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Stargate SG-1 co-executive producer Joseph Mallozzi, it focuses on Sam and apparently it will address the Sam and Jack relationship. “But what about SG-1?” some of you will (and have) asked. Why didn't you ever confirm the Sam/Jack relationship in SG-1 but found the need. Rated: Fiction T - English - Angst/Romance - Words: 8, - Reviews: Jack paced, Sam alternated between examining the cell and sitting curled .. "She does counseling for victims and families affected by any sort of violent.

Fifth was betrayed and destroyed by the human-form replicator of Carter that he had created in her image 8. Pete Shanahan, police detective, wooed Sam on a more long-term level, and they became engaged 8. However as their wedding approached, Sam grew more and more uneasy with the idea of domestic life in contrast with her world-saving job. Her feelings for O'Neill apparently added to her anxiety, and in the end she broke up with Pete before the wedding 8.

Early on she was eager to prove herself to him, which she succeeded in doing. There were times when she looked to him for comfort 1. She inflicts her technobabble upon him, while enduring his teasing or lack of interest 7. As Sam put it to Mr. Bregman in the documentary he was producing, "Uh, we don't get much time outside of work. When we do, um, our personal interests are a little different. While under the influence of the histaminolytic virus acquired in the Land of Light, Sam threw herself at Jack in the locker room and attacked him when he resisted her amorous advances 1.

When a Carter from an alternate universe came through the quantum mirror seeking assistance, she discovered the Jack and Sam in that universe were married and Jack had been killed. This at least gave our Carter pause to think about the nature of their relationship 3. When Jack went missing, Sam spent every waking moment driving herself relentlessly to find a way to bring him home again 3.

While on a mission to destroy Apophis' new ship, Sam was caught behind a force field. Jack refused to leave her behind, even when she encouraged him to go so he wouldn't be blown up with the ship 4. He later admitted that he could not acknowledge his feelings for her even to himself, when accused of being a Zatarc—a Goa'uld "sleeper" programmed to assassinate.

He said would rather die himself than lose her, and that he cared for her a lot more than he's supposed to. We did not see her side of the Zatarc interrogation, but we presume that she said something similar about him in order to clear herself on the machine 4. After having her personality replaced with a falsified memory stamp, she believed she was a former miner named Therra.

Jack as Jona said he remembered "feeling feelings," possibly for her, but was vague about the admission. She was openly fond of him, and spent much of her free time with him, even leaning her head on his shoulder during a rest period. Once their memories began to return, Carter once again called him 'Sir', putting an end to any changes that might have lingered from the mind stamps 4. When the colonel was missing, trapped with Maybourne on a deserted moon, she became uncharacteristically impatient and abrupt with the scientists trying to find him.

When hope of finding him started to wane, she wept openly on Teal'c's shoulder over the loss 6. In those earlier years she seemed to hold their military mission in higher regard than any personal gain she might get out of a closer relationship with O'Neill.

While on P4X under the influence of the hypnotic Light, Jack made clear to her the importance of maintaining chain of command regardless of how long they might be marooned off-world, though she was ready to drop it and was openly argumentative toward him 4.

However in their seventh year on SG-1, Carter came to some realizations about the nature of her feelings for O'Neill while she was injured and alone aboard the Prometheus 7. In her conversation with her subconscious vision of O'Neill, Carter admitted that she cared for O'Neill and questioned whether they would ever have a chance together, even if she quit the Air Force.

However it was clear she wasn't sure how he felt about her, and finally she had an epiphany: This realization freed her to pursue other relationships, which she did with Pete Shanahan. O'Neill was very supportive of her involvement with Pete, noting the budding romance must be special if it were 'humworthy' 7. When things got even more serious and Sam was considering whether to say yes to Pete's marriage proposal, she asked O'Neill for advice on having a family, and he was once again supportive of her 8.

However, while she continued dating Pete, it was clear she had not fully resolved her feelings for O'Neill. When O'Neill was struck by a staff weapon blast, she left her position to go to him while the battle was raging. While grieving for Janet, she admitted to O'Neill that she was glad he was alive, and her concern seemed to be more than that of a friend and subordinate 7. After O'Neill took the Ancients' download, knowing that his mind would be taken over and that he might die, Carter twice tried to share her feelings with him.

The first time, they were interrupted by Daniel and Teal'c's arrival and O'Neill's home, and the second time, O'Neill cut her off with brusque "I know" 7. She told him she was having second thoughts about the wedding and that there was a reason she was telling him about it.

