Power rangers time force wes and jen relationship 5 year anniversary

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power rangers time force wes and jen relationship 5 year anniversary

Power Rangers Time Force is a Power Rangers season that featured the fight between 5 References In Power Rangers Wild Force, Wes and Eric, now best friends, team up with the Wild Force Rangers to Jen traveled back in time before her other teammates from the year to track the Mut-Orgs, and later. Wes and Jen have been separated for 7 years and an mutant A Close Call, 5. We Meet Again, 6. A New Relationship, 7. So this is going to be a Power Rangers time force Fanfic if you like it great it will go between times so try to keep up. . speaks up "sir, Sargent Ben Coreng sir, it is the anniversary Sir. This article is about a/an three-part episode in Power Rangers Time Force. With all the mutants now captured, Jen and the gang return to the year She and Wes reluctantly part ways, their relationship coming to a premature end. . Time Force DVDs from the 20th Anniversary Legacy Set & the Seasons DVD set.

He told her that he wanted to get back into his racing game but she knew he didn't want to talk about the real reason even though they all knew especially Jen.

Trip and Katie had been transferred to a base in the east coast a year after they had gotten back because the base had been dealing with a ton of mutant and human issues.

For 7 years now the team had been split up and Jen felt as if it would tear her to pieces. Then the reason they all knew that they didn't want to meet with each other to much was because of the memories of him. Jen thought of him too much and she knew it but that did not stop her. Wes, she thought to herself. Every one of the time force rangers knew that if they met on a frequent enough bases that Jen would have a meltdown since he wasn't there.

Wes takes a step towards the rangers. First up was Lucas was puts out his hand "better take it easy on that race track Lucas. The both take a step forward and embrace when they let go Lucas smiles one last time and turns to walk back to the time ship then with a flash of blue light he is gone.

Katie rushes over to Wes who is still looking to where Lucas disappeared at and strongly hugs him. Next, Trip walks up to Wes with a sad look on his face. At this time the Guardians are changed so they protect the city for free. Collins was indeed genuine.

Antagonists[ edit ] The antagonists of the Power Rangers are mutant criminals that had traveled back in time with the criminal Ransik. He and the other mutants are shown to be byproducts of the future's genetic experiments, and were shunned by much of society. In the finale, certain characters were redeemed by the Time Force Power Rangers and willingly gave themselves up for judgment, returning in the following series to aid the Rangers in the crossover with Power Rangers Wild Force.

Ransik[ edit ] Ransik is a mutant mastermind created by accident in and the main antagonist in the series. He had possessed abilities such as energy projection, martial arts, and telekinesis.

After being bitten by the mutant Venomark, he became dependent on a serum developed by Dr. Louis Ferricks ; however, due to his unique DNA, Ransik would need to keep drinking the serum until the symptoms stopped recurring. He rewarded the scientist by setting his lab on fire and leaving him for dead; by the end of the series, Ransik no longer needs the serum. He also encountered the last surviving Orgs, who had been turned to stone. In exchange for letting them copy his mutant DNA to escape, Ransik gained greater power such as the ability to pull weapons — swords, mostly — from his skin.

While still needing the serum, his body produced weapons at random the longer he went without drinking it. Ransik's plans involve commandeering the Time Force Cryo-Prison and traveling back in time to take over with an army of mutants that committed crimes in Millennium City.

He is thwarted in his first attempt by Alex, the original Red Time Force Ranger, whom narrowly manages to arrest him. However, en route to the prison, Ransik is rescued by his daughter Nadira and his robotic minion Frax. They escape and accomplish Ransik's goals, and also puts Alex out of action for a long amount of time. Alex was, in fact, thought dead — motivating Jen, the Pink Time Force Ranger, to seek justice and revenge.

He uses various schemes and mutants to attack the Rangers, but never succeeds; unlike his predecessors, Ransik's schemes are cold and logical. During an early encounter with Wes, Ransik claims that he was a misunderstood outcast in the future utopia and that all mutants were oppressed. Jen disputes this — saying that Ransik rejected any offers of help from normal humans.

Wes remains unsure regardless. Ransik temporarily takes control of the Quantasaurus Rex, but it's reclaimed by the Quantum Ranger. Shortly afterward, Frax betrays Ransik and destroys all his serum. He reveals, before escaping that he was the robotically-modified version Dr.

