Walden and alan relationship quiz

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walden and alan relationship quiz

Relationship Status dating, at least once he gets over his divorce. Unlike Charlie, Alan's brother and the man Walden replaced in the beach house, he's. Which song would you most like to hear Charlie play on the piano? "Fly Me to the I am more of a relationship type person. I would if I If you were to visit Alan's chiropractic office, what would you have worked on? My back. . share this quiz. The nature of Two and a Half Men's premise means that Charlie Harper was Over the course of the show, Alan had many different relationships with other.

The next morning, Walden sits in the kitchen, typing furiously while wearing the ugliest plaid combo yet: Much like Ashton Kutcher. Jenny pulls out a beer. That does look good. Where do you see yourself in five years? A little house on the beach with Kate Upton. Give me two weeks. Look up from the Gillette ad, lads. Walden presses Jenny to focus on her hypothetical acting career or do any work, ever.

Walden pushes Alan to find a real relationship. Later Alan begs Lindsay to be with him full time. She is drinking, obviously. Walden approaches Jenny with an air of solemnity.

Larry is really nice, and Alan is really bad at spinning. Larry and Alan bond after Larry coaches Alan through spinning, and Alan gets a man crush. God, what kind of world are we living in when Ashton Kutcher plays a moral compass?

walden and alan relationship quiz

Farewell Charlie, Alan, and Walden. What a wild and hilarious ride you and Chuck Lorre gave us! The host of the showbiz podcast Whine At 9Nancy digs a little deeper as she chats with fascinating celebrities and industry insiders. Her book College Bound and Gagged: Leave A Comment Uh-oh! You seem to be logged out. Refresh your page, login and try again. Sorry, comments are currently closed. You are posting comments too quickly.

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Rose continues to stalk him but he and she have sex when he believes his life to be in danger; they make up for all the wrongs they have done to each other in the past. His ex-girlfriend Kate returns from China wanting to "talk"; taking advice from Jenny and Barry, he goes to see her. They agree to go to dinner as "just friends" but later leave the restaurant to go home and have sex. The evening is ruined, however, by food poisoning.

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Walden believes Kate to be "the one" and tells Alan that he will propose to her. However, when a young woman named Vivian Mila Kunis arrives at the beach house, he falls for her while Kate is away due to her free spirited attitude and believes her to be "the one".

He breaks up with Kate to find Vivian again, but she turns him down telling him to go back to his girlfriend. Depressed at losing two love interests he goes to his therapist who tells him to have casual encounters. As Alan's wedding ends in disaster, he and Alan have another talk on the couch, saying he wants Alan to continue living with him and to go back to the way things were when they moved in with each other three years ago, just two friends hanging out.

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He is the only other character besides Alan to appear in every episode since his introduction. This section does not cite any sources. Please help improve this section by adding citations to reliable sources. December Bridget[ edit ] Walden first met Bridget in high school, where they fell in love and eventually got married. She met Walden when he wasn't a billionaire so her intentions were noble as she claims when talking to his girlfriend Zoey who met him when he was rich.

She has a very good relationship with Walden's mother Robyn, which is proven when they team up to remove Walden as president of his company. She kicks him out of the house prior to the beginning of season 9, because he was too immature and relied on her more as a mother than a wife, which leaves him devastated, and causes him to attempt suicide. She has tried to reunite with Walden, but he began dating a woman named Zoey, so she began to get jealous and spy on him, where she meets a woman called Rose who agrees to take her under her wing as a trainee stalker.

She began dating his friend Billy Stanhope.


In the tenth season, Walden comes to the conclusion that getting back together with Bridget would be a bad idea; in the episode "Throgwarten Middle School Mysteries," Walden fantasizes about getting back with Bridget, with the end result being her removing his testicles and putting them in a small chest, calling them hers.

