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romance and relationship blogs

Blog with us about dating, romance and relationships. Discover how to build a more nurturing and loving romantic relationship that's look at the miWisdom blog which presents daily life wisdom's and learning's and . If you want wise instruction for pursuing romantic relationships as a Christian, you should follow these top five Christian relationship bloggers.

Understand that by being a little creative and thinking somewhat outside the box, you could very well both get what you want in ways that you may never have expected. Be Flexible in Your Approach As your relationship matures and moves through its progressive stages, you may find that you will also need to change and adapt accordingly.

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Many relationships falter as they progress past the initial attraction stage because partners fail to understand that they need to be flexible in their approach and change accordingly as their relationship evolves to another level. To encourage the act of flexibility, learn to ask yourself solution-focused questions. Support Your Partner Whenever you judge, criticize or condemn your partner, at that very moment you are creating conflict and bitterness towards you and your relationship with this person.

When you wholeheartedly support your partner, it shows in your actions, your demeanor, and in your approach. When support is lacking many other things will begin to break down within a relationship. Begin by showing them that you care, talk to them about their concerns and challenges, and be there for them in their time of greatest need. Cultivate an Optimistic Outlook It is easy for us to get disgruntled and depressed when things are simply not going our way.

If problems or challenges are testing your relationship, then see them as a blessing in disguise. Actually, see them as experiences you can learn from to build even stronger bonds between you and your partner. Your own perspective will either make or break a relationship.

romance and relationship blogs

It all begins with you and expands from there. Focus Only on Solutions Focusing on solutions is closely linked to cultivating an optimistic outlook. However, the major difference is that when you are focusing on solutions, you specifically target potential scenarios that will strengthen and build on the current problems and challenges that may be holding your relationship back from evolving to the next level.

romance and relationship blogs

The easiest way to begin cultivating this kind of mindset is to ask effective solution focused questions that will expand your way of thinking in new directions. If in the future you are ever dealing with a similar problem or challenge in your life, then the miWisdom set of questions will set you on the right track towards a solution-focused mindset. Accept Yourself Wholeheartedly Self-acceptance is an absolutely critical factor when it comes to the ongoing success of your relationship.

Have you ever been in a relationship where your partner had very low self-esteem, and as a result, this ended up sabotaging your relationship?

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Yes indeed, I am sure this has happened to a great deal of us, in fact, you may have been the one with the low self-esteem, and as a result, your partner might have walked away. As a human species, we are naturally attracted to confident and decisive partners who feel good about their own body and mind. Your first step is to accept this statement as FACT. Secondly, begin today by truly and wholeheartedly loving yourself from head to toe, inside and out, body, brain, soul, and spirit.

You are a unique and wonderful person who deserves the very best life has to offer. Begin today by spending more time with yourself and appreciating your uniqueness and beauty. Once you have fully grasped and understood this, only then will you be ready to love another person wholeheartedly without hesitation.

Accept All Imperfections This naturally leads on from the previous point. First, you must accept yourself and all your imperfections openly and fully.

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You are not perfect and never will be in the human form. Accept this as FACT and understand that your partner will never be perfect either. Like you, they also have imperfections and little things that they do that may not be to your liking. Instead, learn to cultivate the mindset of acceptance and wholeheartedly accept them for who they are. Go ahead, take a good long look and see the beauty that lies hidden within these depths.

This is literally an eye-opening experience. Once you lock-in on that beauty that lies within, you will never look at your partner the same way again. I maintain very high standards for the quality of biblical soundness and wisdom when it comes to teachings on how Christians should pursue romantic relationships.

Yes, I admit it. She offers many free blog posts with a wealth of wisdom on topics relevant to singles.

20 Best Blogs on Marriage & Relationships

She also offers premium content including audio teaching and a personal love life development course. As a certified counselor, Debra also offers remote counseling services. Her book True Love Dates is also my top recommendation as a primer on healthy dating. You can also also follow on Facebook and Twitter.

Cloud is a psychologist with a prestigious career as a leader and speaker who addresses many arenas of life, including romantic relationships. He gives unique attention to the spiritual, emotional, and relational boundaries that are necessary to maintain healthy relationships. His co-authored book How To Get A Date Worth Keeping is written for Christians who need to become more active in dating and was instrumental in my own life. His co-authored book Boundaries In Dating addresses many common mistakes people make in dating and how to prevent and correct them.

You can also follow him on Facebook and Twitter. Gary Thomas Gary Thomas is a highly successful author, speaker, and blogger. He blogs about both romantic relationships before marriage and married living. His book The Sacred Search is an excellent read on proper perspectives of marriage to hold while single and how to make a wise choice in a spouse.