Vaan and penelo relationship quiz

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vaan and penelo relationship quiz

[32] Her relationship with Vaan was also explored, and there had been a conflict when Penelo cared deeply for a Dalmascan knight who appeared in Lemures. While some of these relationships were a joy to behold, others were Penelo and Vaan's relationship is one of the weaker aspects of the plot. there a romance (implied or not) going on between Vaan and Penelo? that their relationship did not exceed that of close childhood friends.

Main characters have to have flaws, even if one of those is holding an irrational grudge against their wife. For example, the relationship between Zidane and Princess Garnet is less effective. The two first meet at the beginning of the game when he is given the job of kidnapping her.

The Princess is not against this, however, and the two instantly hit it off. There is nothing inherently wrong with the relationship, but the art style makes both of them look very young.

vaan and penelo relationship quiz

Usually, childhood romances are taken less seriously than adult relationships. If one can look past the design, what lies beneath is actually a compelling RPG. When Rinoa is first introduced, he treats her much the same. However, the two eventually learn more and grow fond of one another.

This developing relationship is at the center of the game's story and is what really makes it so memorable to those who played it. Of course, the game play is no slouch either, but the whole experience would not stand the test of time if it was not for Squall and Rinoa's relationship. Additionally, no one can ever forget "Eyes On Me". Penelo and Vaan's relationship is one of the weaker aspects of the plot. While not romantically entangled, the two have forever been close childhood friends.

It is not upsetting that they never take their relationship further, as woman and men can be just friends without any tension, but nothing happens in the game that truly tests the strength of their bond.

While he is initially weaker in the latter form, it is an important step in the game's story. His relationship to Rosa makes him even more interesting. Their love for each other is never in question, but it does cause tension between Cecil and his friend Kain, who also loves Rosa.

vaan and penelo relationship quiz

His jealousy is a source of pain for Kain, who must learn to overcome his negative emotions. Yuna And Seymour Final Fantasy X When a loveless marriage is initiated for purely political reasons, it becomes too hard to bear.

The brief matrimony between Yuna and Seymour is one of these relationships. Vaan because he really likes Penelo and can't be without her, and Penelo because she cares more for Vaan than for anyone else, and can't help but try to be there for him in some capacity I just don't think in any story we've been shown any actual romance has occurred between them, but then Matsuno stories tend to avoid romance, and at best give subtle and polite hints at the type of relationship.

Larsa is benign, helpful, and courteous. He seems to enjoy knowing he has a calming presence and can direct people in a manner that would benefit themselves, and in so doing, ripple outward and benefit himself and his people. He just generally puts people first. Probably due to his overwhelming sense of self confidence and respect. Even if he makes a mistake, he coolly embraces it.

The visuals of the characters were designed by Akihiko Yoshidawhile their stories were created by Yasumi Matsuno. The characters were designed to look and behave unlike any that had existed in the Final Fantasy series.

Their stories were written to create a script where neither side was truly right or wrong, but instead just had different opinions and interpretations of the events occurring in the game. There are a total of six main playable characters in Final Fantasy XII; Vaanan energetic orphan of Rabanastre who dreams of becoming a sky pirate; Ashea determined princess of Dalmasca who lost her husband in the Archadian invasion; Bascha disgraced knight of Dalmasca charged with treason for slaying the king; Balthiera gentlemanly sky pirate who pilots his airship, the Strahl; FranBalthier's partner and a viera exile whose knowledge extends to legends and myths; and PeneloVaan's childhood friend who accompanies him in journeys to keep an eye over him.

Other major characters who influence the plot of the game but are not playable characters include Vaynethe eldest prince of Archadia and main antagonist of the story, Gabranththe twin brother of Basch, and Cida brilliant scientist and father to Balthier.

The characters in the game have been the basis of several pieces of merchandise produced by Square Enix, such as statues, action figures, and jewelry.

They have been subject to mixed reviews; some reviews have applauded the characters' dialogue and relationships to each other, while others dismissed the story and characters as uninteresting. Critiques of the voice acting for the characters has also been mixed, with different reviews either praising or criticizing both the acting and the technical quality of the recordings. It was his first involvement in a main-series Final Fantasy game, though he worked as the character designer for Final Fantasy Tactics and Vagrant Storyboth of which were set in the same game world as XII, Ivalice.

