Sazh and vanille relationship

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sazh and vanille relationship

on the PlayStation 3, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Vanille x Sazh" - Page 3. They clearly had a father/daughter relationship. Sazh is a goodhearted man whose relationship with his son, Dajh, serves as his Through his friendship with Vanille, Sazh is revealed to be forgiving, and. For Final Fantasy XIII on the PlayStation 3, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Theory on the relationship between Oerba Dia Vanille and.

I will try to be as polite as possible, but if you talk bad about Hope, I'll be rude! VanilleHopez VanilleHopez 7 years ago 22 Fang would be an issue, but she would just look down on hope much like lightning did to snow in the earlier parts of ffxiii.

Hope will win fangs respect over in ffxiii-3 after he saves vanille and holds her in his arms Fang will end up being the best man in their wedding in ffxiii-4 I'm sure of it.

sazh and vanille relationship

It's after entering the fandom that I thought about it. SazhxVanille is just so wrong. HopexVanille gave me siblings vibe at first but later in the game, they acted more like good friends. I can"t see them together though, especially not when Hope is adult. Fang would be an issue, but she would just look down on hope much like lightning did to snow in the earlier parts of ffxiii.

Damsels in distress are nothing but a waste of space. VanilleHopez VanilleHopez 7 years ago 25 sazh and vanille would be kind of a hot pairing too. I could have sworn she was That's the whole reason I said As they confront Anima the fal'Cie turns the group into l'Cie before they are cast down into the crystallized Lake Bresha. When they awaken, Sazh prompts the others to determine their Focus, but their only clue is a shared vision of the mythical beast Ragnarok destroying Cocoon.

Fang and Vanille *spoiler*

After leaving Snow behind with Serah's crystal, the group of four continues through the lake and finds an old airship, but once Sazh attempts to pilot them to safety they are shot down by PSICOM and crash-land in the Vile Peaks. After Lightning and Hope continue on to throw off pursuit, Sazh vows not to abandon Vanille. They find Hope by himself further ahead after he was left behind by Lightning.

Promising to get Hope back home to his father in Palumpolum, Sazh and Vanille have him travel with them until Lightning rejoins the party. When Lightning reveals her plan to go to Eden and destroy its namesake fal'CieSazh is outraged for her wanting to "snuff out Cocoon" now that everyone hunts her down, though Lightning assures she only wishes to take down the Sanctum.

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She leaves with Hope chasing after her, leaving Sazh and Vanille behind. They decide to run in the opposite direction to stay out of Lightning's way and escape their fate. Sazh opens up to Vanille. Sazh and Vanille continue their flight to the Sunleth Waterscape and while crossing it, Vanille asks Sazh about his family. Sazh explains what happened to Dajh, revealing his motives for boarding the Purge train.

Sazh wonders if Dajh's Focus would be to destroy all Pulse l'Cie, which would mean Sazh and his companions must die to spare Dajh.

Waiting for a ship to Nautilus, Sazh tells Vanille he didn't always hate Pulse and found the Sanctum's claims about incoming attacks from the lowerworld suspicious. He believes the trouble started because Dajh detected Anima in Bodhum, but Vanille implores him to place the blame elsewhere: Dajh crystallizes before Sazh's eyes.

In Nautilus, the pair attends the Eidolon parade, the Pompa Sancta.

Vanille tries to dissuade him by divulging who is responsible for the Euride Gorge incident, but before she can reveal the culprit, the army attacks from above. Despite his earlier wishes to be captured, Sazh protects Vanille and aids her escape. They are chased through the Mall to the Clock Tower where Dajh appears and crystallizes in Sazh's arms.

Nabaat arrives with her troops, and the boy's Focus is revealed: Nabaat shows Sazh a security recording from Euride Gorge, which reveals Vanille and her friend Fang were the Pulse l'Cie who disturbed the fal'Cie Kujata, and caused it to turn Dajh into a l'Cie to protect itself.

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Vanille flees deeper into Nautilus and Sazh pursues her as Nabaat is curious as to how much data they could collect watching two l'Cie fight, under the assumption that Sazh will kill Vanille. Sazh cannot bring himself to shoot Vanille.

When Sazh finds Vanille at the Fiendlord's Keep, he aims his pistol at her while Vanille begs him to shoot her for all the suffering she has caused him. Sazh is furious she thinks all will be forgiven once she is dead, and his anguish summons his Eidolon, Brynhildr. Seeing Vanille is willing to protect him, Sazh tames the Eidolon with her. After Brynhildr vanishes, Sazh points his pistol back at Vanille but realizes killing her will not change anything. He places the pistol to his head but is unable to take his own life.

Vanille and the unconscious Sazh are taken into an airship by Nabaat's regiment, and imprisoned on the Palamecia to be transported to Eden for a public execution. Upon the Palamecia, Sazh learns about Vanille's past and her recent awakening from crystal stasis. Vanille is a Pulse l'Cie from hundreds of years ago who had entered crystal stasis alongside Fang. The pair's crystals had been placed inside the Vestige that had ended up in Bodhum when Cocoon had looted Pulse for raw materials.

When the two had awoken they had found themselves in Cocoon.

sazh and vanille relationship