Ukitake and unohana relationship tips

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ukitake and unohana relationship tips

Fon, Ukitake Jushiro, Kyoraku Shunsui, Unohana Retsu, Yamamoto Genryuusai, el principio de una gran leyenda mítica del manga-anime - TIPS- ANIME. Retsu Unohana (卯ノ花 烈, Unohana Retsu), formerly known as Yachiru Unohana (卯ノ花 八千流, Unohana surprises Ukitake and Kyōraku with her presence. .. Quotes. (To Sōsuke Aizen) "I thought you would be here, Captain Aizen. No. Jun 1, UnohanaUkitake Description: PG Ukitake/Unohana. . today," and he would smile and continue dispensing fatherly advice and comfort. . imagine things any better, and how she didn't want their relationship to change.

She was still no one to her. Zaraki was important to her, that much was certain, she had stated it in her letter and it was evident by her actions, but she doubted whether she was important to him. One did not kill those important to them. We will always have a room to spare for you.

She had always said that the fourth division is like no other so it made sense for things to be different. It was an unusual place for the chambers of the captain since in every other of the barracks, they were spacious apartments situated on the topmost floor of the main building and now they were left for storage rooms and drying herbs.

It would never be the way it was back then, would it? Can I really trust him? The silver-haired woman could not forget even for an hour the silence he had answered her with when she had asked him if he had touched Unohana. Isane sat down on a pillow. It will include a psychological status. Retsu was sitting on her futon, her hands laid in her lap in a calm manner. When it came to names this was all she remembered — her own name and the name of Kenpachi.

Isane was ashamed to feel a pang of pain. The dark-haired woman did not remember her. In the end, it all came down to her and Kenpachi. No one except them knew what exactly lied between them. She always ordered that she would be the one to tend to him. The silver-haired woman attributed it to her desire to provide the best care for the captains but Retsu never allowed anyone to disturb her while she was healing Kenpachi.

She refused any offered help to the point Isane had once found her passed out from exhaustion. She had collapsed by his bed, pallid and covered in his blood but all his wounds were tended to and dressed. He himself was submerged in a deep and untroubled sleep, his hand had fallen over the edge of the bed, their fingers lightly touching. Now she realized it had always been like that — Unohana was willing to die so he could live. The captain of the fourth division shifted on her pillow at the uneasy memory and asked the next question.

She was feeling somehow disoriented still, her mind in unorganised shambles. What is the first thing you remember? Kenpachi coming to my side. His steps were heavy as if he was barely keeping balance.

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He looked quite distraught, his eyes bloodshot and glazed over. I think he was in pain. He was definitely in pain. When he embraced me I stiffened, then went limp, unsure how to respond. At least she has been this aware for longer than a day.

ukitake and unohana relationship tips

In fact quite the contrary. She knew the captain of the 11th squad used to be a caring father to Yachiru. Her disappearance seemed to have a deep impact on him. Now he was often solemn and silent, his harsh remarks and loud protests much more rare. He claimed illness often in order to come to see her.

He would fake a bout of coughing outside her door and knock. It's urgent that you examine this new development in my rare and unforeseen illness! Unohana would've kissed him in front of all the thirteen squads, but Ukitake was shy. At last she told him that it was alright if other Shinigami knew that they were lovers. He seemed to want to make a formal announcement.

She knew that he wanted to marry her, but she knew that he was hesitant to bring up the subject.

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She didn't encourage it. She made a mild commotion over how good they were like this, how she couldn't imagine things any better, and how she didn't want their relationship to change. They ate candies on her porch or made love in the shallow garden pond, and Isane, who lived nearby, would sometimes peek through the foliage. Ukitake would feel obliged to protect his lover's modesty by hiding her body with his long blonde hair, but she laughed. Maybe he took the word as a given. She didn't think so, but he surprised her when he said, "You're in love with someone who is going to die.

A frog splashed into the pond. The rightness of things filled the small, immaculate garden. Near the end, Ukitake began to fear. Not of losing his own life. He was a Shinigami--a brave and self-sacrificing being.