However they were interrupted by O'Neill's girlfriend, Kerry Johnson, and Carter was never able to say what she had come to say.

In any case, perhaps prompted by Jacob's dying words telling her to find a way to be happy, Carter broke up with Pete 8. Later, O'Neill was promoted to Major General and transferred to Washington, and she was transferred to Area 51 on her next promotion. Whether or not either acted on any romantic feelings is unclear, but technically as head of Homeworld Security, General O'Neill was still in Carter's direct chain of command.

Once when injured, she mentioned "fishing" was a password to personal computer files--a hobby more associated with Jack O'Neill When Sam later was transferred to Atlantis, she brought pictures of all of her old teammates, including more than one of O'Neill, as well as pictures of her father and Cassandra; these pictures decorated her office and personal quarters SGA 4. She had opened herself to the possibility of a relationship after her bout of self-examination on the Prometheus.

As their dating became more serious, Sam seemed very playful and happy when with Pete, and it was clear that he was very much in love with her.

Pete had a bit of trouble in his childhood, and a cop helped him out. That in turn inspired his career choice. Unhappily, his wife divorced him over the long hours and uncertainty. Pete could not overcome his curiosity about Sam's job, which he did not believe involved deep space telemetry. She finally had to admit that she wasn't allowed to tell him. That only piqued his curiosity further, and he followed her to the stakeout of Daniel's house.

Because he had seen so much already, Sam was given permission to tell him all about the Stargate Program 7. Presumably their dating continued, although Sam continued to demonstrate feelings for O'Neill as well.

When Carter was taken prisoner by Fifth, Fifth presented her mind with an idyllic existence, married to Pete and living on a farm on Montana.

Fifth must have believed this would be an effective way to insert himself into her subconscious in a form that she would love and trust so that she would eventually believe the false life he had created.

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She realized the man in the dream was not Pete when he began to express resentment toward her 8. She was very happy to hear that, and in the next moment he produced a ring, and presumably proposed to her. Carter did not say yes right away, and expressed to O'Neill her doubts about being married given the risks they take going through the 'Gate and about having children in such an environment.

She picked her sensor case up off the ground. O'Neill," he said with a grin. She resisted first the urge to blanch and then the urge to roll her eyes at him as she set off towards well-worn path that would take her to the old circle of outbuildings where she'd placed another sensor. When she was far enough ahead, and had regained the ability to take a full, deep breath, she looked back at him over her shoulder. By the time they made it to the gate, they'd collected a larger contingent of villagers than they'd expected considering they had said their goodbyes before leaving the village.

Nevertheless, there stood Eduan and Baurton, who certainly had better things to do than watch SG-1 dial the gate. Nenetl and her gaggle of girlfriends managed to follow along; their games were not location specific.

Ohara had joined her husband, and a few others who were dressed in the Rorilian temple robes had gathered close by. Just as Jack gave Daniel the order to dial the gate, Sam registered the concerned looks on the faces of the adults.

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As Daniel approached the gate, the ground shook beneath their feet. It would appear so. She followed his eyes. Eduan and Baurton were advancing towards them. Baurton indicated the device in her hands. He shrugged, so she answered. And that one," she pointed to the opposite side of the screen, "is the electromagnetic resonance from what I can only assume is the same metal. These are the highest spikes I've seen so far. She shook her head emphatically. The seismic activity I've been recording is occurring between the ionosphere and surface of this planet.

Sam bit her lip as the colonel raised an eyebrow at the man. She knew that look and it didn't mean he was idly curious. Behind the colonel, Teal'c's grip on his staff weapon shifted. He didn't prime the weapon, but Sam could see his hands were in position to do so. Daniel shot concerned glances between the village elders squared off with O'Neill, Teal'c's defensive position, and the DHD. The colonel took a deep breath and Sam just knew he was about to say something to the religious leader it would probably be better he didn't.

Apparently Daniel thought so, too, because he warned the older man with a low, "Jack. The religious leader narrowed his eyes. Our gods have made known their preference; the ritual begun by Nenetl shall be seen through to its end. Some of the village men, a few of whom had only joined the elders since the stop in the first field, had moved around the group and situated themselves between SG-1 and the gate.

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Sure enough, six very large and muscular men were standing guard. Teal'c turned, identified the threat, and primed his weapon.

The village men radiated tension, unarmed as they were. Colonel O'Neill took a deep breath. It is a great honor. Another tremor shook the ground. The ritual will be completed before they see fit to shake the buildings from their pilings. And here," she pointed, "is the associated spike in airborne particles of the metal.

