Sanosuke and megumi relationship counseling

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sanosuke and megumi relationship counseling

He is known as Sanosuke Sagara in the English adaptation of the anime and is relationships with other main characters, notably with doctor Takani Megumi. but he never pays attention to her advice, and has to ask her to treat him again. Because Sanosuke is injured several times throughout the series, Megumi usually to her advice, and has to ask her to treat him again Sanosukeenjoys. Sagara Sanosuke, born Higashidani Sanosuke, is a main character in the Rurouni Kenshin series. Myōjin Yahiko - They have a very brotherly relationship.

Once the engagement had been formally announced to their parents, Megumi had informed her best friend who had shrieked into the phone, screaming "I knew it! Katsu had been his usual, charming self, undeterred despite his cousin being a participant in the loudspeaker call. Sano and Megumi went about their usual daily activities.

The responsibilities of school, internship, and work were joined by making time for each other which fell in the leisure, rather in the "duty" category.

sanosuke and megumi relationship counseling

Sano and Megumi refused to make a public announcement regarding their engagement but agreed to officially announcing it to the rest of the Sagara and Takani clans as well as any extended relations, as was only proper. Megumi reddened and huffed. Sano closed off the envelope and tossed it onto the pile. I'll be back in an hour or two. Misao was staying overnight at the Takanis as a stopover on her way to visit her grandfather in the country.

She had hit it off with Sano and agreed with her sister Hikaru that the two made a great people. You're father just left for a meeting but he was supposed to bring this to the Sagaras.

sanosuke and megumi relationship counseling

I'll drop it off on my way to school. The Sagara home was only a few blocks away from the Takanis'. Like their country house, it was a lovely structure of traditional Japanese elements and western functionality. He just got back from his morning jog. Would you like some breakfast while you wait? I'll just go in to see him.

She had been there a few times before, when they were teenagers. They would go to grab a movie or a board game as their parents visited. Megumi couldn't detect any movement and Sano didn't answer when she knocked on the door. Kaita later helps by showing them a tunnel that will lead them back to the pathway inside the cave.

The group is soon interfered by Zan and Ren, two of the elite members of the Sanada Ninjas. Sanosuke and Kaoru team up to defeat Zan. Baku distorts Kenshin's senses, making Kenshin vulnerable to Ren's attacks.

By attacking the bats, Kenshin manages to defeat both Ren and Baku. Misanagi and the Black Knights find the divine elixir among the vast garden hidden deep inside the cave. Melders reveals that he intended to betray Misanagi from the start, permitting Lentz to attack her. However, Schneider defends Misanagi, only to get badly injured by Melders. Melder continues to attack but creates a spark and ignites a flame with the oil on the ground, causing the garden to quickly char.

Lentz attempts to get a sample of the divine elixir, only to be interceded by Yahiko and Yutaro. Melders ultimately is lost within the flames, and both Lentz and Schneider survives the demolition.

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Yutaro is able to retrieve a sample of the divine elixir. Misanagi remains the leader of the Sanada Ninjas, even after making the mistake of temporarily joining forces with the Black Knights. Professor Hans recovers thanks to the divine elixir. He receives a report saying that Lentz and Schneider turned themselves in, in which they will be investigated for further information.

Aoshi Shinomori arrives to escort her back to Kyoto, but she ends up changing her mind. Kaoru and Misao, along with Megumi Takanigo out to shop. Sanosuke and Yahiko become suspicious, believing that the three are going to a restaurant without them, urging them to tag along. Meanwhile at the dojo, Kenshin and Aoshi spend time with each other. The girls later encounter a pickpocket who steals Tae and Tsubame's money. Misao easily defeats him and returns back the money.

Kenshin talks to Aoshi regarding his relationship with Misao. The pickpocket comes back with the rest of his gang, but the girls facilely overpower them. Sanosuke and Yahiko are mistaken as criminals responsible for beating up the gang members. Kenshin and Aoishi meet the girls near the riverbank, in which Sanosuke and Yahiko finally catch up to the others.