What he feared was losing the consciousness that loved her. The moment required a romantic response--something like my loving you will be enough to hold us together forever. But Unohana knew what was better for his soul. She made him smile. Will there be a you to love? Specks of white-haired light will follow me about my duties so that I won't even need a lamp!

The Shinigami who died leaving soul-bodies were buried. Those who disintegrated into reishi were assumed to stay in Soul Society. It was believed the deaths of the earliest Shinigami had built the Seireitei brick by brick. The words made her look down.

He took the gesture as one of humility. But you tell me that I am dying. You don't lie to me. She'd never known a lover. He needed the compassion no one else in Soul Society could provide. She had hoped that, in the course of pressing her body next to his, as she spent more time talking and laughing with him, that she would grow to love him in the way she knew others loved.

ukitake and unohana relationship tips

But she did not love him. She took leave of her job for his final days. Isane would routinely call with questions about procedure, but Unohana did not answer her.

Ukitake had no other nurse, and Unohana changed and washed his linens. In a delirium once, he said, "I love you," and looked like he expected an echo of the phrase. Unohana ran the back of her cool hand against his hot forehead.

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Another time he asked outright. I know that's the way you are. You don't speak in abstractions. But … but … do you love me? Why do you think I take out your bedpan? I'm after your fortune, Ukitake Jyuushiro.

All the candies will be mine. Whether or not she spoke the words, she was lying to her best friend. The words were not being saved for another.

Unohana had already decided where her energies would be invested after Ukitake's death. She would go back to work; she would spread compassion. She didn't have the constitution or attitude required of a love partner, she thought.

She never tired of love-making but she felt strained under the protocol of endearments and displays of affection. Her heart, if it existed, could not belong to one man; she would be lying in his embrace and wondering where there was someone else to help. But she was glad that she'd lived this lie with Ukitake. After having seen so many die alone, without the comfort of love and without the satisfaction that they'd done everything they wanted to do, she wanted a good man to have a good death.

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The deaths Unohana had witnessed--every single one--had been less than complete. Soul Society missed something, and she didn't know what it was. Humans, Hollow, Shinigami--they were all unfinished souls.

When Unohana held Ukitake's hand and he slept and breathed with difficulty, she felt the compassion in his reiatsu. It wasn't unlike hers, but it wasn't infinite and it had almost depleted itself. To have allowed Ukitake to sink into sadness and self-blame after Kaien's death would have been to deprive the Seireitei of its most beloved captain. She knew that these thoughts were apologetics. They were thoughts that occurred to her years after he'd kissed her. They were justifications she made to herself while listening to him retch into a bowl.

Had she even made the decision to give him so much of herself? When he kissed her that day, would have there been any refusing him? Even if she had the coldest heart in all the Seireitei--or no heart at all--Ukitake's goodness and beauty invited affection. She took care of the man who had taken care of so many. Dry eyes and a hollow face turned to her.

ukitake and unohana relationship tips

Ukitake was a brilliant man; he had to have felt something missing in her kiss. So she kissed him again. Everyone, everyone has kissed your hand in thankfulness at some point. They would have displayed gratitude--" and here she smiled, expecting a smile in return. I don't feel gratitude. All I feel is … love. I know, I know. Actions speak louder than words, and everything you've given me these years is worth a million I love you's. Still, it's nice to hear a trifle of romantic gibberish from you.

Lie down for a moment. I feel very good right now and don't need minding. She unwrapped a chocolate and didn't eat it. Attacking her on sight, the boy was able to injure her, causing the woman to once again enjoy fighting.

However, despite being the one left standing at the conclusion of their battle, she realized he was stronger and was better suited to become Kenpachi. Some time after this fight, Unohana left the 11th division and became captain of the 4th Division.

She has been one the Gotei 13's longest tenured captains alongside fellow captains Yamamoto, Jushiro Ukitake and Shunsui Kyoraku. Ukitake also refers to her as "Senpai", denoting her seniority to both him and Shunsui Approximately years ago, Unohana was present for a promotion ceremony that took place at the 1st Division Headquarters, along with the rest of the assembled captains. She witnessed the arrival of the newly appointed Captain of the 12th Division, Kisuke Urahara.