Baurton spoke to her quietly so as not to be overheard. Baurton threw a casual looking nod towards the men near the gate. She didn't like the idea of blasting her way out any more than Daniel did, but she'd quickly learned the tones in commanding officers' voices and Colonel O'Neill's left no room for challenge. The colonel made a quick risk assessment — the men standing in front of the DHD; the children and other villagers nearby in the tall grass; the large and unpredictable man standing next to Sam; the religious leader and his regal wife.

Sam could see it right away — the risk of civilian casualty was too great. They weren't going to be fighting their way off the planet. Not at that moment, anyway. After looking around and then taking three deep breaths for the kind of good measure meant to keep the other side off-kilter, O'Neill spoke. If we don't, they'll send more people with weapons through the gate and things might not go so well after that.

The colonel and Teal'c were somewhere talking strategy and Daniel had already gone back to what amounted to a library but that the Rorilians referred to as Scholar's Hall. Sam had fired up her laptop, thankful she'd requested backup batteries from the SGC along with some more advanced equipment she could use to further examine the effects of the unknown metal on the planet's electromagnetic stability.

It would take several hours for the SGC to pull her requested items together and then she'd walk the nearly four miles to the gate. It didn't matter, really; she had a couple hours' worth of test parameters to write before she could put the new equipment to work, anyway. Not twenty minutes had passed when Eduan swept into the kitchen of the small home she was working in.

It was the only room in the house with a table big enough for her to set up her computer and enough sheets of paper to make notes without having to keep shuffling things around. You must be appropriately attired for the rituals. I understand your rituals are important to you," she attempted to placate, "but I'm not at liberty to disobey my superiors.

What she'd really wanted to do was tell him where exactly he could shove his marriage rituals. She liked Nenetl, she did, but she could have throttled the girl for starting what was turning into an interplanetary incident.

Eduan was visibly taken aback by her flat refusal to do his bidding and he huffed and swept back out of the room. No doubt, she figured, to find Colonel O'Neill and beseech him to order Sam to comply. If he'd initially been amused by Nenetl's game, he'd quickly changed his tune when Hammond had extended their mission by at least twelve hours.

The General had spoken the carefully coded phrase that alerted SG-1 they should play along to ensure their safety but not commit to anything that might cause further interest. If the Rorilians were at all concerned the man in charge of an extraterrestrial exploration team was suddenly interested in what team won a game they'd never heard of, well, they didn't show it.

She'd just recovered from Eduan's last visit and begun making more progress when he returned. Perhaps you could explain it to him. He'd probably be more useful, under the circumstances. The men support each other in matters of logic and emotion, filling in where the other misses a point, as a perfect foil for each other. As Skaara once declared of them, "O'Neer is strong. Playing the role as circumstances dictated, Jack could not reveal at the time how touched he was by that visit, but made sure it was known once the covert operation was over.

Daniel surprised him with the admission that his visit was by chance, not by personal choice, though this comment may have been made simply to extract a little vengeance for Jack's unkind comments to his team during the mission 3. As much as Jack hated to be reminded of moral imperatives when technology to fight the Goa'uld was at stake, Daniel's plea to look more closely at what the Eurondans required in trade made a point with Jack.

Only Daniel could have pushed Jack up against that wall of morality, because he was the only member of the team not bound by the military code to follow orders, and because the men's friendship is so deep that Daniel has that freedom. Jack's response was rude initially due to Jack's desperation to acquire that technology, but once Jack understood the truth about the Eurondans, he encouraged Daniel to continue with his role as moral compass of the team — to 'ask questions' 4.

It was Daniel's innocent question about consequences that prompted Jack to have a little fun to relieve his excruciating boredom while trapped in the time loop 4. Though Jack was aware of Daniel's fear of heights, the other man willingly jumped out of an airplane when Jack directed him to do it.

This spoke highly of how much trust there was between the two men 4. Carter to rig a naquadah reactor to explode, in the hopes of stopping a Gadmeer terraforming ship from killing the Enkarans, which the SGC had recently transported to a new world.

Not realizing he had given Daniel an imperative to find a different resolution to the problem of competing races needing the same world, Jack was upset when Daniel went back aboard the Gadmeer ship to talk to Lotan, the Enkaran-replicated communication interface created by the Gadmeer.

Jack was forced to activate the reactor, knowing Daniel was aboard the ship and might be killed for his peacemaking efforts 4. After having his memory removed and replaced with a false stamp that gave him a whole new personality, Jona Jack began to develop a grudging respect for Carlin Daniel as they worked side by side to avert a disaster in the heating system beneath an iced-over world.

