Sansa and tyrion relationship tips

A look at the few happy relationships on Game of Thrones

sansa and tyrion relationship tips

belonged to Tyrion, when in fact Baelish sent both the dagger and the assassin But as Sansa points out in “The Dragon and the Wolf,” he ends up betraying the two women he purported to love — in truly horrible ways. Although Sansa is the wife of Ramsay Bolton, her marriage to Tyrion still stands other, agree to mutually set aside their marriage and go their separate ways. The actress who plays Tyrion's once-cherished prostitute/lover opens up about the sham trial. loyal to Tyrion, and instead of maintaining her relationship he decided to Why did Shae decide to protect Sansa in Season 2, telling her to hide . About · Contact · Tips · Jobs · Help · Privacy · Code of Ethics &.

Gregor got his ointments too. He squatted silently before her, a hulking black shape shrouded in the night, hidden from her eyes. Sansa could hear his ragged breathing. She was sad for him, she realized. Somehow, the fear had gone away. The silence went on and on, so long that she began to grow afraid once more, but she was afraid for him now, not for herself.

She found his massive shoulder with her hand. That would be a very legitimate reason to cut something from lengthy books for the visual medium. Has anyone ever told you the story of the Mountain and the Hound? Lovely little tale of brotherly love.

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The Hound was just a pup, six years old maybe. Gregor a few years older, already a big lad, already getting a bit of a reputation. Some lucky boys just born with a talent for violence. Gregor never said a word, he just grabbed his brother by the scruff of his neck and shoved his face into the burning coals.

Held him there while the boy screamed, while his face melted. Their repurposing of it significantly underplayed its true impact in the books: This scene also marks the beginning of the breakdown of her illusions about chivalry and justice. Ned losing his head certainly was the biggest catalyst for the wool to be pulled away from her eyes in both the books and the show.

However that does not mean it is not there. On page, her relationship with the Hound serves to showcase both of this. In the books, their relationship is much different. I will never deny that there is a sexual element to it: Her interactions with Sandor are some of the only times we get to see her being candid, which given how much she guards her thoughts is quite necessary to have.

We also see Sandor force Sansa to face the harsh realities of the world time and time again, shattering any illusions she had from the stories and songs she grew up loving. At the same time he helps her, encouraging her to learn to lie, and watching out for her when he can to save her from abuse.

Above all else too, we learn that Sansa is far from superficial: It was only courteous, and a lady must never forget her courtesies. The scars are not the worst part, nor even the way his mouth twitches. She had never seen eyes so full of anger. And despite working for Joffrey, she even prays for him on the eve of the Battle of Blackwater: He is no true knight but he saved me all the same, she told the Mother. Save him if you can, and gentle the rage inside him.

When Lancel is injured in the Battle of Blackwater and comes to warn Cersei of the dangers, she coldly slams him in his wounds and leaves the room. One just looked at her and ran, flagon and all.

Other servants were leaving the hall as well, but she could not help that. Together, Sansa and the serving man got the wounded knight back on his feet. I am soft and weak and stupid, just as Joffrey says. I should be killing him, not helping him.

And all of this, excluded from the TV show. In fact, he and Sansa meet in secret on numerous, at great risk to her. She did not know how it had gotten there or who had sent it. The note was unsigned, unsealed, and the hand unfamiliar. She crushed the parchment to her chest and whispered the words to herself. What could it mean? Should she take it to the queen to prove that she was being good? Nervously, she rubbed her stomach. The angry purple bruise Ser Meryn had given her had faded to an ugly yellow, but still hurt.

His fist had been mailed when he hit her. It was her own fault.

sansa and tyrion relationship tips

She must learn to hide her feelings better, so as not to anger Joffrey. It also serves to emphasize the risk placed on her meetings with Dontos, and the proactivity Sansa took in her own escape. In Season 3 they had her back in an overly idealistic mindset with her betrothal to Loras. In the books, Sansa does gave an initial glimmer of hope with the appearance of the Tyrells. They stripped Sansa of one of her fundamental strengths: Or perhaps eradication of her characterization, more accurately.