Her lieutenant at this time was Seinosuke Yamada. When he gave out orders, Yamamoto ordered Unohana to prepare the relief stations for casualties, but she interrupted him, and asked if it wouldn't be better for her to tend to the wounded there. Yamamoto plainly told her that he couldn't send healers out without knowing what the situation was like. Unohana was present when Isshin Kurosaki made his report about the mysterious Hollow known as White.

Personality Unohana has a gentle, and warm personality that augments her appearance. Unohana is a soft spoken, polite, and caring woman who uses honorifics when addressing everyone, including her subordinates and the enemy.

Despite her sense of duty, she will also heal almost anybody around her, including Renji after he was defeated by his captain, Gantenbainne Mosqueda when she arrived in Hueco Mundo, and the Visored, referring to them as allies despite Shinji's reluctance to do so.

With her grace and kind manners, she lets others know quietly that while she may be soft, she is not to be taken lightly. Despite her gentle nature, several members of the Eleventh Division and even her fellow Captains fear her.

However, after the revelation of her past as the first Kenpachi and Shunsui Kyoraku calling on her to draw on her experience from then, Unohana's personality has taken a much darker turn.

Remaining ominously silent during the meeting with the Central 46, it isn't until her fight with the current Kenpachi that she shows her original violent and bloodthirsty nature, commenting how the scar left on her chest was causing her pain just from the sound of the latter's voice.

Unohana herself says that she is infatuated with crossing blades. Unohana likes strong-flavored food, preferring it to bland tasting dishes.

In her free time, she climbs mountains throughout Rukongai; during these excursions, she collects medicinal herbs. Once a month, she holds an ikebana class for the members of her division and she is also the President of the Ikebana Club. Appearance Unohana has the appearance of a slender and very youthful woman with blue eyes and black hair.

She wears the standard Shinigami captain uniform apart from using an obi instead of the normal sash. Her hair is long and is always worn as a large braid down the front of her body. Over years ago, she did not have the large braid, instead styling in front of her as a loose ponytail.

ukitake and unohana relationship tips

While maintaining a kind and gentle look at most times, during her battle with Kenpachi Zarakiher eyes appear gloomy and very menacing. She also wears her hair down for the first time and is revealed to have been covering a notable scar in-between her collarbone, inflicted by Kenpachi when the latter was young. Before Kenpachi inflicted said scar on her, she did not tie her hair in front of her, instead wearing it down at all times.

Unlike most Shinigami who carry their Zanpakuto in their sash, Unohana has a large string attached to the sheath of her Zanpakuto and carries it over her shoulder, or has her lieutenant, Isane Kotetsucarry it for her whenever they are together on the battlefield. Though she originally learned healing Kido as a way to prolong her fights, Unohana has become the most knowledgeable on health related matters in all of Soul Society.

She is known to be highly proficient in conventional healing techniques and herbal healing. Her knowledge of anatomy is great enough that upon examination of Aizen's "dead body", she concluded it was not Aizen or even real. She is also able to heal more than just Shinigami, as shown when she heals Yasutora "Chad" Sadoa Human, as well as Gantenbainne Mosqueda, an Arrancar.

Kido Master As one of the oldest and most experienced captains, Unohana has advanced knowledge of Kido and the flow of spiritual energy. Her knowledge and mastery of healing Kido are unrivaled within Soul Society.

Unohana is well-versed in a variety of Kido, highly masterful in healing Kido and is able to easily use high-level Hado and Bakudo spells without incantation. Immense Spiritual Power As one of the oldest Captains in the Gotei 13 and therefore one of the most experienced, as well as being one of its most powerful combatants, Unohana has a tremendous amount of spiritual power.

Unohana has pointed out that Kenpachi Zaraki's power rivaled her own even as a childthough she herself was weaker than him. Therefore she acknowledges that she is stronger than everyone but him.