Even without access to his memories, Jack perceived Daniel as someone he could trust 4. When Daniel was caught in the grip of another devastating addiction, he was on the verge of committing suicide when Jack arrived at the archaeologist's apartment, and talked him off the balcony ledge. He took Daniel back to the base infirmary and watched over him, distraught that it appeared his friend was dying, to the point of being threatening to Dr. Starting to be affected himself, he stayed with Daniel and carried him back through the stargate to the planet where the addiction had started, until a solution could be found for a successful withdrawal 4.

Perhaps the greatest rift between the two men occurred after the android Reese was discovered off world and brought back to the SGC. Jack saw it only as a machine, but Daniel regarded her as a sentient life-form.

It was this respect for Reese's life that led him to continue to negotiate with her and offer his friendship, even after it was discovered that she was the original source of the Replicators. Jack saw only the threat she posed to Earth and killed her as soon as he believed it became necessary, though this action caused Daniel terrible grief and regret. Jack took the time to apologize to Daniel for what killing Reese cost him personally because Daniel was his friend 5. Jack staunchly defended Daniel's actions on Kelowna simply on the knowledge of Jackson's character, without any details on which to base his beliefs.

When the truth later came out about Daniel's heroism, Jack believed that story because it fit with Daniel's character. O'Neill was violently opposed to continuing treaty relations with Kelowna because of their treatment of Daniel and their refusal to acknowledge the truth of Jackson's sacrifice for their world.

Jack visited Daniel several times as he lay dying from radiation poisoning, and made an attempt to tell Daniel how much his long-time friend meant to him. Daniel understood the awkward attempt at resolution, and it was through Jack that Daniel expressed his need to cease all efforts to heal him 5.

During his incarceration on Ba'al's secret base, Jack was being tortured to death repeatedly, and consequently revived in Ba'al's sarcophagus in an attempt to extract information from him about the Tok'ra symbiote, Kanan, who had been briefly imbedded — but not blended — in Col.

Daniel disregarded one of the rules of the Ascended and came to offer his emotional support to Jack, and to try to help him ascend as a means of escape from the unending pain and death. Jack refused, and Daniel sought another means of helping his friend — by planting an idea into Teal'c's mind during a session of kel'no'reem 6.

When Jack relayed the information to Gen. Hammond and the rest of his team, he knew it might make him sound crazy, but went ahead with the request on the strength of the trust he felt for Daniel. The mission was undertaken immediately, and upon Jack's demand for Daniel to appear to them on Abydos, he did.

Jack pushed Daniel into breaking the Ascended rules to help his friends and the people of Abydos, possibly not realizing it might cost Daniel's existence to do so. That consequence was brought home to Jack after the destruction of the Abydonians, when Maj. Carter reminded the briefing team how much Abydos meant to Daniel, and that he would have done everything in his power to save those aliens who were once his adopted people. That he hadn't been able to stop Anubis could only mean one thing, and once Jack realized that Daniel might have sacrificed himself, he appeared to be regretful and saddened by the knowledge that he instigated what might have been Jackson's last act of courage in a futile act to save the lives of others 6.

Jack was stunned when he was reunited with the corporeal Daniel. He attempted to jog amnesiac Daniel's memories, telling him that he was a friend of Jack's. He returned him to Gen. Hammond and the SGC with a flourish and remained at his side while Dr.

Later, he escorted Daniel to his temporary quarters, where he admitted to keeping some of Daniel's personal things alive, such as his photos of himself on a camel before the pyramids in Egypt and of his wife Sha're.

He was surprised and deprecating when Daniel explicitly stated the trust he had for Jack and his leadership and as Daniel began to regain his lost memories, welcomed him home 7. When Daniel was taken over by 12 dispossessed souls who battled for control of his body, Jack chose to stick it out with Daniel at the SGC while Carter and Teal'c went back to the crashed spaceship where Daniel had been attacked. Jack understood that with Daniel in strict medical isolation, he couldn't be with him physically, but he still chose to remain, and watch over his friend from the observation room above.

When Daniel's fate hung in the balance and it seemed the personality of the sovereign Martice would keep control of Daniel's dying body, Jack took action, forcing the ship's officer Pharrin to choose to sacrifice his sovereign, his little son, and the other souls to save Daniel and the living people aboard his ship 7. Jack's friendship with Daniel was in a very comfortable place in the months following Daniel's return, with the two accepting of one another's differences and exhibiting deep, sincere understanding, empathy, and open affection.

