Riker and troi relationship

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riker and troi relationship

Troi's relationship with Will Riker is perhaps the unhealthiest friendship/romance ever depicted on TV. He stood her up years prior, and now. Do these two have an open relationship? I have binged about 6 seasons into the show recently, and I can't figure it out. It's pretty clear they. Until this episode, I don't think we quite understand that the Imzadi relationship isn't truly in the past for either Troi or Riker. They are not actively.

They have a lot of chemistry together. This is something I mostly attribute to the fact that the actors portraying the characters are such good friends off screen. Additionally, I tend to think the writers crafted the relationship between these two characters in such a way that it can simmer beneath every scene without needing to be the central focus.

They are not actively in a relationship, of course, but their feelings for each other are not limited to memories of their time together in their youth. The feeling is mutual, Counselor.

riker and troi relationship

Perhaps your own feelings are getting in the way. My job is to help others sort out their emotions. My own feelings are beside the point. Our feelings are what make us all human. Are you feeling sad? He cares about her feelings. And her admission that her own emotions have clouded her ability to sense emotions from others is beautiful.

In this episode, she loses her empathic abilities, and the sudden loss of a sense which is the equivalent of one of us losing our vision or hearing is quite jarring for her. She suffers a crisis of confidence. When Troi attempts to turn in her Starfleet resignation to Captain Picard, it is Riker who comes to her quarters to comfort her and, perhaps, talk some sense into her. His first instinct, of course, is to wrap her into a warm embrace and allow her to cry in his arms.

I look around me and all I see are surfaces without depth. You have no idea how frightening it is to just be here without sending you, without sharing your feelings.

You always had an advantage, a little bit of control of every situation.

Riker's moment of realization

That must have been a very safe position to be in. And his tone is just as harsh as his words.

riker and troi relationship

Riker refuses to let Troi drown in a self-pitying spiral. Tough love is love, and there is plenty of that here. I adore seeing that this relationship is built on more than just unresolved sexual tension smoldering beneath every scene. Their relationship is built on the mutual respect that allows each of them to take the lead and challenge the other when necessary. The crew of the D, however, does believe their Captain is dead, and it is time to host a memorial service.

Riker declines because he has no plans to attend the memorial service: A memorial service helps to give everyone a sense of completion.


Helps them begin the healing process. It hurts like hell. Do you think you have the monopoly on loss? Well, let me tell you something: That is enough, Counselor…. This is not about revenge. This is about justice. The Captain died in a bar fight for nothing. Somebody has to answer for that.

Deanna Troi

InMarina moved to the United States to pursue acting but it wasn't going well. She auditioned for the role of the security chief who was named Lt. Roddenberry liked Sirtis' exotic Greek look and called her back to audition five times.

At the same time, Denise Crosby had auditioned to play Counselor Troi. In the end, Roddenberry decided to switch between the two actresses.

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Sirtis has said she was petrified by the repeated auditions and pretty much given up hope of getting the job at all. She had even come to think her acting career in the US was over. On the day the decision was made to hire her, Sirtis' six-month visa was due to expire. She said when she got the call offering her the role, she was packing to return to Britain.

An hour later and she would have missed the call, and we would have missed her talents.

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Troi's Accent Many fans who meet Sirtis are surprised to hear her real voice because Troi had a very different accent on the show.

Troi's accent was really a choice made for an odd reason: To set them apart, Sirtis was asked to come up with an alien accent and she came up with a mixture of Eastern European and Israeli.

She later came to regret the choice, especially since no other Betazoid like her mother had the accent. Troi Almost Had Four Breasts Troi is beloved by male and female fans of the show for her beauty, intelligence, and independence.

However, that's not the way she was intended to be.

riker and troi relationship

Gene Roddenberry had some, uh, unusual choices for Deanna Troi. Initially, Troi was supposed to be the eye-candy of the show.

riker and troi relationship

In fact, Roddenberry described her character as a "four-breasted, oversexed hermaphrodite. Troi Needed a Promotion Some people questioned why Troi was hanging around on the bridge all the time, even to the extent of having her own chair right next to the captain. Yes, she was a counselor but was she really an officer?

She didn't even dress as a Starfleet officer until later in the series.

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In fact, Troi held the rank of lieutenant commander because of her medical training. The Betazoid race had psychic powers but her human father made Troi empathic instead. In the third season, an important window into her relationship with her father and the Betazoid would have been revealed but it was cut. In "The Bonding," a deleted scene would have explained how Troi's family lived on Betazed until her father died. Afterward, whenever Deanna would try to talk about her father, the Betazoids kept pulling her thoughts out of her head before she could say them.

riker and troi relationship

That made her angry and resentful towards Betazed. In the seventh season, the episode "Dark Page" showed flashbacks of Deanna Troi as a baby. The baby was played by twin sisters Candace and Nicole Villwock. The Next Generation will notice a pattern of Deanna Troi becoming the target of aliens.

In season four's episode "Clues," the crew of the Enterprise lost a day's memory and Deanna was taken over by an alien entity to communicate with the crew.