Serena van der woodsen and dan humphrey relationship

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serena van der woodsen and dan humphrey relationship

#lmfao #but really tho #Dan Humphrey #Serena Van der woodsen #Dan Their relationship was more toxic than radioactive waste, you guys. Gossip Girl is an American teen drama television series based on the book series of the same .. Blake Lively as Serena van der Woodsen, a student at the Constance Billard School for Girls. Meanwhile, Brooklynite Dan Humphrey and Serena begin dating while Nate Dan and Serena decide to end their relationship. Sorry Gossip Girl Fans, But Dan and Serena Were Always Meant To Be on earth did Dan Humphrey and Serena Van Der Woodsen end up together? However, Serena's struggle for power lays within the relationship with.

Jack Bass Desmond HarringtonChuck's uncle, comes to help him and suggests the two get married since spousal privilege prevents a wife from unwillingly testifying against her husband. Chuck thus proposes to Blair who tearfully accepts. She reads the chapter and decides to stay in New York to confront Dan. With the death of Bart Bass, Nate Archibald Chace Crawford who is running the newspaper The Spectator, is no longer indebted to him Bart paid his debts to control him and he decides to find out for good who Gossip Girl is.

Before the ceremony, Serena and Blair have a conversation over why she is still talking to Dan after he published a negative chapter about her a few weeks ago. Overhearing their conversation, Dan leaves and gives to Nate his final chapter, which is about Gossip Girl. Blair and Chuck are married by Cyrus Wallace Shawn and right after, the police arrive to question them.

At the same time, everyone's phones ring: Dan's chapter has been published in The Spectator, in which he reveals that he is Gossip Girl. Rachel Bilsonpreparing to audition for a role in the adaptation of Dan's book, is told of Gossip Girl's identity by Kristen Bellwho shares a conspiratorial wink with the audience. It's the day of Dan and Serena's wedding.

serena van der woodsen and dan humphrey relationship

This was due, at the time, of Chuck's predatory and innate abandonment issues from a result of his fractured family.

Serena is one of the first people to realize that Chuck has fallen in love with Blair Waldorf after they sleep together at a back of a limo.

When it is revealed that Bart Bass and Lily have been dating, Serena is horrified of the prospect of a future with an accompanying Chuck.

serena van der woodsen and dan humphrey relationship

This is intensified when Bart and Lily get engaged and eventually married. While Serena is mortified, Chuck is ironically turned on with a possible 'Cruel Intention' relationship with his step-sister. Serena needing an ally Both Serena and Chuck are forced to act on their best behaviors during a party by their respective sole parents for family reconciliation and investors of Bass Industries respectively.

However, Serena previously and co-currently at the time kept receiving cryptic and threatening gifts who she blamed for Chuck as the culprit. As a result Chuck was banished by Bart away from the family.

serena van der woodsen and dan humphrey relationship

When Georgina arrives on the Upper East Side abruptly, Serena confides in Chuck, as he is one of the few people who would understand what she is capable of and explains the drug-overdose incident in her dark past.

And with the continuous on and off again animosity between Serena and Blair's friendship, Chuck favors Blair, by sabotaging Serena's prospects at a Yale entrance party. Of course, Chuck returns the favor for Serena when he hires Amanda Lasher, an exchange 'actor' student, to cause a series of events that lead to Blair being socially de-throned and Serena rising to Queen Bee Status while an added bonus causing Dan to retain his outsider status at school.

In There Might be Bloodboth Serena and Chuck are chaperones for Jenny who intends to lose her virginity at a party. They manage to detain Gabriel, however he explains that the funds are all in Poppy's possession.

In Valley Girlswhen witnessing Chuck performing a self-less act for getting Blair elected as Prom Queen, she tells Chuck that he deserves to be with Blair. She frankly discusses with Chuck that she is hesitant in attending first year at Brown, because she is unsure if it is the right pathway.

serena van der woodsen and dan humphrey relationship

Chuck does not disagrees as he states "For people like us, a College Diploma is just an accessory. In an opened moment, Chuck discusses his future and inner dreams of building an exclusive night club called 'The Vault' in the Empire Hotel for exclusive members with a penchant for debauchery. Serena is happy for him that he such aspirations. Despite Dan's clear preference for Serena, Serena cannot help but feel jealous of how close Dan is with Vanessa, such as when Dan tells Vanessa that his mother came home, while Serena learns this from Vanessa instead of Dan himself.

When he learns from the Gossip Girl site that Serena was seen buying pregnancy tests he freaks out knowing that the child could very well be his as they've slept together.

His father sees this as well and is extremely upset that his son may be a teenage father. Dan explains he will stay with Serena no matter what she does because he loves her. He tells this to Serena who says she's not having a child. Later on, he tells her that he loves her, and she responds with, "Okay," which is not the response he was looking for. She later asks him why he loves her and he tells her a list he made of the reasons. She believes him and says she loves him as well, but she needs to help Blair.