Even more, they kept Sansa in an unironic friendship with Margaery, even after their alliance was taken off the table. The wedding feast was held in the Small Hall. There were perhaps fifty guests; Lannister retainers and allies for the most part, joining those who had been at the wedding. And here Sansa found the Tyrells. Margaery gave her such a sad look, and when the Queen of Thorns tottered in between Left and Right, she never looked at her at all. Elinor, Alla,and Megga seemed determined not to know her.

My friends, Sansa thought bitterly. They made conscious and continual changes that all served to undercut her development and to keep her a passive victim.

It is not an uncommon concept that many in our society buy into. But as I say in the essay: They are simply expected to bestow affection onto these nice men for the inherent reason that…they are nice. And any rejection is automatically viewed as a negative. They completely erased his more messed up actions from the booksbecause they wanted him to be the hero.

Perhaps it comes from a good place: Tyrion is a character who suffers greatly due to his disability, and the desire to protect someone so marginalized is something to consider. Martin respected Tyrion enough to be able to present him in a morally grey light.

sansa and tyrion relationship tips

And to me, that is true progressivism. His disability clearly informed his character, and for that reason we do sympathize with Tyrion and understand this. But it never excuses him from responsibility for his actions and agency. This begins even before their marriage, when Sansa is alerted to the wedding ahead of time. In the books, she is blindsided. Cersei has a nice dress made for her, and after her fitting, she is shoved into the sept for a surprise wedding. Sansa has ZERO agency in this situation.

All Tyrion was offering her was a choice of gaoler. Tyrion, on the other hand, had all the agency in the world: The Stark girl is young, nubile, tractable, of the highest birth, and still a maid. She is not uncomely. Why would you hesitate? Strange to say, I would prefer a wife who wants me in her bed.

But wed Sansa Stark, and it is just possible that you might win Winterfell. The prospect gave him a queer chill. Robb Stark is as capable as I am, presumably, and sworn to marry one of those fertile Freys.

And once the Young Wolf sires a litter, any pups that Sansa births are heirs to nothing. And note no outright yelling commands on the part of Tywin. Tyrion could have said no. On the show, Sansa has a few days to think about her wedding to Tyrion, during which she continues her unironic friendship with Margaery Tyrell, who encourages her to have sex with Tyrion. As I said before, Sansa in the books is all about her subtle acts of resistance. The example of manipulating Joffrey just before the Battle of Blackwater is a great one.

Lights in the darkness: a look at the happy relationships on Game of Thrones

But the best example, the one she is perhaps most known for, is conspicuously absent from the show: Sansa refuses to kneel for Tyrion at her wedding. He wants me to kneel, she realized, blushing. It was not supposed to be this way. She had dreamed of her wedding a thousand times, and always she had pictured how her betrothed would stand behind her tall and strong, sweep the cloak of his protection over her shoulders, and tenderly kiss her cheek as he leaned forward to fasten the clasp.

She felt another tug at her skirt, more insistent. Why should I spare his feelings, when no one cares about mine? The dwarf tugged at her a third time. Stubbornly she pressed her lips together and pretended not to notice. Someone behind them tittered. They were all laughing by then, Joffrey the loudest. When Sansa turned, the little man was gazing up at her, his mouth tight, his face as red as her cloak.

Tyrion patted the chaise he was sat on and Sansa joined him at a comfortable distance.

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He shuffled closer so he was within touching distance. She was dressed in a floor length, blue night dress. The pale colour of the clothing emphasized the beauty of her iridescent skin and the fire of her red locks, she looked beautiful to him. The fabric skimmed the curve of her womanly hips and caught at the point where her nipples grazed the dress. Any man would be lucky to take this girl into his bed. My lord father has made it all too clear, that by ones means or another, you are to carry a Lannister babe in your belly….

He reached over to take her long, pale fingers in his small, pudgy hand but she withdrew further from him, flinching at the mere suggestion of his touch. My father means for you to be taken by one of us before this week closes and I fear that I am the only one able to treat you as the lady that you are.

I promise to protect and love you, to provide for you and our children and above all else, to do everything in my power to save you from my family! She had ran through numerous ways to try to deceive Cersei and Tywin and thought that with the help of her handmaiden Shae, she may be able to keep up the pretence for a few months longer. But as Tyrion had sat opposite her, she could hear the concern in his voice and as much as she wanted to hate him, she found it hard to see him with anything other than pity.