Fericks who swore revenge on Ransik for the destruction of his lab and his current appearance. Unfortunately for Frax's plan, the Bio-Lab company has begun producing the serum they replicated from a sample Wes had found after Venomark's defeat.

Ransik breaks in and steals a vial of the serum. While drinking it, he is caught by Wes' father, Mr. Collins, who admits that if he had known the true nature of the serum, he would've flushed it down the toilet. Ransik fires an energy blast that puts him in a coma and escapes. Ransik eventually runs out of mutants to unfreeze, but captures and reprograms Frax. He unleashes a mass assault on the city with the Doomtron, and destroys the Rangers' clock tower base.

However, the Doomtron is destroyed by Wes. The Rangers then attempt to arrest Ransik, but he overpowers them.

Wes and Jen's Relationship 15

Wes is the only one that lands a real hit on him using his Red Battle Fire Armor. While facing Jen, he accidentally injures Nadira, who has changed her attitude towards humans. After talking with her briefly, and realizing how close he had come to losing what he most cared about, Ransik willingly turns himself in.

He is the second villain of the Power Rangers series to not be destroyed in the end. However, as Alex had told to Jen, if the Future Rangers were not returned in to help him, Wes would use his Red Battle Fire Armor to destroy him in the battle, though dying along with him.

He was possibly given a life sentence, minus the cryogenic freeze, due to willingly surrendering to the Rangers, as he is in a cell under heavy guard when he is released to help stop the Mut-Orgs. Jen showed hostility when she saw Ransik again, but Cole Evans sensed he was telling the truth and convinced her to give him a chance.

Ransik, having already seen the error of his ways, shows a clear amount of guilt for the Mut-Orgs' existence. He is later shown to be alive and his mutant side is purged making him completely human.

Thus, Ransik is one of the few Power Ranger villains to truly find redemption. Nadira[ edit ] Nadira is the mutant daughter of the criminal Ransikwho traveled back in time with her father to She is a rather obnoxious humanoid, who loves being told how much she is beautiful. Nadira would much rather run than fight, but when necessary she was a formidable opponent who possessed the ability to extend her fingernails to use as weapons. She also displayed superhuman strength, the ability to alter clothing, and to teleport.

Nadira adores the 21st century fashion, frequently stealing clothing and jewelry. Nadira engineered Ransik's escape from custody, lying down on the ground and pretending to be injured.

She aided her father's raid on the Cryo Prison and prevented the mutant criminal Gluto from being cryogenically frozen. Along with RansikFrax and Glutoshe traveled back in time to Nadira believed that the key to controlling the world in this time period was to have lots of money, and she frequently tries to accumulate more through extortion or theft. One of her schemes lead to Wes leaving his father, due to the lack of concern for a bus full of children held hostage; her plan was to hold someone of importance hostage for ransom, but the mutant she charged with the task bumbled.

power rangers time force wes and jen relationship 5 year anniversary

However, she is always defeated by the Time Force Power Rangers. A running gag on the show was that Gluto had a crush on her and would try in vain to woo her, but would always be rejected. In the last episodes of the series, as Gluto and the Cyclobots hunt down Frax, Nadira diverts herself by taking over a clothing store.

power rangers time force wes and jen relationship 5 year anniversary

Trip shows up alone to stop her, and the Xybrian takes on the mutant. But when a pregnant woman goes into childbirth labor, the two stop and try to help her.

Trip forces Nadira to help the woman deliver her baby. Nadira emerges from the dressing room with the newborn, who she calls beautiful. Trip tells her that humans cannot be all that bad, and Nadira agrees with him.

The End of Time

After playing with human children, Nadira questions her supposed hatred for them. Nadira goes to an imprisoned Frax for answers. He tells her that hate is a vicious cycle propagated by humans and mutants. As Frax is taken away in chains, she apologizes for the way Ransik has treated him.

In the moment, he sees a spark of goodness in Nadira and urges her to break the cycle. As Nadira tries to make Ransik stop the hate, he scolds her for mourning over Frax, and knocks her down. When a baby was left behind during the attack, she decided to keep it safe and try to find its parents.

