Tales of zestiria sorey and mikleo relationship

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tales of zestiria sorey and mikleo relationship

Sorey, the main character of Tales of Zestiria is confirmed by series . It's the OP's interpretation of his relationship with Mikleo represented as. For Tales of Zestiria on the PlayStation 4, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "So about Mikleo and Sorey" Honestly I sort of wish one of the two was female now and had the same exact relationship as they do now. The close relationship between Sorey and Mikleo was about the only to do the Zestiria manga adaptation and they quietly replaced Alisha.

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Official "Vanille" of the Dissidia Duodecim boards "To hate, to hurt, to destroy I couldn't do it" - Vanille User Info: Worthless Worthless 2 years ago 75 I love shipping as much as the next person, so ship as much as you'd like, but when it comes to canon, it's pretty silent. If anything, it points to Sorey being more asexual rather than anything.

Just to weigh out the evidence objectively.

tales of zestiria sorey and mikleo relationship

To offset the above, other character mention in skits in Pendrago I believe of how Sorey and Mikleo are family rather than love interest or any hint of anything. In the sauna skit, when talking about babes with Zaveid, Mikleo steps out and Sorey asks if that's the type of babe Zaveid was talking about again, I don't see anything romantic here, just comedic timing and Sorey being a complete clueless dork.

In fact, if anything, this scene pokes at Zaveid more than Sorey, ie.

tales of zestiria sorey and mikleo relationship

In the cut-in pictures, Sorey and Rose lean on each other to sleep. In Zaveid and Sorey's victory quote, Zaveid says something about women in battle are gorgeous and Sorey replies "sure!

In the ending, he saves Mikleo's life - but really who wouldn't, even if he was a stranger? I don't see any romance here either Either he's either too pure mentioned several times in-game to be thinking of such things or he has no interest in a romantic relationships. Besides, I don't get the need for a romantic pairing anyway. Firstly, how refreshing was it to get a Tales game without a rubbish romance, and now people insist there was one, defeating the message of family which resonated through the game.

Secondly, if Sorey was asexual, how amazing would that be for the asexual community who have had next to zero representation in the media in general apparently, everyone must be straight or gay or bi in fiction. I think it's wonderfully progressive to have an asexual lead. Anyway, enough serious stuff from me. Oh yeah, Sorey x Gramps, go go!

Can we talk about the fact Tales of Zestiria has a gay protagonist

Guys, Gramps gives Sorey his pipe. Something you regularly put in your mouth. I mean, is that a hint or what? Only recently, someone on Mary Sue was trying to convince people that Luke Skywalker is asexual.

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Unless a character is actually stated to be asexual with all its implications, I don't really feel represented. However, they made it clear at every turn that their relationships with Sorey were platonic. And in the end, Sorey outlives them all. This is so important! The writers made a deliberate choice to write the end in such a way that Rose and Alisha literally can NOT be love interests to Sorey. His One and Only a title which is, by the way, also absolutely intentional.

This It drives me crazy when I see people saying that people are crazy yaoi perverts or projecting their homosexual frustrations both things I have seen said for shipping or even just seeing this pairing.

I am not particularly into yaoi nor are homosexual, but I found these twos relationship to be one of may favourite things about the game. People are entirely allowed to ship or not ship whatever they want, nothing is canon in a Tales game anyway, but people who cant see that SorMik is an intentional pairing cant have been paying enough attention. Ugh, I definitely feel this frustration.

There are so many double standards in the media when it comes to relationships between men and women compared to two people of the same gender. Same gender couples have to be explicitly stated to even be recognized by some people.

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