Subhadra and arjuna relationship questions

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subhadra and arjuna relationship questions

Krishna knew that the biggest obstacle to Arjuna's and Subhadra's marriage was his elder step-brother, Balarama, who wanted Subhadra to. Related Questions (More Answers Below). Why did Lord Krishna encourage Arjuna to marry Subhadra, thereby breaking Draupadi's condition? 18, Views. Arjun and Draupadi Story - Though it seems that the epic Mahabharata is all So he approached Chitravahana asking for Chitrangada's hand in marriage. He had described the beauty of his cousin Subhadra who was Krishna's half sister. .. husband and wife problems in delhi mumbai pune india.

And that was all it took. Before I knew it, I fell forward and collapsed on his lap, closing my eyes against the hot tears and clutching his clothes like a lifeline. His hands immediately began smoothing my hair away from my face, voice saturated with anxiety and emotion. His tone was distant. I pulled myself together and sat back up, facing him. His face was ashen at the state I was in. I hoped the yati would find out if I beat around the bush.

Then his face frowned, eyes narrowing. He should be proud of himself. Even a yati hated him. It was so ethereal. I longed for them, wanted to shout at him to hold me again but it was utterly wrong. He only meant to comfort me.

I know he would never do anything to hurt you. In my eyes, he suddenly lit up, as if answering his own question. And I found myself nodding my head.

subhadra and arjuna relationship questions

He went very still, eyes widening slightly. Then he recomposed himself. His voice was controlled when he asked me the crucial question. What do you mean? And developed a bizarre feeling which I believed was love.

subhadra and arjuna relationship questions

As I built it up, I sat upright. And looked at the yati straight in the eye to answer. I hated that some of my feelings still remained.

subhadra and arjuna relationship questions

But they would eventually wear off, I know. Wherever he was was a mystery I had no intention of solving. Is that why you decided to forget about him? His eyes were following every movement I made. With a goddess for a wife. Look at his brother, Bheema.

He already married Hidimbi before Draupadi. The reality is something else. He is real, Subhadra. She shares her love between all the five brothers. But the fact that this forbidden man I had fallen in love with found me marriageable. And thought of me as an amazing young lady.

There was no better honour than hearing the love of your life declare that you were amazing. His eyes twinkled at me. What reason do I have to be willing to marry Arjuna? See, look at you and me. But it seemed my bluff had the same effect. He stared at me.

Love Story of Arjuna and Subhadra, As Planned By Lord Krishna

He stared at me again. Subhadra needs to know when to shut up. Nothing much to say. What are you talking about? He was tall, was an archer, and he was all right. If he was just all right, then why is the whole country singing his praises every single day? Whipping my head around, I saw my second brother standing at the threshold, a beam on his face.

The yati immediately stood up, folding his hands to Krishna. Krishna smiled at him, taking his hands in his own. His eyes shifted back and forth from the pair of us.

I doubted whether she knew anything about him at all. Shame on her for not knowing about her cousin. His eyes were on the yati but his smile was for me. Krishna always had access to my mind. It was how I lay alone in my room, spilling my fears and other insecurities to him. His presence in my head alone soothed me, like the way God would do. I crossed my arms over my chest. He froze, staring at me in surprise.

A Love Story: Arjuna and Subhadra

I began trembling again, the tears leaking once more. I pulled back, looking up at him. Do you hear me? Shall we hold a swayamvara? All the princes and kings will be there. You will have all the liberty to choose who you want.

subhadra and arjuna relationship questions

What if I get fascinated at first look but then I hate him after getting married, when nothing can be done to reverse time? So you would like to get to know your groom-to-be before the big day. I rolled my eyes and turned away, kicking the sand under my feet. Someone who knows you so well too? You have no idea how close you are to Arjuna. In a brotherly fashion, as though the pair of them had been the best of friends for years. I opened my mouth, then closed it again, staring in some horror at the man in disguise, taking in everything he was, now getting the picture of why he was built like that.

Ask your brother for further clarification. This was a punishment of my breaking the rule I had forged with my brothers. I was destined to come here and meet you. You and I are meant to be together. He may have been in disguise but he was Arjuna all that time he spent with you. He had been Arjuna. But the aftermath of my juvenile obsession and the damage it brought to my mind and heart overruled it. As soundless as a cat, I sneaked out of my room, made my way through my corridors and pushed the glass doors to my part of the palace open.

The chill of the midnight air fanned my face, cooling the heat my cheeks adapted at the thought and execution of my attempt to go and see Arjuna with a calm and composed mind.

I knew I had been unreasonable when I blew my top at him earlier this afternoon. But how else could I have reacted?

His reveal had come at me out of blue and had shaken me, which made me blurt out the first things that had always been there, ripe in my mind. It took a while before I calmed down and thought things over. Krishna was the one who found him and brought him here. And had been put under my care by Krishna … Krishna. He knew it was Arjuna. And had Krishna played the role of a matchmaker? There was only one way to know. I shivered in the cold night air as I put one foot in front of the other to walk across the fresh grass, eyes fixed on the bamboo hut.