They were closer than ever before, their friendship warmer, deeper and not needing words. Jack defended Daniel to Col. Edwards, stating that Daniel is nearly always right about things. Protective and watchful, Jack demonstrated his feelings for Daniel and wry acknowledgement of the truth, which is that he had been broken in by his stubborn friend 7. Later in that year, there was evidence of some emotional distance on Jack's part, beginning with his seeming reluctance to retrieve Daniel and Dr.

Lee from kidnappers, and his lack of outward emotion on finding Daniel injured but alive. Perhaps actions speak louder than words, as Jack did kill all of Daniel's kidnappers, saw to Daniel's leg wound, and helped him to stand and walk back to the rebel camp 7. When he saw Daniel suffering under the hopelessly parochial machinations of the world leaders of Jonas' home planet, he sympathized and stepped in to end the negotiations just as Daniel was at his wits' end 7.

Their friendship was re-affirmed in its non-verbal glory as Jack stopped Daniel from taking the Ancients' download; in spite of his practical explanation, it was clear he would rather risk his own life than allow Daniel to sacrifice himself yet again 7. Later, having defeated Anubis and with his mind completely subsumed by the Ancients' knowledge, Jack's last words before being placed in stasis were directed to Daniel: Jack reluctantly shot Daniel to prevent him from doing any more harm, and to stop Teal'c from delivering a potentially fatal second Zat shot.

Jack kept an eye on him in the isolation room and rushed to see him when he woke up. When Daniel confronted him for having shot him, Jack avoided talking about it, though he chided Daniel for being up and around too soon 8. Jack was very concerned that all three team-mates had been taken by Ba'al, and worked tirelessly to get them back, poignantly glancing at Teal'c and Daniel's lockers after they had been missing for several days.

No doubt his memories of torture by Ba'al made his imagination run in nightmarish directions on behalf of Daniel and the whole team 8.

Jack was relentless in driving the SGC to get Daniel back from a planet trapped in a civil war sparked by the SGC's arrival, even snapping at Carter to find a way to communicate with him. He was visibly relieved when Daniel did finally make radio contact 8. He had to face the fact that Daniel had been well trained under his command. Jack then hesitated to allow the Prometheus to fire on the Al'kesh, which was fortunate since the ship was able to retrieve the 'gate and all three members of SG-1 8.

Jack's reaction to the loss of Daniel to radiation sickness and to the the proof that Daniel really was still 'out there' were shown indirectly through the reactions of Joe Spencer, who lived those events via a communication stone that was transmitting Jack's experiences and mission reports. To the degree that Joe's reactions were a reflection of Jack's, Jack was indeed devastated by the loss of Daniel, and overjoyed once he realized Daniel was really still around and keeping an eye on him 8.

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Jack was disturbed by Daniel's disappearance at the hands of the replicators but would not allow Carter to speak of his fate with any certainty 8. He refused to believe Daniel was dead even after they had not heard from him for a week. He was convinced Daniel was around in some form and would 'waltz through the door' at any moment. When Daniel did return from his time in the diner with Oma, Jack was pleased but hardly surprised. Perhaps after all they have been through, Jack is unable to face the possibility that Daniel could ever leave for good 8.

Jack admitted that he wasn't sorry Daniel had missed his flight to Atlantis, and, in his own way, Jack reassured Daniel about the threat of the Ori 9. His purpose seemed to be to decide whether the SGC should trust Daniel or not in his promises to take out the Ori. Finally Jack did trust him, against his instincts given what had been done to Daniel, and the team was able to send the anti-Ori weapon through to the Ori galaxy Children O'Neill has a big soft spot for children as well, most likely from having been a father himself, but also because he relates well to them.

Skaara The greatest connection Jack had with a child was the boy he encountered on Abydos — Skaara. He identified with Skaara's bravery and curiosity, though the boy was older than Charlie by several years. After teasing Skaara over smoking a cigarette to be like his idol O'Nyer, Jack reacted furiously to Skaara touching his weapon, hollering that it was dangerous and frightening Skaara away.

Jack was deeply shaken by the rebellion launched by Sha're, Skaara and the Abydonian boys, his determination to kill himself, already shaken by Daniel's willing sacrifice of his life to save Jack's, rocked by the equal determination of the Abydonians to fight for their freedom. When Skaara was taken by Apophis, Jack embarked on the search for him with a fervor equalling Daniel's search for his brother-in-law and wife.

Skaara remained defiant and headstrong, 1. After crashing on Tollana, Skaara challenged Klorel for possession of his body, requesting Daniel and Jack to represent him, noting that Jack had strength and Daniel wisdom.