Squall and quistis relationship

Squall's Dead - a theory of what really happens in Final Fantasy VIII

squall and quistis relationship

Quistis would love to develop a more personal relationship with the people around her, particularly with Squall, yet hesitates to make a move. At first she. I do think Quistis is actually much more suitable although I think he to be more self-suficient, and that's an invaluable asset for a relationship. Squall Leonhart is a fictional character and the primary protagonist of Final Fantasy VIII, As the story progresses, Squall befriends Quistis Trepe, Zell Dincht, Selphie Tilmitt, and Irvine Kinneas, and falls in love with Rinoa Nevertheless, the character has been popular, and his relationship with Rinoa resulted in praise.

As a result, Squall stops paying attention to her, which leads to Quistis asking if he is paying attention. Squall rudely tells her to go "talk to a wall", a famous comical line in the game, and not to burden him with her problems. This furthers the player's perception of Squall's awkwardness and anti-social tendencies. When Irvine refreshes the main characters' memories about the orphanage, they remember that Squall's asocial behavior began when Ellone, an older sister figure to Squall, left the orphanage unexpectedly.

They invade the Lunatic Pandora and fight through Seifer and defeat Sorceress Adel, making Rinoa Heartilly the only sorceress left in their era. As Ultimecia possesses Rinoa, Ellone sends her mind back in time starting the time compression. By believing in each others' existence the group survives its effects and travels to the future where Ultimecia awaits allowing them to defeat her.

Upon Ultimecia's demise the time compression spell breaks and the timeline begins to revert to its original form. The group is momentarily trapped in a time warp, but due to their belief and reliance on each other they return to their time safely. After the battle ends, Edea casts a spell on him.

After the encounter between Squall and Edea, Squall wakes up in a cell in the Galbadian desert prison.

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His first dialogue is: Seifer, leering down at me. It is never again referenced directly in the entire game, nor is it ever explained what happened to his wound or how he survived.

And remember, a piece of ice half as long as Squall himself went through his chest and came out the other side. This is no mere scratch that is so carelessly tossed aside. Most players seem to assume that Edea healed Squall to full health for the purpose of interrogation, but why would she? Seifer knows that Squall is no great captain from Balamb Garden.

Squall has been a SeeD for all of two weeks. At first the transition is rather subtle. When plot twists are introduced, they are fully explained and are not in conflict with existing plot information.

In fact, the more you learn about this world, the more everything seems to make perfect sense. Everything fits together in an elaborate but perfectly designed puzzle. Everything connects and everything is related. And yet it still seems absolutely ridiculous. The story takes on a dream-like quality that centers itself on Squall and everything Squall has ever wanted. The dream goes on to explain everything Squall wanted to know, but it also treads through the realm of egoist fantasy.

It spins off into a world of impossible where monsters come from the moon and Squall, merely a newly recruited cadet, goes on to save our world as we know it from an evil sorceress from the future.

And he gets the girl. The first disc had a fairly high level of realism despite the fantasy and low sci-fi topics present.

squall and quistis relationship

Rinoa had a dog that attacks for her at times, as earthly dogs are known to do. In the Shumi Village you can learn who the Moombas are, who they evolve from, and so on and so forth. The game takes the plot developments of the dream very seriously and treats them all as truth, which makes the dream theory especially difficult to argue.

And who knows, maybe they did.

squall and quistis relationship

It should also be noted that Moombas, these benevolent creatures that try to help Squall and his friends escape despite their limited verbal communication, are literally lions. And lions, of course, are of particular importance to Squall whose symbol is a lion named Griever.

The Master of Garden is a giant yellow sloth alien creature? You gotta be kidding me!! I dunno about you guys, but this is typical dream material in my opinion.

Of course, NORG and his kind are fully explained in the game if you take the time to seek the information they present, but there are no hints presented in the story to suggest this sort of twist was coming.

When walking around the Garden in the beginning of the game, you often see the cult-looking guys in red robes wandering about and sometimes conversing with you briefly.

I more than once thought they looked a bit creepy though, and I can easily imagine that Squall would have thought the same and integrated their possible backstory into his dream. The story goes on as if NORG had never come into it. Also in the NORG section, another little twist comes to the surface.

Cid and Edea are married! And, like NORG, it comes completely out of left-field.

