Tales of the abyss luke and tear relationship poems

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tales of the abyss luke and tear relationship poems

For Tales of the Abyss on the PlayStation 2, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Tear and Luke (spoilers maybe)" - Page 2. ZelosXSheena is not a canon 'love' relationship. Zelos hits on every girl under 30 he can find. Celebrating the romance of Luke and Tear from Tales of the Abyss. Luke has some news to share but it's a bit more trouble than he thought. Post-game . Luke fights his teacher but he loses how will that affect his relationship with Tear?. and I punch that guy on the nose . Tears even when you're not over the years have sold the pears of regret has a connection with the neighboring river. n our time the old house is the girl dropped into the wild abyss; into a world of broken dreams and The tale as fancy as a cow will never rhyme while you dine.

I wished that Tales of the Abyss didn't have to end, and now I'm stuck in the game. I had a brilliant plan to try and save everyone but it backfired horribly.

Luke fon Fabre

How am I supposed to get the story back on track now? I published this ages ago, but took it down due to writer's block. I thought I'd put it back up for those that wanted it. T - English - Angst - Chapters: To Luke, its a number that haunts his every step because it is a loss of life he has caused twice in his short life.

A Luke introspective piece Rated: From experiencing the new fontech that Guy makes, to holding each other in the rain when things get tough. From already having an established relationship, to still being in denial, to confessing.

We'll see how much fun we can have.

tales of the abyss luke and tear relationship poems

I'm the one that's stuck in the past. Let's see how it works out for her. With Van's big plan for Auldrant, her family conflicts and regaining her memories, she is forced to do what she never thought of doing.

But when she is to wed the man who is the cause of her sister's death, she finds herself damning her wretched noble birth. But soon things get unveiled and it turns out there's more going on than everyone, even Jade, had expected.

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But who's the real thief here? The one who was left with the other's castoffs and doom or the one who walked off with a brand new name and identity?

Tales of Abyss: Ouch, Tear is cold T_T

Will the real Luke fon Fabre please act his age? Then again, how old is Lorelei? What he doesn't know is that it' set to rain You've got a thing for militaries, don't you? T - English - Chapters: After the events in Eldrant, Luke wakes up in the ruins, wondering what on earth happened to him. Why is he still alive?

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Can he really just go back home after everything that's happened? She dons a feminine Order of Lorelei uniform that accents her figure while retaining a modest appearance.

tales of the abyss luke and tear relationship poems

The uniform has a large collar and bears her shoulders, leaving the remainder of her arms to be covered by matching gloves that appear to have a separate layer of small white gloves attached to the ends of them. The emblematic musical staff adorns her attire, trailing down the center in a straight line.

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Beneath her coat, Tear wears maroon-colored stockings that yield her knife weapons hidden at the top. Her look is completed with a delicate pair of white heels to accompany her gloves, and her default rod is a similarly-styled weapon to that of the Order of Lorelei. Despite a typically cold and serious demeanor, Tear has a soft spot for cute things, particularly Mieuthe bearer of the Sorcerer's Ring.

She also has a fear of ghosts, which initially becomes evident when the group is making their way through the Abandoned Factory and is later hinted at again at Mt. Tear is modest about her appearance in spite of it often being a topic of conversation, becoming embarrassed easily and scolding the other group members for such talk. She cares deeply about Luke, an affection that builds as the story progresses.

The two grow to support each other despite their similar stubborn attitudes, and Tear ultimately confesses her love for Luke near the end of the story, after the battle with Van in Eldrant.

tales of the abyss luke and tear relationship poems

Tear is a Seventh Fonist capable of casting unique spells known as Fonic Hymns. While Natalia's healing artes focus on single targets, Tears utilizes area-based healing artes such as Healing Circle and Revitalize.

tales of the abyss luke and tear relationship poems

Apart from being one of the primary healers of the game, the aforementioned Fonic Hymns also grant powerful offensive spells such as Judgment and Grand Cross. While she primarily remains a long-ranged caster, she is adept to fighting up close as well. Cut-in image for Tales of the World: Tear wields various staves and wands typical of the healer class, but her regular attack is unique in that her weapon fires out small orbs of fonic light a short distance, allowing her to keep enemies away.

Other Appearances Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology Tear is a playable character in Tales of the World: Radiant Mythologyclassed as a Priest with the "Mysterious Intruder" title. She appears along with Luke, having to cope with the latter's selfishness and arrogance because she feels responsible for taking him out from his safe mansion. While they use their time going around and look for a way to get home, they are in the end asked by Mormo to give them their help while they still are in Terresia.

They agree to this, and are afterward available to use as party members in the Ad Libitum chapter in Gavada.