Master Swordsman Unohana's personal specialty is sword fighting, particularly her mastery in the art of Kendo. She is said to know all 8, of the world's schools of swordsmanship, as well as all the swords, hence the meaning behind her previous name, "Yachiru". Her skill level in swordsmanship is far superior to even the combat oriented 11th Division captain, Kenpachi Zaraki, as she is able to easily best him for a considerable amount of their fight after centuries of not engaging in melee combat.

She also has a combat philosophy that allows her to use any means necessary — even tricks such as hidden daggers — to gain the upper hand in a fight.

Shunpo Expert Unohana is proficient enough in this skill to be as fast as the average captain. Hakuda Combatant During her fight to the death against Kenpachi Zarakishe was proficient enough in Hakuda to deflect his sword swing using the back of her free hand to create openings for attacks, and could also use her leg to block Zaraki's sword hand mid-swing to prevent it hitting her and leave him exposed at the same time.

Keen Intellect Along with her general skill of healing, she is able to detect the smallest details in her patients. This aids her in her healing. She can detect anomalies and problems lesser healers would not. She can tell by a simple look what type of medical attention, if any, is needed. She is also a keen analyst with great attention to detail, able to quickly determine how to counteract any ailments a person may have.

Her powers of perception were great to deduce that Aizen's elaborate illusion of a corpse doll wasn't real, and that Aizen was perpetuating a much larger scheme. In sealed form, Minazuki is slightly longer than an ordinary katana, and resembles a nodachi. The tsuba has an oval shape, and the handle is red. Instead of tying it to her obi, Unohana carries her Zanpakuto over her shoulder by a rope strap, or lets Isane carry it for her.

Shikai Its release command is unknown. When released in Shikai form, Minazuki will start to morph, turning into a green, gas-like substance before taking the solid shape of a giant, green, one eyed manta ray-like creature with the ability to fly.

Minazuki can be used for transportation, and will change back into the green gas substance before returning to its sword form when its duty has been fulfilled. Shikai Special Ability It is large enough to transport many people on its back at least a dozen, based on its size when compared to those riding it.

It seems to act on verbal orders, and when landing it has the ability to somehow create a pair of bird like legs. Minazuki's main aspect is its ability to heal. When the wounded are placed within Minazuki's mouth, they are swallowed and stored inside its stomach. Minazuki's stomach acids are strong healing medicines and ointments which gradually soak over the wounded, curing their injuries.

Currently, it has shown the ability to carry at least six people within its stomach. When Unohana gives the word, Minazuki will regurgitate the people back out of its mouth. When released the blade of Unohana's Zanpakuto liquifies into a thick, dark red substance able to surround her vicinity. Once the majority of the liquid flows off the Zanpakuto, it reveals the remainder has solidified into a shortened katana, which then can be used for combat, strong and sturdy enough to clash against Kenpachi Zaraki's blade.

However she says nothing at this time and remains silent throughout the bickering between her fellow officers. After Sosuke Aizen's apparent death, she exams the body and confirms to Sajin Komamura and Kaname Tosen that he is truly dead.

When Hanataro Yamada is brought before her by the 13th Division after aiding an enemy, she determines that Hanataro must be imprisoned on account of the fact that he is a Seated Officer in her Division and may have accidentally aided in the harm that the Ryoka had supposedly done within Seireitei. While attending the execution, Isane Kotetsu expresses open regret that Yamamoto lied to Rukia regarding the release of the Ryoka, but Unohana explains to her lieutenant that despite the harshness of such a lie, it also allows Rukia to die peacefully with the idea that her friends' lives would be spared.

ukitake and unohana relationship tips

After Ichigo Kurosaki arrives on the scene and destroys the Sokyoku stand, Sui-Feng orders all lieutenants to follow the fleeing Renji and Rukia. Isane, concerned about the order, looks at Unohana, and the latter calmly tells her to go, only to see the former lose to Ichigo.

After defeating the lieutenants, Ichigo starts his battle with Byakuya Kuchiki while the captains then head off to their respective battles. Unohana releases Minazuki, even though the actual process is not shown, and saves all those hurt during the initial battle.