I knew Arjuna would be sleeping, but this will only take a few minutes. As I reached the entrance, I took in a deep breath, and slowly peeked in through the doorway. And was perplexed to see it … deserted.

Puzzled, I stepped inside, looking around. All the luxuries that came with the hut were located in their rightful place, completely untouched. A sinking thought seeped in. It did create a strong pang of regret. Because I had really fallen in love with him this time. Got to know the man behind the Gandhiva and experienced his gentle, loving nature.

He knew me inside out, and I knew him, connected with him. After giving me that, are you going to leave me, Arjuna? My anguished thoughts asked him. It was no secret his exile was over. The door to Indraprastha had been opened again. The door to Draupadi had been opened again. Startled, I jumped almost a foot in the air before whirling around, my heart in danger of failing.

He no longer was in the attire of a yati, with the matted mass of hair hanging down his back and front. He no longer was wearing any saffron robes. Dressed to perfection in silk and ornaments. He was better than I imagined him to be.

His tangled beard and moustache had been shaven off cleanly, revealing the godly man beneath the disguise; his hair had been cut and washed, back in their normal sleekness. I was taken by surprise this afternoon. I looked at him, swallowing, and took two steps closer myself, my expression warm. You would have looked strange saying that as a yati. The words set off a range of speeding chills throughout my body. He took my hand, encasing it in the warmth of his. True, I did not fall in love with you in the beginning, I was only fascinated, but as we got to know each other, I was lost.

Because Balarama was already planning your wedding with Duryodhana and if I told you who I was, some involuntary way of exposing me would have come from you. Not intentionally, but accidentally.

Your angry reaction and everything you snapped at me this afternoon really took me aback. Do you resent me? It was very unhealthy for me. It has no outlet.

I want to wake up to a pair of loving eyes every single morning and I want those eyes to be yours, Subhadra. There was only an inch separating his body and mine. And Draupadi was meant to marry all five of us. Do you know the story of her previous birth? She would have caused a huge rift. Surely everyone in Dwaraka must have seen you, Subhadra. And I do believe news of your beauty must have travelled far and wide. I leaned into it, closing eyes against the feel.

I stuck my tongue out at him. It lasted for years and when he pulled back, I had forgotten my name. Eyes gleaming at the effect he had on me, he put a hand behind my head, guiding it to lay against his warm chest, cradling it as his other arm wrapped around my body.

I wrapped my arms around his body, closing my eyes and holding him tight. Make me the luckiest man in the world? My heart swelled, almost bursting with happiness. Nothing will make me happier. We stood there for a long time, listening to the wind whistling outside and the sounds of the nightly crickets chirping.

One or two frogs ribbeted in the background. The side of my face was pressed against his thorax, to the left, above the place the most active muscle in his body worked tirelessly and the lovely music that reverberated from inside was enough to sing me a lullaby. Little did he know the renunciant was Pandava prince Arjuna. Arjuna was captivated by her radiance, he had little choice but to madly fall for her. Fortunately, things did work wonder for him, Subhadra on careful inspection noticed the sage to rather have the qualities of a prince, the young sage seemed a better prospect to her than the conceited Kuru prince Duryodhan.

Over the course of many weeks, their fondness for each other only grew. Source On one occasion, in confidence, Krishna spoke with his sister and she did have admiration and feelings for the strange sanyasi.

It was then Krishna revealed the sage as being the Pandava prince Arjuna. She could not believe all of what had happened. She too was deeply and madly in love with the Pandava prince. Finally, the rains did stop pouring and at the end of Monsoon, it was time for Arjun to leave Dwaraka. He was in turmoil, for he was to leave his lover behind.

Love Story of Arjuna and Subhadra, As Planned By Lord Krishna

But again Krishna came to his rescue and informed him of the festival to be held at Raivataka hill, which all the Yadus would attend. It might be his chance, added Lord Krishna.

subhadra and arjuna relationship questions

But he did add, the only way for the lovers to unite would be kidnapping the princess in the midst of her friends and relatives. On the day of the festival, all the great personalities of Dwaraka were present including King Ugrasena, such magnificent was the sight, it resembled the assembly of the Gods.

And as the Yadus sported and enjoyed themselves in the fragrant woodlands on the Raivataka, Arjuna, now in his usual attire, mounted his chariot.

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When he spotted Subhadra surrounded by her friends and maidservants standing near a temple of Vishnu without any delay Arjun spurred the horses and rushed toward the princess. In no time, he had taken hold of her hand and pulled her onto the chariot. Before anyone could react he raced away to the north, back to Indraprastha.

Source As they Yadus realized the abduction of their princess, they became incensed. Who could have been so bold that he dared to kidnap their princess before their eyes?