The 100 clarke and bellamy relationship tips

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the 100 clarke and bellamy relationship tips

Also read: 10 Ways to Die on CW's 'The ' (Infographic) Rothenberg never envisioned Clarke and Bellamy as a romance, and has. Theseasonfinale-Clarke-dear-Bellamy. This is how the show first establishes that the relationship between Bellamy and Clarke has transcended . other, how far they've come: all of it rests upon the tip of this moment. While Clarke's been stuck on the ground with only her new adopted daughter for company, Bellamy fell into a relationship with the disgraced.

Clarke, not so sure, gives him a speech about how he needs to use his head to be a good leader, and earlier in the episode they hug.

the 100 clarke and bellamy relationship tips

This served as a makeshift goodbye, but also as a summary of their relationship throughout the previous seasons. He called out her constant reliance on reason.

the 100 clarke and bellamy relationship tips

Perhaps least surprising was the identity of the person she called on the radio every day during her years "alone" on the ground: Clarke sets up her satellite and radio and, though she says she doesn't know why she keeps calling him every day for the past six years! He has yet to learn he has thousands of missed calls from Clarke — his reaction would certainly be an interesting sight. After not seeing each other for six years and thousands of unanswered radio calls, Bellamy and Clarke were finally reunited; too bad one had a shock collar around her throat, and the other had a series of rifles pointed at him.

the 100 clarke and bellamy relationship tips

While Diyoza assumed Clarke must have been pretty important to Bellamy if he was bargaining so many lives for hers, this moment was important for yet another reason.

It proved, without an ounce of doubt, how much the former co-leaders still mattered to each other despite six years of separation. Yet Bellamy still shows up to save her, and she cries upon seeing him again.

the 100 clarke and bellamy relationship tips

Bellamy makes a deal with Diyoza to open the bunker, and sets Clarke free. For her part, Clarke seemed to believe Bellamy had been her hallucination.

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When she sees him again — and realizes he's quite real — she cries. The pair share not one, but two hugs in the extremely emotional and powerful scene.

Bellamy & Clarke - they fell in love, didn't they?

Her expression changes to one of total shock, and she blinks rapidly, as if to fend off tears. If anything, it makes their reunion in the season finale all the more interesting. The pair have run the gamut from enemies, to friends, to strangers and back a multitude of times.

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What exactly that is? Where would they go from there? If Bellarke were to happen, it almost begs the question: Sometimes the anticipation of having something is better than having the thing itself, and it would be a bummer to find out the anticipation of Bellarke canon was better than an actual relationship between the two.

Platonically, Bellamy and Clarke are the core of the show.

13 of the Best Bellamy & Clarke Moments on ‘The ’ (PHOTOS) – TV Insider

Romantically, would the same be true? Over five long seasons, a number of fans of The have weathered multiple separations and betrayals, hookups with other characters, and a six-year time jump, all while still holding out hope for a romance between the show's two protagonists: Bellamy Blake and Clarke Griffin. Some fans adore the ambiguous bond between Bellamy and Clarke, and want Bellarke to end up together when all is said and done.

Online's TV Scoop Awards. But while supporters of the pairing are many and lively, there are also some who would rather see the two leaders stay best buddies.