She had begun to understand that the persecution she had been subjected to by Joffrey, Cersei and the rest of the court was something that Tyrion had been dealing with his whole life.

She felt dread in the pit of her stomach at the thought of Tyrion climbing on top of her but she did trust him more than the alternatives. Jaime was beautiful and a knight, the real life representation of her childhood dream husband but he was the honourless King Slayer, father to Cersei's bastard children and in her mind, just another cruel Lannister.

And, just Tywin's proximity filled Sansa with dread, she could not bear the idea of Tywin raping her, stripping her and painfully forcing his seed into her, how could she love his child? Tyrion, she knew would respect her and protect her. Although his obsession for whores was notorious, she didn't believe that he would be depraved with her.

If she could just produce a male heir, then she would never need to sleep with him again. With this in mind, she slowly slid down the straps of her nightdress and called him to the bed, before the words caught, unsaid in her throat. But she told herself that she must continue, she could do this, she was strong, she was a Stark! Tyrion Tyrion climbed the two steps that had been pushed up against the bed, to make it easier for him to get in and out.

He felt ashamed of himself that he could already feel his cock twitching as he looked down at his child wife lying, waiting for him in their bed. He knew he would have no difficulty completing his task but he would have to keep reminding himself to be gentle as it was his wife's first time. He wanted to make this a painless as possible for her, so he would have to please her but he didn't know if she would trust him enough to relax and enjoy this.

Tyrion took Sansa's hand in his and kissed it softly, then thinking that this may be easier for her if she could imagine some beautiful knight, he extinguished the lights. Sansa remained rigid as Tyrion moved up the bed to be closer to her head.

He followed this with a trail of gentle kisses, running from the top of her ear down the curve of her chin. She smelled ever so sweet to him, clean with an underlying scent of lemon and sugar. He took a small strand of her hair and ran it through his fingers, oh to see the copper strands running over his skin.

He had imagined touching her beautiful hair each night that he had slept on the coach across from her. Tyrion kissed the tip of her elegant nose, before slowly dipping down to caress her soft lips with his. He was surprised to fell that she didn't close her mouth to his but opened to allow him to slip his tongue in, feeling her sweet breath fill his mouth and taste her warm saliva tingle on his tongue.

sansa and tyrion relationship tips

He would take this slow, though it took all his will to not pull up her nightdress and ravish her, he continued to lovingly kiss her. Sansa He was so gentle. How could her body betray her like this, instead of tensing to his touch, she felt herself softening, she wanted the comfort of his gentle touches, she wanted him to love her, she didn't need to pretend to herself that it was someone else, she wasn't thinking about who this was, just giving herself over to the sensations her body was experiencing for the first time.

He had been kissing her for some minutes and running his hands through her hair. Only her mother and nursemaids had stroked her hair before, and it felt comforting and safe.

sansa and tyrion relationship tips

When Tyrion shifted his position and kissed the base of her throat, running his tongue along first one prominent collarbone, then the other, Sansa became nervous again.

She knew the basics for what a maid should expect on her wedding night but she didn't know how a lady was expected to react and she had only been told of the pain when her maidenhead would be broken. But as Tyrion began to slide her straps down her arms, she felt the skin, goose pimple under his touch. She was conscious of her body. Although the light from the torches had been removed, her eyes had become accustomed to the dim room and she could see Tyrion fully as she lay naked before him.

But looking into his eyes, she only saw warmth and desire. Her eyes then wandered down to his breeches, she could clearly see his erection straining against the course cotton. Something felt different, although not confident, she felt a sense of power to know that her body was so enticing to him. She leant towards him, to try to show him, she wanted him to continue. Tyrion Could this beautiful angel really be encouraging him?

Surely that was too much for a man such as him to hope for? As she lay naked before him on the bed, he saw her glance down at his engorged cock, he throbbed at the sight of her womanly body. He looked from her shy face down to her small breasts, tipped with rosy nipples, so soft that he just wanted to knead the flesh.