Quinn and santana relationship glee wiki kurt

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quinn and santana relationship glee wiki kurt

The Brittany-Quinn-Santana Relationship, commonly known as the Unholy Trinity Mercedes to go out with Kurt, despite knowing about his sexual orientation. Santana was the one who ended the relationship, but she continued having feelings for him, because in the episode Hairography, she got jealous of Quinn and. The Mercedes-Santana Relationship, also known as Sancedes, is the rivalry turned Santana, with the help of Quinn, convinces Mercedes that Kurt is totally .

At the end, Santana tells Mercedes that Puck's hair is growing back, meaning he will break up with Mercedes after it does. Laryngitis Santana admits to Mercedes that she sometimes puts weird stuff in her food when she is not looking and tried to punch her a River Deep, Mountain High. As part of the duets competition, Santana suggests they join up, because they have the best voices in the club and will be the "undisputed top bitches of the school. The two seem friendly after the performance, and Santana tells the club they've already made custom bibs for Breadstix.

When Sam and Quinn are announced the winners of the Duets Contest, Santana gets angry and tries to get up and hurt Quinn but, Mercedes stops her. Santana starts to cry and Mercedes rubs her head and says "It's okay, it's okay. At first, they look sad and worried for Kurt, but then both are having fun and dancing around with each other while they sing the song, arm in arm. Prom Queen Despite the fact that the two seemed to have become friends, Mercedes approves of Will's decision to suspend Santana from the Glee club due to her and the Cheerios setting a purple piano on fire, on Sue 's ordersnoting that it's about time people took the club seriously if they are going to succeed at Nationals this year.

Rachel-Santana Relationship

Mercedes and Santana lead the song. Santana has a flashback to the first time she met Brittany and Mercedes has a flashback to the first time she met Sam. Once the song ends Mercedes leaves the auditorium in tears and goes to the restroom. Santana follows Tina and Rachel to the restroom to comfort Mercedes and to see what is upsetting her. Mercedes tearfully confesses to them that it wasn't Shane, but Sam, that she thought of during the song.

Santana looks sympathetic towards her, and a little concerned.

quinn and santana relationship glee wiki kurt

They are thus both made finalists in the dance-competition and rewarded with an assignment to cover a song from "Saturday Night Fever. Sue, Rozand Shannon inform the girls that their assignment is to perform a song that was about female empowerment.

Together, they perform Cell Block Tangowhich is received negatively by them. Later, when Coach Beiste is honest to the group about the abuse she went through, they perform Shake It Out with Tina. Choke Near the beginning, Santana and Mercedes are seen fooling around and laughing together in the background. She also tells her that she's sorry for her choked audition, but she has to stop acting like she's fine and deal with the consequences, before finally saying she will be attending the prom to dance with Brittany and no-one will ruin it for her.

Santana and Quinn pretend that Rachel won Prom Queen via write in vote at the end of the episode.

quinn and santana relationship glee wiki kurt

Prom-asaurus When Santana is cleaning out her locker, the picture Rachel gave her in Dance With Somebody is still pinned up in her locker. Santana, along with the rest of the glee club, is at the train station for Rachel's departure. She hugs Rachel and waves to her as the train leaves for New York.

Santana strongly advises Rachel not to do it, explaining that she'll feel bad about it at some point. After Rachel leaves the scene where her topless scene was supposed to be shot, she sings Love Song with Santana and Quinn. Rachel and Santana are the first one to share a tight hug during the Quinn's solo in Love Song.

Kurt-Rachel-Santana Relationship

Afterwards, Santana and Quinn are invited to dinner by Rachel. This inspires Santana to move to New York. She knocks on Rachel and Kurt's door, and to their surprise, announces that she is moving in. Rachel says that Santana is going to have to move out because the apartment is hers and Kurt's sanctuary, and she makes her feel uncomfortable. But, thankfully, Kurt calms them both down and suggests they sit down and watch a movie. Santana says she's been through their DVD collection.

Rachel, along with Kurt, is shocked and a little upset that Santana had been snooping through all their things.

Glee - Kurt tells Santana not to tell anyone about Cody and Rachel gets them a new job 5x08

Santana explains that the only person who carries that much money and a pager is a drug dealer, so she says that Brody is a drug dealer. Later, they all vote on whether they should continue to watch Moulin Rouge or not.

Santana doesn't want to continue watching, but she is ultimately out-voted. She then says, "Oh, but what about Brody's vote? Or do drug dealers not get to vote? To prove it, she calls Brody to ask where he is. When Rachel is on the phone, Santana imitates someone who snorts cocaine. Rachel says that she doesn't know what Santana's talking about, but Santana reassures her, saying that she's her friend and she can trust her, so she asks her to just tell her what's going on.

Rachel breaks down crying and Santana wraps her arms around her, comforting her and telling her that everything's gonna be alright.

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Girls and Boys on Film After Santana takes Rachel to the doctor, where it's determined it was just a false alarm and she's not pregnant, they share a hug. Rachel wants to go back to class, but Santana stops her, asking her to take a deeper look at where her life is going, especially her relationship with Brody.

