It would be cruel to stop the two of you from at least writing each other. That's why, after some thinking, I would like for her to visit in the summer or maybe for a weekend or two every month in between her studies. Bielefeld isn't far so it's feasible. I want to do something similar for you. I'm in the process of developing a policy for this with Murata and Anissina to apply to everyone.

And he needed a "woman's perspective. Yuuri continued to smile, trying to dissipate the continuing awkwardness as much as he could. I know you love her and she loves you. I would never rob her of being with you. You cared for her when I was gone - she even talks about how she wants to you be her swordfighting teacher again.

I think it would be the healthy choice for her well-being. For the first time, Wolfram's initial coldness seemed to melt away and was replaced by vulnerability tinged with sadness and conflict.

He looked around, but not at Yuuri, contemplating this proposition and what it meant. Yuuri watched Wolfram's always expressive eyes reveal his uncertainty.

Visitation would definitely make them see each other on a more frequent basis. Perhaps, Wolfram wasn't ready for that.

wolfram and yuuri relationship counseling

Greta wants to visit you when you come back from that meeting with Karbelnikoff. He glanced back towards the ballroom. He didn't know how long they had been absent but surely people were starting to notice by now. I'm pretty sure they've noticed we're gone and lord knows the gossip that'll pop up. But before he went back, Yuuri had one more thing he had to say.

Yuuri breathed to gather his wits and bravery. I'm sorry about what happened last time. But I would hope that since your brothers work for me and Greta is your daughter that So Yuuri kept going. You don't have to. I just want us to be cordial and I would want nothing more than to have you at the palace more. Gwendals brow furrowed and he scowled at him but he replied nonetheless, "I have noticed that Gurrier Yozak does ask how you are faring upon returning from each and every assignment.

He has done it for years. But that may very well just be a habit from when he dragged you home from the war. Your injuries were serious and we weren't sure you would survive. He determinedly kept a stolid expression on his face. Only allowing a small smile to escape after he was sure Conrad was gone from his office for good. There were many things that could take precedence over throwing a baseball back and fourth. Since it was also Yuuri's time to get Conrad's opinion on issues, both personal and matters of state, they considered it as more of a meeting than a simple game of catch.

wolfram and yuuri relationship counseling

It would have taken something pretty important for him to skip out on it. Worried that some problem had come up that he should be aware of as Maou; Yuuri went looking for him. The first person he saw was Dorcas who was running errands for Giezela again. Yuuri flagged him down and asked if he knew where Conrad was.

Dorcas told him to try the gardens, Conrad had been there sitting on a bench most of the afternoon. Yuuri thanked him and let him go on his way hoping Giezela wouldn't be too tough on him over the short delay. Conrad was in the garden sitting on a bench overlooking the fountain just as Dorcas described. Yuuri was about to wave and call out to him but he paused, unseen in the growing twilight shadows of a hedgerow as Yozak approached and stood next to Conrad.

He would no doubt leave if Conrad only were to say he wasn't in the mood for company. He'd done that exact thing often enough over the years. Conrad sighed, "Wolfram was right I have been the king of all idiots".

He mumbled under his breath but motioned for his old friend to take a seat next to him. It's so obvious I don't know how I missed it until Wolfram pointed it out to me earlier. By myself suffering, and grieving over the bad things in my life.

I didn't have anybody to confide in or lean on. But the truth is I never was truly alone was I? You have stood by me through mud blood and hellfire. You even managed to get both of us home alive from Luttenberg somehow.

It always just seemed so natural that you were there for me; I never thought about it or wondered why. Why would you spend so much time quietly following me around? Protecting me like my very own guardian angel? Tell me if I'm wrong Yozak, but the only reason I can think of is that you have strong feelings for me. More than even a best friend would have. Yozak are you in love with me? He tried to remember to breathe as a blush crept up his cheeks as the seconds slowly ticked by.

He was hoping desperately that he hadn't completely misread things. He half-expected Yozak to laugh in his face and tell him how stupid he was for even thinking that. Yozak was looked away, making it impossible to read his expression in the dim late evening light.

I'll understand if you feel uncomfortable with having me here. Yozak began to shudder, that and his ragged breathing the only indication that he was crying. Young Wolfram and Elizabeth. Years ago when he was a child, Wolfram accidentally slapped ElizabethRaven 's niece, on her left cheek.

Elizabeth never forgot this incident, insisting that they swore everlasting love that day, while Wolfram insists he forgot why he slapped her in the first place. Elizabeth becomes Stuffel 's tool to separate Yuuri from the three brothers, pronouncing an engagement proposal to Yuri. Elizabeth's real goal is to marry Wolfram, but Wolfram says that his only fiance is Yuri. During the duel which ensues, as Yuri accidentally picked up a knife and a fork pointing it at Elizabeth; symbolizing a fight to settle a triangle love affairYuuri turns into the Maou, protecting Wolfram from being hurt by fire majutsu that Elizabeth summoned.

He proclaims the two go on the date and remember their childhood memories. It is eventually learned that Wolfram slapped Elizabeth because he wanted to touch a butterfly that flew past, and Conrad was watching the entire event. He claimed he had forgotten about it because he didn't want to embarrass Elizabeth. Near the end of the second season, there is a time when Wolfram is possessed by Shinou, who in turn was possessed by Soushu.

The key he possesses, his heart, is ripped out by Shinou in order to open the forbidden box, Inferno on the Tundra. Because of this, Wolfram temporarily dies, but is revived when Shinou returns the keys to their owners. When Yuri does return Wolfram's uncle, Waltranaplaces pressure on Wolfram to obtain the throne.

Because of this, Wolfram dissolves the engagement with Yuri and travels back to his homeland, in hopes that he would not be used to sabotage Yuri. When Yuri hears of Wolfram's predicament, he and his retainers travel to the Bielefelt lands in the hopes of persuading Wolfram to return to Blood Pledge Castle, only to be forced into a formal duel by Wolfram himself.

Wolfram and Yuuri's duel. In the process of aiming a strong attack at Wolfram, Yuuri realizes that Wolfram seems to be preparing himself for his last moments and gives his final words to Yuuri: Be a good king. The Ten Aristocrats then changed their decision to keep Yuri as their king and Waltrana steps down from forcing Wolfram onto the throne.

After a reconciliation between the two, Wolfram happily decides to annul the disengagement to a comically shocked Yuri and proceeds to return to his normal attitude towards their engagement. His ancestor, Rufus Bielefeltfought alongside Shinou.