Salman khan and shahrukh relationship problems

The LOVE-HATE relationship between Shah Rukh and Salman - Movies

salman khan and shahrukh relationship problems

Today Shahrukh Khan and Salman Khan come in big stars of Bollywood. And these two are also good friends of each other. But there was a time between the. Remember the Shah Rukh Khan-Priyanka Chopra relationship? hit: Controversy, a King Khan (Aamir, not Salman) and a brave director. Get news, articles, pictures, videos, photos and more of srk and salman khan relation on Trending. Narendra Modi; Chikungunya; Cauvery Issue; Kashmir Issue My relationship with Salman beyond one upmanship: SRK.

Salman gave several interviews after the brawl, but he refused to divulge the trigger of the fight. Also, he leaves a lot unspoken and sometimes just speaks in monosyllables. However, if you note the expressions on his face and eyes, you will realise that hidden in those monosyllables are the best answers.

Aishwarya and Shah Rukh start ruling the box office ByShah Rukh Khan was a superstar in his own right in Bollywood and he was on top of the game. Salman, on the other hand, was still delivering duds in between hits and the whole spotlight of the film industry had shifted to Shah Rukh by that time.

Though they played brother-sister in the film, it was a mathematical certainty that the two would be cast as leads in other films.

salman khan and shahrukh relationship problems

Every producer wanted to sign Shah Rukh Khan and Aishwarya in their film. Salman always wanted to see himself rule the box office with Ash and he found his dream shattered by somebody who was five years his junior in the film industry. Make no mistake, they are exactly of the same age and incidentally Salman is younger to Shah Rukh by almost 55 days both Salman and Shah Rukh are born. On the other hand, Shah Rukh also realised that the pair had tremendous potential and hence, decided to put his own money into his next film with Aishwarya as his heroine.

Shah Rukh knew that if he wanted to keep his production company afloat, he needed a massive hit. Shah Rukh was on the lookout for a perfect script that would script his comeback. Aziz Mirza then came up with an amazing script and Shah Rukh promptly roped in Aishwarya for the film. The film was a make-or-break situation for Shah Rukh purely for the sake of his production house. Both Ash and Shah Rukh realised their potential as a pair and wanted to cash in on it.

This was again an unmistakable signal that they have become good friends. Here is the video clip of the song.

Salman’s on and off relationship with Shah Rukh Khan

So, the point I am making is, while Shah Rukh was steadily climbing up the ladder with Aishwarya in tow, Salman was seeing his dream crumble with every move of Shah Rukh. Considering how Salman is as a person, it was again a foregone conclusion that he will react one day.

In Bollywood, most of the meetings were conducted informally then. I want that especially for those people who work on the film. Har daur mein alag alag cheezein aati hai things are different in every era. The only thing I have learnt is, do what needs to be done before the Friday the movie releases smiles.

I only believe in my film. But we are creative people, and I think we can work things out. Shah Rukh Khan hit the big league with his powerful act in Darr. My take is that all of society needs to be like that. Get me a top television journalist who puts my views across as they are, without trying to add their own point of view. Then I would say something.

salman khan and shahrukh relationship problems

I have said it before, and I rue the day I said it [shared my opinions]. You like Meryl Streep so much, please run her tape. God bless you; you have Meryl Streep saying it, so why do you want someone else to say the same thing again?

Shah Rukh Khan versus Salman Khan: How it all started

Why do you want to be a copycat like you always have been? I think Meryl Streep said a wonderful thing.

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We all have to be like that, and I am not talking about just artistes. I am an actor, main koi vocal leader thodi na hoon. So, what the lady Meryl said is marvellous. She found a platform and she found people who appreciated what she said.

In India, everybody has so many opinions that they want to pick on something others say. I think journalism in the US is different. Journalists there became stars and are now past that stage [of being stars]. And so did I when I was 10 years into stardom.

Indian journalists are new stars. When they get used to it [stardom], I will speak my mind, as I know that they will then — like real stars — treat it [what I say] with respect. We all get so agitated even if somebody stands close to you in a lift.

7 Incidents That Spell Out Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan's Love-Hate Relationship

The essential thing is, every man and woman should know that there is a dignity of space for each other. When such incidents happen, we need to talk a lot about it, but also feel it a little more. Shah Rukh Khan says his kids, Aryan and Suhana have to be graduates before they think of joining Bollywood.

But I am a graduate and I believe education has helped me beyond my limit. I have limited talent, but I believe education has helped me go beyond time and helped me become who I am. But Karan means it both jokingly and seriously laughs.

salman khan and shahrukh relationship problems

Aryan does visit my film sets sometimes, and I am very proud. He came the other day just to learn about lighting; not to see his father act or learn direction, since he was specialising in the field of lighting in the first year [of his college degree].

salman khan and shahrukh relationship problems

He sat with the cameraman without even asking me. He was there for two hours, just learning the techniques. Shah Rukh Khan will next be seen in Raees.

salman khan and shahrukh relationship problems

HT Photo But it must be tough for you to send them away They have done well so far. I think seeing a view of the world is nicer, especially for cinema.