He then realizes after imagining Alan lecturing him that Bridget's controlling behavior was the reason that their relationship first failed. She has a young daughter, Ava, who adores Walden.

walden and alan relationship quiz

She like many do not like Alan and believe him to be taking advantage of Walden's good nature. She cares a great deal for Walden but can see his weaknesses. After refusing to say "I Love You" to Walden, because she believes if she says it something will go wrong in the relationship she finally does, making both of them happy. She sides with Walden when his mother and ex-wife try to take his company from him, to which they win, but is disappointed when he renames the company Walden Loves Alan Enterprises instead of Walden loves Zoey Enterprises.

In season 10 Walden proposes to her but she turns him down because there is another man. He begins cutting out pictures of her and sticking them all over his bathroom walls and calls it "the Zoey room". When Ava invites him to her birthday party he gets her a huge dog, which annoys Zoey, the dog becomes a pain for her, but when she tries to return the dog to Walden she finds out that the dog has eaten his phone.

They meet again in a restaurant where she is seeing another man, which makes Walden and Zoey insecure about seeing each other and so they leave. Rose[ edit ] Apparently, Rose continues to stalk the Harper family regardless of Charlie's death and Walden is a victim of circumstance. Walden meets Rose at Pavlov's bar, where she reveals to the audience that she had been spying on him. The two get along, and when Walden tells Alan, he tells him that she is trouble.

However they begin to dating and Walden says that with Rose he is having the best sex he has ever had. However things get out of hand with her when she moves all her belongings into the house. When he reveals to her that Zoey wants to get back together with him she becomes angry and gets her ferrets to attack him, even leaving them in his car to attack him although the ferrets end up attacking Alan instead.

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She goes to Zoey's and reveals that Walden got her pregnant, but this was just a lie. She is last seen stalking Walden through his window. When Walden's girlfriend after Rose, becomes a fashion model, Rose is revealed to be her agent who has sent her away to Japan to get her away from Walden so she can have him for herself. When Alan and Lyndsey are having an affair with each other one year after these events, her boyfriend hires an investigator to see who she is having an affair with.

The investigator is Rose, who informs Walden that someone is trying to kill him, and so she takes him to a motel to hide with her. They apologize to each other for all the upset they may have caused each other and kiss and have sex.

Kate[ edit ] Kate met Walden at Target, where he introduced himself as Sam Wilson, dressed in Alan's clothes and looking in the store as he was pretending to be poor to find someone who didn't just want him because of his money. When she sees where Walden lives, he pretends Alan is his rich landlord, she takes a dislike to Alan and so asks "Sam" to move in with her.

She asks him to find a job, so he goes out selling Christmas trees. For Christmas he gets her a sewing machine, even though Sam Wilson could never afford it, but Walden Schmidt could, she thanks him and says that there should be no lies.

She cares for Sam in a great way and tries to be romantic, hanging a piece of broccoli as she didn't have any mistletoe. Kate then went to New York City to prepare a fashion show for her outfits.

Weeks later, Sam Wilson came to New York to see Kate and finally revealed to her that his real name is Walden Schmidt and that he's really a billionaire. Kate was upset with him at first because he lied to her but forgave him shortly after realizing that he was really the one who donated that money, not Alan.

He told her that they could talk about it when they get back to L. Walden realized that he really didn't think things through. Kate told Walden that they'd have to see what happens but Walden declared that he loved her. Kate said that it was Sam Wilson she loved but she wasn't sure about Walden Schmidt and told him that she needed time to process this big new information.

Weeks later, Kate returned to L. Walden begged Kate for another chance and they reconciled, trying to make their relationship work but their work schedules seemed to keep them apart. Walden said that their life together was so much easier when they were poor. Kate was last seen in a limousine, leaving for China with her new business partner and investor, who turned out to be Rose; Rose's real motive for becoming Kate's business partner is to keep Kate and Walden apart.

Kate, unaware of Rose's history with Walden, told Rose that she's crazy about Walden.

walden and alan relationship quiz