Trips together and relationship

trips together and relationship

Going on your first trip with your significant other is a big step in your relationship. Before you plan a vacation together, you want to make sure. A road trip: the ultimate relationship test? We've just heard from an Edinburgh couple who booked their first trip away together after dating for. It's fantastic that we're able to do this because travel helps the relationship grow in many ways. Also read: Why Couples Who Travel Together.

It cracks you open, and so pushes you over the walls and low horizons that habits and defensiveness set up," wrote the travel writer's travel writer, Pico Iyer. Our isolation, plus the invigorating challenges that uncharted travel brings, was an effective vetting process for our relationship.

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That's what Bill Murray was getting at. Travel and being together nearly every day for a year let us kick the tires and check under the hood before buying. We appreciated and appraised each other in situations we probably wouldn't have faced had we stayed in San Francisco: We laughed as he drove off and we realized what happened and then hopped on a random double-decker bus to a Tube station. We were simply two young Americans without a fixed address or a dedicated itinerary for months on end, having the best time of our lives.

Until we had one of the worst. Near death experience The adventure took a dramatic turn after a car accident in Poland. Courtesy David Allan We rarely drove at night. Waking up each morning and deciding what we wanted to do that day meant we never had to hurry.

But on the day of the accident we had a planned rendezvous the next morning with friends in Krakow to visit the Auschwitz concentration camp together. The drive from Vienna took longer than we thought.

Kate anticipated the accident seconds before impact -- not even enough time for an audible warning. We were in the fast lane but the driver who hit us was in the middle lane and driving faster.

trips together and relationship

He would have passed us on the right except for a slow truck in his lane, which he didn't see until he nearly rear-ended it. We later learned he was texting on a cell phone. He looked up just before hitting the truck and jumped into our lane and hit us instead. He slammed our little black Citroen hatchback on the right, which was the driver's side because it was British-born. Once hit, I couldn't hold the steering wheel straight.

50 Best Travel Quotes for Couples (Love and Travel)

We ricocheted off the barrier and spun degrees across three lanes of highway. We even passed in front of the unhurried truck driver that, in a Rube Goldberg way, had set off the accident.

trips together and relationship

In the universally accepted slow motion effect of near death experience, I recalled thinking that if another car hit us we would be killed. In those few seconds Kate gripped my shoulders and tried to pull us toward the middle of the vehicle to lessen the corporeal damage of another collision. Related content Lonely Planet names Europe's best destinations for Instead of another hit we literally flew off the highway, over an embankment and through a fence.

trips together and relationship

There was an elevator-dip-in-your-gut, Wile E Coyote fall as the car went airborne for a long moment, then landed with a sickening metallic crunch before tobogganing another 20 feet in the snow. In the silence, we looked at one another and asked if we were ok. And then we stumbled in a daze amid our belongings -- strewn about the field like a haphazard yard sale from an unplanned eviction.

Kate's glasses were in the snow. Our backpacks catapulted more than 10 feet away. Windows were shattered, a tire was depilated of its rubber, the front bumper and lights were ripped off. The engine was seemingly untethered in the center of a crunched hood. Only we were left intact.

In her shock, Kate began gathering up teabags in the snow.

Why travel is the ultimate test of a relationship

And then we heard a voice from the top of the embankment. It was the driver who hit us. The bus broke down. We had to walk five miles in the storm," he grumbles.

trips together and relationship

She never once lost her temper. Statistically, according to a poll conducted last year on 2, adults by Holiday Autos, 40 per cent of couples quarrel at least once a day while on holiday, with a quarter arguing in the first 24 hours.

One in ten couples, says the car hire firm, actually broke up before even getting home, with the top three triggers being "too much time spent together", "spending too much money" and "getting drunk" in that order. Getty Hemmings backs this up. Can a holiday save a struggling relationship? No beach will be enough to salvage a doomed romance Credit: Getty "The problems in a relationship don't go away if you take off for a sunny island, they come with you, and even if they don't they'll be there when you get back.

The reverse is better.

How soon is too soon to go on holiday with a new partner

Take a break without each other, and see how you feel when you get back. What do I do? This is undoubtedly an awkward situation. Making excuses would be one approach "I can't get the time off work"; "I'm busy that weekend"; "My dog ate my passport" - but these inevitably expire.

The brave would be better off telling the truth, say our psychologists. We've learned by now that shorter is probably safer for new relationships, which for Britons leaves us with UK city breaks or a trip to the Continent. The Cotswolds is an incredibly popular destination with couples looking for that ultimate first-weekend-away. A short cookery class, foraging expedition or wine tasting can break up the weekend and give you plenty to talk about.