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Rukia has phone sex with the wrong person, Byakuya is way too Rukia learns about couples counseling, Byakuya thinks shes dating. See more ideas about Bleach anime, Bleach renji and Kuchiki rukia. RenRuki Bleach Rukia, Bleach Anime, Renji Abarai, Manga Couple, Anime Shows. He actually showed more of a connection with Rukia for the entire series, but that clearly went nowhere cause she ended up with Renji for no.

It would help ease the discomfort of it all. Ichigo made his way to the 8th division barracks. He stopped a shinigami girl as she was walking.

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She then gave him directions as to where his office was. Ichigo followed the girl's directions and found Shunsui and Ukitake drinking. Well, it was actually Shunsui that was drinking, Ukitake was just talking. Ichigo walked up to the pair of captains. Shunsui spoke before Ukitake could speak. You want me to show you how? I think I can do it without your help. I do it really well. He was totally wasted. You'll get caught up in the moment, and you'll want to take it fast. Don't lose your head while doing 'that'.

He was about to say good bye, when Shunsui talked again. If Ukitake said to go, then he should go. After all, he was sober. Ichigo walked to the 10th division's barracks. He found Raginku and walked over to her. All of sudden, he wondered if coming here was such a good idea or not. I can tell you a lot! He was definitely unenthusiastic about hearing what she was going to say. She has wonderful assets.

You're going to make a mess doing 'that', but have fun! She went away and came back with 2 things in her hand. Both of the things were red, and, he decided, couldn't be called clothing.

There wasn't enough fabric for it to be that. In the Human World We can use these as we work! This is going to take a long time! He blushed while doing it. When he was done, she said: Let's get to work! The nightmare of cooking with Orihime had begun. Byakuya was taken back by hearing it in such a manner, and almost lost his grip on the tea cup in his hand which clanked against the saucer loudly. I'll not allow it. With Hisagi-san taking over the ninth division, I find myself left without a lieutenant.

As he insists Matsimoto join him. I don't have a clue why.

Renji Abarai

She's lazy and always late with her reports. But she's his headache now. I need a hard worker who can take this job seriously. Her ice zanpaktou will also be an asset to me.

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Hers is the only other ice element able to stand up against mine. I will train her well. Hyorinmaro gets along well with Sorde no Shiroyuki. I believe it a good match. It will make my life much easier and I will personally see to her safety. Rukia was promoted and several weeks had passed. Busier then normal she didn't find much time to spend with her friends.

The last time she went out with them was to celebrate her promotion. They had laughed so hard and got so drunk. Renji was teasing her about her admiration for her brother. He would pretend to be Bayakuya and Matsumoto would pretend to be Rukia. He did it so well you couldn't tell the difference. Kiss, Kiss, Kiss" Matsumoto said mocking Rukia.

They all laughed so hard Hisagi fell on the floor. Rukia had missed spending time with them. But it didn't stop them from calling her every time they went out without her. At first it was funny but Rukia was starting to get pissed at the constant interruptions. I'm so hot tonight. Where are you right now?

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He kind of liked it and forgot what he called her for. Rukia are you alright? I bet you would look even sexier out of it. I'm wearing that light blue robe you bought me Renji bought it for her and she was wearing it in the manner stated. I should have worn something underneath. I'm afraid if I bend over one might see too much. I'm not sure how much longer I can hold out. Its going to hurt when you slide it in. Will you go easy on me? His mouth hanging so far open his jaw was at risk of falling off.

Does that mean I have been naughty? I'm getting on all fours. Would you like to spank me? Rukia had surely gone mad, that had to be it. She had never been that bold before but for some reason he couldn't hang up. Rukia thought she was getting back at Renji really well, and silenced her laughter. She could keep this up all night. Renji wouldn't be able to look her in the face the next day for sure without blushing like mad she thought, proud of herself. Byakuya thought he would loose it hearing her say his name like that.

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