Rikuo and yuki onna relationship memes

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rikuo and yuki onna relationship memes

See more. Rikuo and Tsurara from Nurarihyon no Mago / Nura: Rise of the Yokai Clan · Yuki OnnaHopeless vifleem.info StyleAnime couplesChibiAnime. Tsurara Oikawa (及川 氷麗, Oikawa Tsurara), often called Yuki Onna (雪女; later, after all finally finish, Rikuo and Tsurara's relationship seems to be the same as Quotes. (To Rikuo) "I'll protect you for all eternity. Because you are the one I. nura rikuo and tsurara (yuki-onna) depois do quase beijo. Mangá Quotes Collection: Shiibashi Hiroshi - Grandchild of Nurarihyon (ぬらりひょんの孫) [Part.

Despite this, she will still protect Kana as her death would make Rikuo sad.

Rikuo Nura's Relationships

History Tsurara was born to Setsura, a temperamental Yuki Onna who served under Nurarihyon himself and was an older Sister figure to Rihan. Setsura left at some point and her daughter became the Yuki Onna of their clan. Tsurara has been looking after Rikuo since he was young, often ending up falling for his various pranks. Since then, she has attended school as Tsurara in order to watch over and protect him.

While the girls are in the onsen, she, Rikuo, Kiyotsugu and Shima set off to look for spirits. Meanwhile, they were being watched by Gyuki 's minions, who had been ordered to kill them. She was defeated but was saved by Rikuo who then fought against him and won. Rikuo then put her to sleep and left her to Kana whom he encountered while on his way to find Gyuki.

Tsurara Oikawa

Shikoku Arc In the final battle against TamazukiYosuzume takes Rikuo by surprise and touches him once, blinding him. Meanwhile, Tsurara is hurriedly searching for him while the battle takes place.

Even though Rikuo is unable to see, he was able to fend off Tamazuki's underlings long enough for Tsurara to appear to his aid.

rikuo and yuki onna relationship memes

Just as he is about to be killed, Tsurara blocks Tamazuki's attack with her staff. Yosuzume then blinds her as well, despite her attempts to try and cover her eyes.

rikuo and yuki onna relationship memes

It is later revealed that Tsurara had frozen her left eye over before the feather could reach it and had been able to see for the entire time. She waited until an opportunity presented itself and eventually froze Yosuzume when her guard was down.

rikuo and yuki onna relationship memes

The poison then wears off and Rikuo prepares to fight Tamazuki once more. Toono Arc Tsurara did not make many appearances during the Toono Arc, but she was mentioned at the beginning by Rikuo while he was doing the laundry about how she was always happy to do it for him.

She also wrote several letters to him, most of them concerning about his health and well being. Later once she was free, she preforms Matoi with Rikuo and they freeze and shatter one of Tsuchigumo's arms.

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As Tsuchigumo keeps attacking, Rikou attempts Matoi with her once more, however she "politely declines" arguably because of jealousy that Matoi can be performed with anybody and not just her as she initially thought making Rikuo to perform Matoi with Itaku. Tsurara has been promoted to a high-ranking position and entrusted the Nishikigoi district, which was formerly ruled by her mother, with the intent to gather more allies into the Nura Clan for the battle against Nue.

She then tries to get the Arawashi Family, a clan of stall-keepers and yakuza who provide financial backing for the Nura Clan under her wing, but is immediately rejected by them seeing nothing more than a girl in her. She's promptly teased by Gozumaru and Mezumaru for her incompetence as a commander.

rikuo and yuki onna relationship memes

She eventually runs into the Kiyo Cross Supernatural Squad, who is looking for Tsukumogami and later departs. After this she buys a pot for shaved ice, which when poured with her ice, turns into a Tsukumogami called Onryu. Being called master by her she then proceeds to buy many old pots with the intent of creating of Tsukumogami's who are sworn to follow her.

Although reluctant of the results she's nonetheless happy that she managed to get allies of her own. Later she attempts to earn the sympathy of the Arawashi Family by working with her new followers, and they prove themselves fairly competent workers and over time are better received by the family.

During a day of work customers of the clan are attacked by Tsukumogamis more sinister than Tsurara's and she launches herself at the enemy defending humans and part of the Arawashi Family alike.

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Facing the large fusion of Tsukumogami, she's backed up by the Arawashi Family, where they fight and defeat the Tskumogamis and the Ayakashi controlling them. With this proof of courage she earns the respect of the Ayakashi Family who proceed to tell her of the hardships they faced with the Hyaku Monogatari Clan, and how Setsura and Rihan were of essential support to keep their business.

They then accept her as leader, who in tells them to follow Rikuo. While they don't know much about him, they nonetheless willingly accept to aid him given Tsurara has great faith on him.

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Abilities Her "fear" is the ability to manipulate ice and cold wind, which primarily enables her to release a long breath of snowstorm that can freeze her opponent. Her ice techniques allow her to model weapons like the naginata and items like the skateboard. Relationships Rikuo Nura They know each other since Rikuo was a child and used to play a lot together. After the Gagoze incident, Tsurara was designated as Rikuo's bodygard along with Ao, fact that he never realized until she and Ao explained him themselves.

At first he wasn't agree with the idea of Tsurara being around him all the time, but he slowly got used to it and enjoyed her company. As any youkai, she likes to do jokes, but Rikuo is totally against of it, even if it's not dangerous, so normally she doesn't do anything.

After the Gogaze incident, she was designated as Rikuo's bodyguard along with Ao, a fact that he never realized until Tsurara and Ao explained it to him themselves. At first Rikuo didn't agree with the idea of her being around him all the time at school, but he slowly got used to it. She also cooks for him; he admits that the food she cooks tastes good, the only problem is that it's always frozen.

Through time, Tsurara developed feelings for him, making her act a little bit strange sometimes because of her being nervous or getting jealous when Kana was present.

Nura Rikuo - Yuki Onna

Rikuo asking Tsurara to do Matoi with him. Naturally Rikuo is oblivious about her feelings and he thinks that she's just overreacting. But even so, he trusts Tsurara greatly. Throughout the manga, and some omakes, it was hinted that Rikuo also developed feelings for Tsurara in a way.

rikuo and yuki onna relationship memes

He's not as obvious as his attendant, but the hints are in his actions. In one of the omakes where Tsurara had pigtails, Rikuo showed interest in her although he did not recognized that she was actually Tsurara because one, she had pigtails, and two, she didn't wear any scarf that day. In the last scene of the omake, he wondered what section was she and if he could meet her again. Also in one of the chapters of the manga prior to Hyaku Monogatari Clan Arc, Rikuo went to pick her up from Nishikigoi District and walked her back under an umbrella one snowy night.

In Japan, sharing an umbrella is a romantic gesture. He confronted them all while still being in his human form carrying Tsurara. However, in the latest omake chapter, 'Tsurara's Love Comedy', Tsurara is ordered by her mother to steal a kiss from Rikuo before she leaves.

While in school searching for Rikuo, she is told that he is in the gym with Kana, and becomes jealous.