After years, this magic begins to reactivate and cause disasters in the Tokyo prefecture. After each of these incidents, a man named Reisui claiming to be a water feng shui master appears to provide advice to the victims. However, as soon as the man leaves a mysterious entrepreneur named Saeke turns up to offer his services, such as warding stones inscribed with the power of feng shui. When the Akabeko catches fire from one of its stoves, Tae and Tsubame are to lodge at the Kamiya dojo.

Saeke takes a visit there, only to be pardoned by Tae. The group is soon attacked by feng shui fledglings, in which the wind feng shui master named Jinpu arrives to save them. A map is shown that while the wind clan had set up an Eigou formation that would protect the town, the water clan will set up one that would destroy it. The water clan will construct railroad tracks to the five locations of the warding stones disguised as their Eigou formation. Reisui later attacks the dojo, but later retreats after Jinpu retaliates.

sanosuke and megumi relationship counseling

Kenshin and Jinpu head to Musashino to collect the water, Sanosuke along with Tsunan Tsukioka are to seek and destroy the relics of the shisaand Yahiko needs to stay behind to protect Kaoru.

Meanwhile, the water clan is slowly destroying the wind Eigou formation. Kenshin and Jinpu finally make it into a cave the mountains while dodging various obstacles of feng shui. Kenshin is able to collect the water and safely escorts Jinpu out of the cave before it collapses. The Ryu Myaku starts to move east of Musashino toward Nikko to follow the path of the Eigou formation.

The two must leave for Nikko to find the jade crest hidden in the area before the Ryu Myaku gets there first. Sanosuke and Tsunan find a book that gave many useful clues but in a difficult language. They find the author to explain its contexts. Clues and hints were being pieced together and the plans of the water clan started to become clearer. Kenshin and Jinpu arrive at Nikko, only to find out that Reisui has the jade crest. Reisui traps the two in a feng shui illusion, but they manage to overcome it.

Sanosuke finds Kenshin and Jinpu and explains that the Ryu Myaku has changed their direction toward Senjogahara. Jinpu attacks Reisui, but the former has proven to be weaker than that of the latter.

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Meanwhile, the author arrives and tells Tsunan to put the dragon statue in the center of the shrine, hoping it will stop the Ryu Myaku. Jinpu is able to halt and defeat the water clan. After Reisui sacrifices himself, Saeke reveals that it was he that possesses the jade crest, yet he is shortly defeated thereafter, and the jade crest was taken from him by Jinpu.

It is then that Jinpu who directs the Ryu Myaku toward the shrine, of which colliding with the dragon statue weakens and stops its feng shui. The police department slowly rebuild their stations and Kenshin bids Jinpu a final farewell. Interspersed are photographs of shrines. In exchange for dinner, Sanosuke assists Megumi with the chopping of firewood.

Yahiko is currently working at the Akabeko under Tae with Tsubame. Meanwhile, Kenshin and Kaoru spend the night at a local couple's house because of the rain. Kaoru places her hand on Kenshin's as he sleeps, he briefly awakes and allows it.

While asleep, Kaoru has dreams of Kenshin wandering off again.

sanosuke and megumi relationship counseling

When she wakes early the next day, Kaoru finds Kenshin on the beach and runs into his arms just as day breaks. We could have been rid of you and your stupidity once and for all. Who the hell asked for your opinion!? Even Shinomori solves more emotional problems than you do. Aoshi appeared to be meditating, and only broke his silence with single syllable words. Megumi and Sanosuke turned to each other and made the same comment at the same time.

A certain female ninja's voice rose above the constant din, distracting the two from their amusement. I don't have any clue!! Ask Sony, not me! She glanced up at the ex-gangster almost hesitantly.

It's not my damn fault that I didn't get on the boat and come back to Japan. If it was up to me I would have. You know as well as I do that there was nothing that could have kept me in China with Kenshin needing me that bad How do you think it makes me feel that I wasn't even in it at all!!? Misao quieted down, and resumed her conversation. Kaoru felt someone watching her and her attention diverted over to Sanosuke and Megumi.

Uh huh" Sano's roguish grin slowly dropped from his face. Here, let me transfer you and you can ask the man himself.

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You've got a caller on line four! WHAT girl she's talking about, I have no damn clue! Something about the young son of his best friend finding love bothered the ex-gangster terribly.

You wanna talk about it? I think a lot of us are feeling a little depressed after watching the second episode.