Yoshida feels this connection is sparked by the style of color used by both artists, which involves a color consistency between the characters and the environments. He tried to create designs and clothing that did not exist anywhere in real life and had never been seen before, designing for example the armor for the Judges on a combination of historical armor, mountain bike gear, and futuristic ideas.

In the bonus disc interview, he states that he endeavored to create characters that were neither fully good nor evil, adding flaws such as selfishness to the heroes and virtues such as kindness to the villains, in an attempt to make them more realistic. He also said he tried to create a scenario in which neither side was truly right or wrong, but instead just had different interpretations of the events in the game.

Smiththe English translator for the game, included accents to the characters for the English version of the game to add a layer of depth to the game by having characters from different areas of Ivalice sound different.

vaan and penelo relationship quiz

He based these accents off the extensive notes made by game designer Yasumi Matsuno on the backgrounds of the characters. Smith chose voice actors for the project who had stage and film acting experience, in an attempt to avoid the common problem of "flat" reading he felt was prevalent in video game voice acting. In the game humans are referred to as Humes. When asked about the characters' revealing clothing, Yoshida commented that "Dalmasca is supposed to have a hot climate", and that the idea of the characters revealing skin was his.

He is a year-old orphaned Hume street urchin who lost his parents in a plague when he was 12 years old. He makes a living as Migelo's assistant, running various errands for him, while at the same time pickpocketing from Archadian soldiers while claiming to take back what is Dalmasca's.

Vaan dreams of someday becoming a sky pirate in command of his own airship. During the events of Revenant Wings, Vaan becomes captain of the Airship Galbana and uses it to travel to Lemures, meeting old friends while making new ones.

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With the casting of Kouhei Takeda for the voice acting and motion capture, however, Vaan became a little less feminine and more "active, upbeat, bright and positive" than planned.

Vaan also made appearances in other video games; despite having been created for Final Fantasy XII, Vaan was first introduced in the crossover board game Itadaki Street Special for the PlayStation 2. The only living child of King Raminas and the sole heir to the throne,[17] she married Rasler Heios Nabradia shortly before Archadia's invasion of Dalmasca.

Her husband died in the battle to protect Nalbina Fortress directly following their marriage, on the border of fellow Nabradia, Rasler's home statemaking Ashe a young widow. While many believed their marriage was driven by politics, she spent the two years following his death in mourning and continued to wear her wedding ring.

Along the course of the story, the Occuria created an image of the late Rasler to lead Ashe wherever they needed her to go. In their encounter, the Occuria offered her nethicite to rule as another Dynast-King, and conquer Ivalice in their stead. A year after the Bahamut's crash, Ashe is crowned Queen of Dalmasca and eventually rejoins her friends in protecting the peace from the mysterious Judge of Wings in Revenant Wings.

Characters of Final Fantasy XII

We were given orders from the start to not make her look like an Asian. But we modified her a bit to look more like a Japanese for the sake of the Japanese audience, and also since a character that looks completely French makes some of the CG expressions difficult. He and his twin brother Noah are natives of the Republic of Landis, which was conquered by the Archadians long before the events of the game. When Landis was overthrown, Basch fled to Dalmasca and Noah to Archadia, and the brothers lost contact.

Basch joined the Dalmascan army, eventually rising to become one of its most respected officers. Basch carried Rasler's body from the battlefield and went into hiding with the surviving commanders of the Dalmascan military.

Shortly after the Archadians moved in to occupy Rabanastre, he and Captain Azelas led an assault on Nalbina Fortress in an attempt to save the king, only to be captured by Imperial forces. His brother Noah, now called Gabranth and in the employ of Archadia, posed as Basch and slew the Dalmascan king and Vaan's older brother, Reks, who witnessed the crime. Basch was denounced by the Dalmascans as a traitor and reportedly executed by Marquis Ondore. Though all three were initially suspicious of him especially Vaan, who blamed him for Reks's deathBasch protested his innocence and told them about his twin.

The party decided his story was plausible and released him.

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Basch explained that his vow to defend Ashe had given him purpose and a renewed sense of honor. He also appears in Itadaki Street Portable. She dreams of being a dancer, and learned martial arts from her older brothers.

Migelo, a friend to Penelo's parents, took them under his care and gave them work at his sundry shop.