Quistis Trepe

The twist does not conflict with existing story information, yet it seems so out-of-place and unrealistic. You guys get the point. What I wanted to point out on the subject of fate and destiny and all that hullabaloo is simply this: When Squall and Friends get the last train for Deling City moments before it disembarks, Irvine comments on the luck by saying, "Hmm Fate becomes such a prevalent topic that many players come away feeling that fate was one of the most important elements of the Final Fantasy VIII story and the answer to all questions.

Fate is the reason why this lowly cadet instantaneously becomes the leader of Garden. Fate is the reason why everyone in your party apparently knew each other as children. Fate is the reason why everything falls into place like a perfect fantasy.

Just stay close to me. Not only does Rinoa show little appreciation for Squall through disc one, but there are many allusions to her on-going relationship with Seifer. Their relationship appears to have been on a sort of hiatus while Seifer was studying at the Balamb Garden, but their affection and romantic connection is still in place when this story occurs.

In the ballroom scene, Rinoa flirts with Squall casually, but appears to take no actual interest in him as an individual. I'm looking for someone. I can't be on the dance floor alone. Her abruptness suggests that her real interest lies elsewhere. You know, from the party There's two others with me. Her demeanor suggests a fondness for him that she does not openly let on. So you were looking for the headmaster at the party?

Cid is such a nice man.

squall and quistis relationship

I really didn't think SeeD would come out to help a measly little group like us. But after explaining our situation to him, Cid gave the go ahead right away! Now that you guys are here, we'll be able to carry out all kinds of plans! No, he's not a SeeD. He was always full of confidence, smart Just by talking to him, I felt like I could take on the world. I think it was love. I wonder how he felt? It was last summer Lots of fond memories This was followed by the "stay close to me" scene, in which Squall tried his best to comfort Rinoa.

She took his words to heart. In the second, Rinoa indirectly saved Squall's and the others' lives, by bullying: Irvine into going back to rescue them from the D-District Prison - where they were awaiting state execution.

When Rinoa arrived at the prison, she seemed very relieved to see that Squall was all right "Squall!!! I knew he would be. I can't really remember, but I think they stood face to face for a little while?

In the third rescue scene, Squall saved Rinoa from falling to her death, when she was hanging onto the side of the flying Balamb Garden by her fingertips. After they had landed back on solid ground, Rinoa thanked Squall for saving her. He was about to say something along the lines of "it was a pleasure", when his defence mechanism kicked in. He then proceeded to deny all responsibility for saving her, claiming that it was "everyone else's" idea, and that he just "happened" to find her: Squall and Rinoa then had a conversation about Squall's ring, Griever, which Rinoa had "borrowed".

Rinoa said she thought that Squall possessed the classic traits of a lion - courage, and pride - but he disagreed. The fourth rescue scene in the game involved Squall donning a spacesuit and jumping into space to save Rinoa, who was drifting "out there", with a fast-dwindling oxygen supply. Once they were both safely back aboard the Ragnarok and after they had dispatched a few pesky Propagatorsthe famous "eyes on me" scene in the Ragnarok cockpit unfolded.

Final Fantasy VIII - Quistis' Story

I don't think that needs a description. Rescue number five saw Squall break Rinoa out of the Sorceress Memorial, where she was going to be sealed away forever. Afterwards, they shared a long, lingering hug - the embrace depicted in the game's logo.

Rinoa tried to pull away from Squall, warning him that she was a sorceress, but he said, "I don't care" that makes me cry In the sixth rescue scene, the gang led by Squall had to save Rinoa from the clutches of the eeeeevil Sorceress Adel.

I can't remember what happened when you won the battle against Adel, but I seem to recall that Squall sunk to his knees dramatically and "gave up" if you lost i.

The final rescue phew Rinoa held Squall, and, thinking him dead, cried over his body - before the heavens opened up and the desert terrain was transformed into "The" flower field. Presumably, sometime later they made it home together. The next and last time we saw the pair, they were star-gazing and canoodling on the Balamb Garden balcony.

The reason I just spent about Squall and Quistis' relationship, on the other hand, is of minimal importance. Apart from a couple of scenes between them early on, and a few group scenes here and there, they interact very little over the course of the game. A scenario in which Quistis was put in danger and Squall had to rescue her would serve no purpose. Likewise, a similar scenario with Selphie and Squall would serve no purpose.

That's why no such scenes exist. Quistis and Selphie aren't any more capable than Rinoa, they are simply far less important to the story than her; that's why they don't get any big, exciting FMV scenes with the hero.

squall and quistis relationship

Selphie, Irvine, Quistis and Zell - and Kiros and Ward in Laguna's story sequences - are filler characters - there to make up the required number of party members, and nothing more.