Robert smith and siouxsie sioux relationship

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robert smith and siouxsie sioux relationship

Does anyone remember the feud between Siouxsie Sioux and The Cure's frontman Robert Smith? The "feud" began in May , when Smith. By the end of the day, The Cure's Robert Smith was, for the second time, the solid,” Siouxsie Sioux tells Uncut, recalling the end of the Banshees' . a much younger person but most relationships can be broken down into. Robert Smith also found himself playing guitar for Siouxsie & the Banshees for a At this early stage, the relationship involved Siouxsie singing backing It consisted of Siouxsie Sioux (Susan J. Ballion) on vocals and Steven.

As ofSmith had once again re-hired O'Donnell on keyboards. It consisted of Siouxsie Sioux Susan J. Ballion on vocals and Steven Severin on bass guitar and keyboardsbut the guitarist's slot is always to be desired here.

robert smith and siouxsie sioux relationship

Of all the guitarists in the band, they'd hired the Cure's Robert Smith twice in and Both Sioux and Severin had earlier been part of an obscure punk community dubbed "The Bromley Contingent" by journalist Caroline Coon, her claim being that its members all came from the Bromley region of Kent. Severin didn't like the name: It was just a bunch of people drawn together by the way they felt and the way they looked. They were replaced by Kenny Morris and Pete Fenton respectively in Fenton quit that July and was replaced by John McKay; the group's first single was "Hong Kong Garden," released in the spring offollowed by their debut album, The Scream, that fall.

Then, in Augustjust after the release of their second album, Join Hands, Morris and McKay both resigned; Sioux and Severin drafted Budgie ex-Slits; nee Peter Clarke on drums he would stay with the group as their drummer from this point on; and would be married to Siouxsie from and the Cure's Robert Smith on guitar. With Smith still being committed to his own group, Sioux and Severin then hired John McGeoch late of Magazine as their guitarist for the next three years.

Their third album, Kaleidoscope featuring the songs "Happy House" and "Christine"was released infollowed by Juju the next year featuring "Spellbound".

McGeoch quit the band in after he fell ill he would die in August at age 48just after the release of A Kiss in the Dream House featuring "Slowdive" and "Melt! Thus, Robert Smith was once again drafted by Sioux and Severin to replace him on guitar. His second stint in the band involved cutting a live album, Nocturne released in and their cover of the Beatles' "Dear Prudence," and he contributed to their much-anticipated album Hyaena, released in June featuring the singles "Swimming Horses" and "Dazzle" ; during recording sessions, Smith also formed The Glove with Steve Severin after having noticed Siouxsie and Budgie doing their own side project, The Creaturesreleasing what would be their only album, Blue Sunshine featuring "Like an Animal".

Smith quit the group for the second time after feeling exhausted from playing in two bands at once. Their next album, 's Peepshow with John Carruthers bowing out of the guitarist slot in favor of Jon Kleinwas to be their first album to chart in the U.

For much ofSiouxsie wore swastika armbands in an attempt to enrage the Establishment's 'we fought a war for the likes of you' mindset. She succeeded, though today her naivety- what NME's Julie Burchill decried as "making a fashion accessory out of the death of millions of people"-seems unforgivable. Siouxsie is surprisingly frank, if unrepentant. It was used as a glamour thing.

And you know what? I shouldn't say it but I think it's a very good-looking uniform. It's almost like you feel like saying,'Aw, come on. Nazis - they're brilliant. It's very - what's the word? It's being very Nazi! It's ironic but this PC-ness is so fucking fascist. In America they're especially touchy about Nazis and it's so Nazi! You go to LA and it's so segregated.

It's very Nazi and the irony is they don't get it. They don't realise how Nazi they are about taking offence to mentioning the word Nazi. Look what happened to him. He got into smack. That was very un-Sid if you'd known Sid.

That's irrelevant, because we knew him and he was happy to play with us. Later immortalised on 's Join Hands, their mythically shambolic performance convinced Sioux and Severin that they a had long-term potential.

Unfortunately, with Sid busy with his own group, The Flowers Of Romance, and Perroni deemed incompatible, it would be five months before a remodelled Banshees played again. Even the notorious svengali didn't anticipate the ensuing eruption of filth and fury.

Which serves him right. If you bring all these elements in and you think you can control them, then you're the biggest fool. What a fuckin' rotter!

robert smith and siouxsie sioux relationship

It's funny that it's become some kind of pinpoint moment because if you look back at it, it's so tame. When you think about the response of people kicking their TV sets in and moaning, 'That was disgraceful! The actual day was just us thinking, 'Let's have a laugh. The best thing was afterwards, they still didn't know what to do with us so we went back in the green room when all the phones started ringing.

The switchboard had overloaded with calls from people complaining. It was over by '77 'cos the Bill Grundy thing killed it. They got hold of it and made it a freakshow.

Siouxsie And The Banshees - Dear Prudence feat Robert Smith (The Cure)

In the way that John Leyton's 'Johnny Remember Me', where the backing vocals are the ghost of the woman that's died, and 'Terry' by Twinkle, were pop songs. I loved death pop. In spite of their "death pop" agenda, debut single "Hong Kong Garden" was deliriously catchy Geisha punk.

Taking its title from a Chislehurst Chinese takeaway, its lyrics stemmed from Siouxsie's teenage anger at the racial abuse the oriental staff suffered from local bootboys.

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It made me feel so helpless, hopeless and ill. Sandwiched between Magazine's Real Life five months earlier and PiL's Public Image one month laterThe Scream was the second in a triptych of '78 debuts marking the moment punk went "post". Against McKay and Severin's brutal riffs, Sioux's claustrophobic dramas of rotting flesh and suburban relapses took "No Future" nihilism to hitherto unfathomed depths.

It remains an extraordinary and uncompromising work. On its release, however, Sioux's nemesis at the NME, Julie Burchill, ignored the fact that the Teutonic death march "Metal Postcard" was dedicated to anti-Nazi propaganda artist John Heartfield and mounted a belated attack on Siouxsie's swastika phase.

Therefore she must be either evil or retarded. She didn't want to like us. It's plain old envy. Come on, there was that original lyric in "Love In A Void": Obviously a lot of people didn't get it that way, so it was changed. Rumour has it that, midway through an early NME interview, Morley and Siouxsie interrupted proceedings to get down to something more intimate than journalistic banter.

Siouxsie Sioux and Robert Smith -

For once, she's speechless. Siouxsie's feelings on the matter would later be expressed on "Drop Dead Celebration", the B-side of "Happy House", which carried the sinister run-out groove inscription "Bye Bye Blackheads". Budgie's relationship with Siouxsie blossomed furtively "I didn't want us being a couple to affect the group spirit"though by 's "Mad Eyed Screamer", the first release from their side project as The Creatures, the couple's mutual infatuation was obvious.

They finally married 10 years later.

Siouxsie Sioux and Robert Smith

Meantime, the Banshees had become, in Siouxsie's own words, "almost a different group". The late guitarist's eerie, exotic playing style gave the sound psychedelic, even gothic, overtones. With the rest of us, drinking was a phase. With him it was an illness. There's no way I want to resemble a slob.