When he asks why, she says "one of the many reasons you love me. Pretending to be "Sarah" and accidentally-on-purpose letting her dog run off its leash in the park, Georgina gets an excuse to talk to Dan.

It is later seen that Dan and Vanessa have taken "Sarah" under their wing as they believe she is a new girl to the Upper East Side who doesn't know her way around. Eventually, Dan breaks up with Serena, because he believes that she has slept with someone else and he is tired of her holding secrets from him. A few hours after he breaks up with Serena, he kisses Georgina, believing that she is a helpless girl who is running away from a psychotic ex-boyfriend. Soon thereafter, Dan is convinced that Georgina is lying to him by being told the truth by Serena.

He and Blair manage to fool Georgina into thinking that Dan would like to meet up with her. The real purpose of the plan, though, is to get Georgina to meet with her parents and then get sent to a Christian boot camp. Dan and Serena rekindle what is left of their relationship before Dan ultimately ends it entirely. He is last seen spending some time with Vanessa during the start of the summer holidays. Due to Dan's emotional complications, he is unable to complete an essay he was to submit.

This ultimately results in his being fired due to his lack of commitment. Upon being fired from his summer job, he heads to the Hamptons upon realizing that he has been missing Serena. He hopes that by seeing Serena he will realize that they made the right decision, and he can move on. This reveals his true feelings for Serena as he shows obvious anger towards Serena's "cheating. Dan goes to leave, when he is confronted by a pair of girls he had dated throughout the summer.

The girls, having found out about one another's relationships with Dan, pour their drinks on Dan and leave. Having been caught out by Serena for his hypocrisyDan and Serena retreat into the house to talk. They decide to meet up later at the beach, where they spend the night together.

The following morning, Serena and Dan decide to halt any discussions on their relationships until they are back in the city. After some confusion between who was to take the train and who was to take the bus, they both ended traveling back to the city on the bus.

This creates tension between the two, and as Serena gets up to use the bus bathroom, she trips and falls on Dan. She pulls up Dan and the two go into the bathroom to have some fun.

The two decide to keep their rekindled relationship a secret until they were sure of themselves. Back in the city at Blair's "Welcome Back" party, Nate discovers the two in an embrace, revealing publicly that their relationship is "back on. After a long talk and a bit of arguingthey realized they keep having the same fight, and break up. During their return to school, Serena and Dan are now friends until he meets a transfer student named Amanda Lasher.

They share the same interests and have perfect chemistry. Blair attempts to keep them separate by making her one of her entourage so that Serena wouldn't have to suffer seeing them together and so she also wouldn't have to lose the competition of rebounding. Serena meets Amanda and nearly makes a fool out of herself. Blair forces Amanda to join them for lunch. Dan, thinking that Serena is trying to keep him away from Amanda gets Serena, who was reasoning with Dan why it happened, irritated when he kept implying that she was the one who forced her to lunch.

Dan and Amanda's relationship goes public much to Serena's irritation. Serena then invites Dan and Amanda to go out later that night which turns into as disaster as Dan and Amanda continue to make her feel out of place. Isabel and Penelope, after witnessing Dan go out with Amanda that led to the relationship getting public, offers Serena several suitors, one in particular is a Dalton lacrosse team captain.

Serena's new suitor fails to impress Dan. Dan thinks that Serena used the lacrosse team to rub it into his face. Later on, Penelope ruins Amanda's hair with a little help from Chuck. Dan runs to Amanda's aid who brushes him off saying that she no longer wants to see him. Dan gets into an argument with Serena and leaves. The next day, he is shunned because of Serena's rise to Queen Bee status.

Dan's recommendation from Noah Shapiro, a writer, leads him to find new inspiration in the form of Chuck Bass. Noah suggests he use Chuck to fuel a new story.

New York, I Love You XOXO

Dan does so and loses his shoes in the process. He ends up creating the character of "Charlie Trout," a character that impresses Noah and asks him to find out what makes him tick.

That night, Chuck mistakes a woman of being a prostitute and nearly gets punched until Dan defends him. The two end up in jail and Chuck confesses that he thinks his father hates him because he thinks he killed his mother at Chuck's birth. Chuck gets out a jail with some help from his lawyers and discovers Dan's reason as to why he was hanging out with him. Chuck gets angry at Dan and leaves him, saying that he lied about his mother's death and that she died in the Andes in a plane accident.

Dan calls Noah Shapiro who bails him out. Dan confesses that he thinks it's wrong to exploit people for art and that he'd rather be safe. The two part ways and in bad terms. During a visit to YaleDan's recommendation for Yale admission goes awry as his only recommendation came from J. Jeremiah Harris and Noah Shapiro likely declined to write for Dan's recommendation.

