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In seasons five, six and seven, other characters take on greater importance: Brenda's husband, FBI agent and later FBI liaison to the LAPD Fritz. Read a collection of quotes from the television show The Closer. Quotes · Holiday · Movie · People · Relationship · Religious · Subjects · TV Show "The Closer" stars Kyra Sedwick aas Brenda Leigh Johnson, a Los Angeles Police Department Agent Fritz Howard: [gesturing to Brenda] Talk to the lady. Brenda/Fritz Brenda/Flynn Character death. Closer - Rated: T She's not happy. Brenda/Flynn pairing, starts as friendship, ends with being a lot closer than that.

It also became apparent that Deputy Chief Winnie Davis is not very accepting of his position as the Acting Assistant Chief, claiming that the department lacks firm leadership under his command, most likely because of his history in the FBI and the fact that the department would not accept an "outsider" like him as the Assistant Chief on a permanent basis.

Mason were discussing their possible promotion to Assistant Chief, and Mason only mentioned himself, Raydor, and Davis to be in the race to Assistant Chief because if Fritz was even considered for the part, he would have already been permanently promoted to that position. Because of this, the LAPD's Traffic Division's are overwhelmed with cases, and too few drivers are getting arrested and too many children are being killed.

Fritz wants to turn that around, and starting from that night, the hit-and-run situation in L. Fritz aids the squad in stopping Cristian Ortiz and survives the bombing of the Major Crimes murder room.

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Afterwards, Fritz takes Sharon to the Assistant Chief's office where it is revealed that Leo Mason got the promotion and has been assigned as the Director of Operations. At the end of the episode, Fritz returned to his original position and rank of Deputy Chief in charge of SOB, after spending eight months as the Acting Assistant Chief.

Acting and interim positions are temporary, and the person occupying the position on an acting or interim basis remains in the position only until confirmed to be the replacement or until replaced, at which time they return to their original position. Before departing, Fritz congratulates Sharon, presumably aware of her promotion to Commander moments later. Fritz and the detectives "argue" about Fritz's strategy which puts Rusty and Gus into greater danger.

As part of the show, Provenza tells the departing Fritz to "save your apologies for the dead" and Andy and Tao note that Fritz is not pulling back the detail on Brenda, Fritz's own wife.

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And if you put your heart in your work you are going to have your heart broken. Secrets of The Closer finale But that was a nice little scene with the guys in the bullpen. The best part of life is the part we spend with the people we love. They've gone from being co-workers to being friends. They've translated into her personal life, and that's how I think it should be.

You said you always wanted Brenda to refuse a confession in the finale. It seemed even more significant that it was Stroh that she refused. Yes, I think it did. Stroh was always sort of the uber-villain, and we kept going back to her obsession with him over the years.

I wanted her to say, "I don't want to hear it," to someone who she had been desperately trying to get to confess. And it's such a shocking thing for her to say. What does it mean for Brenda that she is willing to make that choice? Brenda's had a lot of loss here in the last few episodes and death is, for the living, a period of transformation.

It actually happens in the scene with Fritz, when she is sitting on the bed and she's saying, "I interviewed this young man who made me think about my life. She can't change the past, but she can change the future, and by saying, "I don't want to hear it," she is embracing the future. For me, it was one of the central moments of The Closer. I wouldn't call it a happy ending exactly, but I never considered anything other than this ending because this seemed right to the character.

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I thought pulling the trigger would put her forever beyond redemption. If she had pulled the trigger, I would have undone everything she stood for. And it would have been, I feel, unfair to the character.