Shahrukh khan and katrina kaif live in relationship

What Katrina has to say about her live-in relationship with Ranbir

shahrukh khan and katrina kaif live in relationship

Bollywood diva Katrina Kaif, who has allegedly dated Salman Khan and Ranbir In an interview with Neha Dhupia, in her talk show, Katrina Kaif was asked whether she was in a relationship at present and the . In addition, she is also part of Shah Rukh Khan's upcoming film Zero which Watch Live TV. As we speak he has finished the Dabangg tour with his ex Katrina Kaif, which made his What really happened between Shahrukh Khan and Salman Khan? . I don't give a damn about life, marriage of this overrated actor, criminal, murderer. Katrina Kaif's reaction on live-in relationship with Ranbir Kapoor will stun ( ALSO READ: Fitoor: Salman Khan to watch Katrina Kaif starrer.

After a bitter fall-out during the making of Chalte Chalte, the duo was evidently wary of one another and would avoid even talking about each other.

Interestingly, when they happened come face to face again, during director Farah Khan's sangeet ceremony at Hyatt Regency on December 9th, —something happened which rekindled their lost love! Incidentally, Salman who was sipping his drink with his friends in one corner of the ballroom, saw Shah Rukh dancing with his gang at the party. When the event was drawing to a close, Salman suddenly came towards Shah Rukh and hugged him tight.

The ice melted and Shah Rukh responded as affectionately. Both of them embraced this moment with tear-stricken eyes, and felt their long-lost friendship re-kindle. Moreover, after the event the two partied at Salman's Galaxy Apartments till the morning after! The uncertainty in the bonds of their relationship flourished further when they both started hosting their individual game shows on rival channels on television.

However, SRK's show failed to make its mark on the viewers, and was almost on the verge of a shut-down, whereas Salman's show sky-rocketed with TRPs. Unaware of the probable brewing animosity, Salman invited Shah Rukh to his reality show as a guest, and was shocked to receive an outright refusal, despite their intimacy.

Although, sources claim that Shah Rukh was restricted by certain sponsors, who didn't want their star to feature in a reality show on a rival channel. This led to the beginning of a rift, yet again. What happened next, is something that made its way to one of the biggest scandals in Bollywood.

That historic night of 16th July, —when Katrina Kaif threw a party in celebration of her birthday at a restaurant in Bandra West. The two got into the biggest spat that Bollywood ever witnessed, which effectively broke them apart for too long a time! Everything was fine as Salman and Shah Rukh stuck to their respective corners on two opposite sides.

shahrukh khan and katrina kaif live in relationship

Salman hung out with his family, while Shah Rukh was chilling with his wife, Gauri. Witnesses revealed that at a particular point in the party, Salman started abusing Shah Rukh's reality show in front of others, saying that it was "screwed", fully aware that SRK could hear him very well.

Shah Rukh responded with a cocky answer, and the matter died down until Salman again triggered the topic, gesturing towards Shah Rukh, who retorted with a below-the-belt remark this time something uncomplimentary about Aishwarya Rai. Something that begun as a trivial banter, went on to threats and abuses as well as hints of a violent physical broil being hurled at one another—unabashedly and mercilessly, ultimately leading to Gauri Khan literally dragging Shah Ruk out from the party, and Aamir Khan rushing to cool down Salman.

Later many Bollywood celebs tried to clear the misunderstanding between the two, but to no avail. Letting bygones be bygones In between chiding me for asking personal questions, she talks about working with the three Khans in an interview that was rescheduled three times because she is so busy.

Have you seen the previous Dhooms? Yes, I have seen both of them. There is no franchise like D: It is the traditional cops and robbers story but the format is innovative. It was a clever idea. What prompted you to take up this role? It was the script. They came up with a really good story and were not just relying on the Dhoom franchise.

For me honestly, from a personal perspective, it was the performance and the dance sequences. For me to get the chance to experience circus performance and acrobats was fabulous!

shahrukh khan and katrina kaif live in relationship

Dance in the last few years has been a big passion for me. The chance to do the kind of acts I got to do in D: It must have required a lot of training Everything in the film required a lot of training.

Even in the song like Malang which is just eight-nine minutes, it looks easy You may appreciate the sequences but doing the act on a hoop is not easy. Nor is training yourself with straps etc and it takes lot of time. I will probably do more than what I am asked of or required to do because I feel that it deserves that.

These things are secondary. Especially now that I have been here for a few years and have the experience. They are superstars, they are passionate about their work, and extremely talented so working them is great. Who is the toughest Khan to work with?

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No one has been tough or bad — the three Khans are all great people but the equations I have shared with all three are different. With Salman Khanwhom I have known for nine years, my equation is different. Shooting with him sometimes does become awkward because you know the person so well. Like during the Mashallah song in Ek Tha Tiger, he kept laughing when I was singing the romantic lines.

What is so funny? Nobody else in the country finds it so funny! Have you upped it for this film to keep pace?

Katrina Kaif reveals that Shah Rukh Khan was not part of ‘Zero’ initially

Upping the glamour quotient has been done within the script parameters and what was defined for me. I went into the film with the intention of doing what written and given to me — the songs and performance and doing the best of what I can and pushing myself as much as I can.

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In my capacity I have given everything that is possible for me to give. All Dhoom girls have worn bikinis. No, I have not worn any bikini. I have not sworn off wearing anything. I am not that childish. The pictures came as a shock.

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In that moment when one is hurt or upset one will react on impulse and that [writing an open letter to the media to not invade her private space] was my impulsive reaction. Both opinions were right. At that moment I felt it was unnecessary.

It was very unlike what happens here in India. Have I seen it happen here before? Now will one see it happen more often? Your colleagues say you come across as cold. People like me Cancerians always put up a front or wall around us You build a wall to protect yourself. I think I am the most sensitive person that you will probably ever meet.

I feel hurt not in a normal way, like most people do. My hurt is multiplied by a The highs and lows I feel are extreme — when I feel low it is painful. And those lows are only brought by things in your personal life. So do I hurt?

Confirming Her Relationship, Katrina Kaif Shares Her 'Dil-se Connection'; Details Inside

Am I a closed and guarded person? But I have been that even as a child. Also often there are times you are in a very vulnerable space and you are finding it hard to keep up appearances with your emotions scattered all over the place, but you keep up a professional front or face. What really bothers you? So many things can hurt you We feel the impact of so many things Life is going alongside work.

shahrukh khan and katrina kaif live in relationship

There have been rumours of an impending wedding. Why are people talking of my wedding and putting us out there when the thought or conversation is not even there?