After her performance of Cold Heartedshe tells Brody to get out of the apartment and Rachel's life. After getting a call from Brody, Kurt and Rachel confront Santana about her actions and give her an ultimatum: Standing up for what she believes in, Santana moves out.

The next day, Santana tricks Brody and calls him to an empty hotel room to further confront him - only this time she has brought Finn with her, whom she has told all about Brody. Santana leaves and Brody and Finn get into a fist fight, ending with Finn threatening him to leave Rachel alone.

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Feud After Brody's moved out of the apartment, Santana's moved back in. Santana and Kurt are in the bathroom while Rachel showers and Santana blackmails him, telling him that she will tell Rachel the truth about Brody if hhe doesn't give her shelf space. After he leaves, Rachel tells Santana about her break up with Brody. Santana explains that she loves them and reads people better than they do, but when they persist, she caves in and leaves.

quinn and santana relationship glee wiki kurt

Feud Back again in the apartment, Santana is still bickering with Rachel and Kurt, this time in the bathroom, because she doesn't have any shelf room for her products. Kurt wants Santana to wait on telling Rachel about Brody until after her big audition as it will distract her from her goal, which Santana agrees upon only if Kurt gives her extra room. Santana then offers to cheer Rachel up by playing an innocent little prank on Kurt, but when the two girls go in to put his hand in a pot of warm water, they see his little secret, his "boyfriend arm.

Later, Kurt gives Santana and Rachel their own special pillows and Santana proceeds to tell Rachel that Brody is a gigolo, which Kurt confirms, after she is tired of hearing that Rachel and Brody might get back together. She wants them to watch her biggest guilty pleasure movie because she just got out of a relationship: Rachel picks up the movie and as she walks to the couch, she starts to slowly sing Mamma Mia and is joined by Santana and Kurt; the scene is intercut with Marley, Blaine, and Sam leading the New Directions performance.

Guilty Pleasures Starting the episode, Santana enters the Bushwick Apartment showing Kurt and Rachel she's found a new armchair in a dumpster.

They tell Santana they think she's throwing her life away and confront her for working at Coyote Ugly, bouncing at a lesbian bar, and working as a cage dancer in another. Rachel and Kurt worry that she's squandering her talents, but Santana insists she needs time to figure out her life path and blows off their concern.

At first Santana is the only one who isn't excited with the idea claiming she doesn't like ballet, being convinced shortly after by Kurt and Rachel. Later, at the gala, Isabele invites Kurt them to watch the ballet performance from the wings, and Santana joins them revealing she actually took ballet classes in her childhood.

There they perform At the Ballet along with Isabelle. Lights Out When Santana comes back to Lima to find out what's happening with Brittany, she denies the rumour about both Rachel and Kurt "playing bingo down at the V.

Later, after Kurt tells Rachel and Santana he's started working at Spotlight Diner, the trio agree to stick together for two years, no matter their success. Rachel is surprised at the diner by Mr. Campionthe Funny Girl director, who tells her she has been cast as Fanny, and she hugs her friends very happy. They perform Let It Be with Dani to celebrate this achievement.

He also says that he will be accepting girls, and that while he was originally planning on starting a Madonna cover band, he wants to move in a different direction now. Both Dani and Santana agree to join Kurt's band. Kurt asks Rachel to join as well, but she declines, explaining that she feels it would just be "too much" after Finn's death and that all her creative energy must go into her role in Funny Girl.

Kurt reminds Rachel that Finn wouldn't want her "sitting on the sidelines of life. Rachel comes home from Funny Girl rehearsal and jokingly suggests that they name the band Pamela Lansburywhich everyone actually agrees on. Kurt again invites Rachel to be part of the band, pointing out that Barbra Streisand found time to do other projects even when she was doing Funny Girl.

This time, Rachel agrees. Movin' Out In a meeting, Kurt announces to Pamela Lansbury that he booked them their very first gig, unfortunately the rest of the gang isn't very enthusiastic about their location, even when Kurt tells them about his dream Into the Groove performance. At the concert, Rachel comes in and tells Kurt that they have an audience of only one person. Later, Kurt has gathered the members of Pamela Lansbury, minus Dani, and tells them that they haven't failed and that he has booked their second gig at the Williamsburg Music Hall, which is one of the hottest music venues in Brooklyn.

Then they get a knock at the door, and receive a package of puppets which Santana calls "creepy as hell. The three take jobs as elves at a store's Santa Land display, and there is where they meet Cody.

Later, they invite him to the apartment, where they have a party and get drunk while singing The Chipmunk Song Christmas Don't Be Late because of being manipulated by him. After finding out Cody was a robber and being fired, the three get some new jobs at the New York mall as singers out a window.

At the end of the episode, they are seen performing Away in a Manger. Previously Unaired Christmas Rachel and Santana have an argument after Santana auditions for Rachel's understudy in Funny Girl without telling her first. The conflict escalates to the point at which Rachel slaps Santana, before suggesting she leaves. Kurt, helpless, refuses to side with either of them, making Rachel frustrated and upset.