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The Dean of Admissions suggests that he find someone to read his work. Dan then finds out Nate used his name to get into a fling with Jordan, a co-ed girl who eventually helps Dan get his work to other literature professors. Chuck's revenge on Dan then backfires on Chuck who loses Nate as a friend after Nate finds out about what he did to Dan.

Dan and Nate begin a friendship much to Chuck's chagrin. During an invite to play soccer, Dan tries to visit Nate at his house and finds out about Nate's financial situation. Nate has been squatting in his own house that got seized amongst other property of the Archibalds. Dan invites Nate to a family dinner and tells Nate that he knows about Nate squatting in his own house. Rufus talks to Dan and tells him that Nate needs help even if he doesn't want it, seeing as Nate has no one to turn to for help.

Dan finds Serena outside Nate's house and repair their relationship. The two become friends. Dan convinces Nate, who moves in after his house got seized.

With Blair's situation with Chuck now out of hand, Serena gets Dan to help Blair and tells her that wearing him down would help her situation.

Later on, he continues to help Blair by telling her that she should intercept him at home. With Blair desperate, he tells Blair that she should take a risk and say those "3 words, 8 letters" anyway. During Aaron's opening at Rufus' gallery, Vanessa confesses that Blair and Chuck used her in one of their sick games. Dan ruins Blair's opportunity to tell Chuck that she loves him and tells Serena what happened.

He said that the two were bound to break up eventually and that what they did to Vanessa was sick. Serena says that Vanessa's matter is different and that Chuck and Blair do love each other. He later apologizes to Serena and get into an honest conversation.

Dan–Serena relationship

Serena confesses her feelings for Aaron and Dan gives her his blessing to date other people. Aaron and Serena start to date each other while Dan realizes that he still has feelings for Serena.

serena van der woodsen and dan humphrey relationship

Aaron has been concerned that Serena leans emotionally more on Dan than him. He asks her to come with him to Buenos Aires for Christmas. Serena asks Dan for his opinion, and he tells her to go. At Eleanor's wedding however, Dan confronts Serena about his feelings for her. Because she knows about her mother and Rufus' relationship, and because she has already said yes to Aaron, Serena turns Dan down and goes ahead with Aaron's trip.

Serena breaks up with Aaron during the holiday and Dan and Serena meet with each other and they both decide there are better off back together. Dan soon learns he shares a sibling brother with Serena and becomes ridden with guilt when Rufus asks him to let Lily tell Serena the news.

Serena and Dan attempt to return to normal, but find this difficult with Lily and Rufus, who have decided to go public with their relationship. Dan, and Serena both get acceptance letters to Yale but Serena decides that Yale isn't for her and applies to Brown and gives her spot to Blair who was wait-listed.

A new teacher named Ms.

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Carr teaches at Constance Billard and there is an obvious attraction between them. Blair is so willing to get back at Ms. Carr for giving her a B on a paper that she sends in a rumor to Gossip girl concerning a secret relationship going on between Dan and Ms. Serena herself is becoming suspicious when she sees Dan and Ms. Carr discussing Dan's paper together but believes Dan when he says nothing is going on between the two of them.

Serena then sees Dan and Ms. Carr in a coffee shop together. She cannot hear what they are saying but in fact Dan is only comforting Ms. Carr who is in tears about the slanderous teacher-student relationship rumor. Serena captures a photo of Dan touching Ms. Carr's face in an intimate way and shares the photo with Blair although she has doubts about the authenticity of the situation. Blair enters a parent-teacher meeting at Constance Billard and presents the incriminating photo at hand. Dan explains to Serena nothing happened between him and Ms.

Carr but it is too late. Serena and Dan's relationship hits another dead end when things become too much for them to take. First their parents start dating, then they find out they shared a half brother together, and now the mess of the rumor. Serena goes to apologize to Ms. Carr while admitting regretfully that she was the one who gave the photo to Blair. Later Dan visits Ms. Carr and starts to apologize for how things went down but then she kisses him.

Dan, at first, is surprised at her actions. Carr points out that she doesn't teach at Constance anymore so there is no student-teacher relationship. So Dan obliges and they have sex in the dark of the room. Even though Rachel is reinstated, she and Dan have sex again before the school play. Dan then discovers she has used things he told her to humiliate Serena and Blair on Gossip Girl, as well as blocking Blair's application to Yale.

He tells the girls what has been going on and Rachel leaves the school. Dan is accepted at Yale but denied financial aid. He discovers Rufus has invested his college fund with Serena's new boyfriend Gabriel Edwards, who was working with con artist Poppy Lifton. Not trusting Serena, Blair and Chuck to get the money back, Dan goes to Lily for help, resulting in her getting Serena arrested to stop her exposing Poppy.

With money from CeCe and a dress from Jenny, Dan manages to bail Serena out of jail and take her to the prom.