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While doing that, she is accidentally wounded by Ransik and asked him to do the right thing, revealing that mutants can forgive humans. Thanks to her, her father realizes his mistakes, and willingly surrenders to the Rangers. Within a year of her return to the future, Nadira is working with children. Apparently Lucas managed to set her up so that she either did not have to go to prison, got community service, did not have a long prison sentence, or was pardoned for her crimes.

Wild Force team-up episode to help them fight the Mut-Orgs. Apparently she likes Lucas as in one episode she goes out on a date with him after thinking he wrote poetry about her it was about his race car but in Reinforcements From the Future at the end he walks off with her holding hands indicating that he may possibly return her feelings.

Nadira is played by Kate Sheldon. Frax[ edit ] Frax is a robot in the service of Ransikresponsible for constructing the army of robot minions that Ransik sends against the Time Force Power Rangers. A robot himself, he dislikes Ransik's belief that robots are inferior, as well as the mutant's habits of destroying his creations when he is angry.

This rage goes unnoticed by Ransik for much of the series until Frax's Fury, when Frax finally takes his anger out on him. Frax's arsenal consists of a claw arm that transforms into a hand-like missile launcher. It is later revealed that Frax is actually all that is left of Dr.

Louis Fericks portrayed by Jeff Griggsthe scientist from the future who attempted to heal Ransik of his poisoning by Venomark, a mutant criminal who is later captured and placed in the X-Vault. He also provides the serum that Ransik must consume regularly to combat the poison, expecting nothing in return; Dr. Fericks was a truly compassionate human, not caring about who or what he helped. Ransik destroys his lab, steals the serum supplies, and leaves him for dead in return.

List of Power Rangers Time Force characters

Fericks only survives by rebuilding himself into a robot, and resents Ransik for his actions. Later in the series, Frax ends up discovering the key to the X-Vault where the worst prisoners are contained after being admonished for sending his robotic creation Tronicon to destroy the Ranger. He releases many of them without Ransik's approval, including Venomark an action that particularly angers Ransik due to their past history. As a form of revenge, he destroys all of his serum, reveals his true identity to Ransik, and runs away from Ransik and the Cyclobots on Ransik's side.

However, Wes found the sample of the serum that Ransik left behind and Bio Lab began producing the serum to treat the citizens infected by Venomark. Despite this, he begins constructing massive robots that run on powerful Trizirium crystals from Mr. In the series finale, Frax is captured by Ransik with the aid of Gluto who finds Frax's hideout while working on his giant robot Doomtron. NadiraRansik's daughter, comes to him after she begins to doubt her father's mission. Frax explains that the hatred and prejudice between humans and mutants is a vicious cycle and he urges her to break it before being taken away and having his memory erased.

He is then reprogrammed to obey Ransik and to use his robot Doomtron to destroy his enemies. Wes is able to return and destroy Doomtron, causing Frax to shut down as a result.

Gluto[ edit ] Gluto is a minor, mafioso -themed, mutant criminal who joins the service of Ransik when he is saved from stasis by the arrival of the villain's forces. He aids Ransik in the 21st century, serving as the dumb muscle of the mutant army. A running gag throughout the series is his crush on Ransik's daughter, Nadira, and his attempts to win her affection; he would always be promptly rejected.

Gluto later finds the hideout of Frax and brings in Ransik to collect him. During the final assault on the city, Gluto decides to freeze himself inside the prison where he was unwilling to stick around for whatever might happen. His name is most likely derived from glutton or gluttonyconsidering his obesity. Gluto had the ability to use his flatulence to propel himself into the air.

Gluto is also known to be a coward at times. The Black Knight is the only non-mutant, robot or demon the Time Force Rangers face, possibly being a ghost. But the campiness, stupidity and fun was well worth the watching. It was the first season to make a clean break from previous continuity, standing completely alone in the now-expanding Power Rangers universe. Whilst Power Rangers In Space had brought the end to six years of continuing storylines, Power Rangers Lost Galaxy was something of a hybrid — keeping a sense of continuity with Bulk, the Astro Megaship and even an Alpha Robot in the series.

Lightspeed Rescue was the bold step forward with no ties to previous continuity — and had the first Power Ranger team created by human science and technology, and not magic. The cast are well-chosen for their roles and work well together, and play off one another perfectly.

Further to that, I believe it is the first Power Ranger season to follow the storyline of the Super Sentai original, which works perfectly here.

The storyline is good enough to follow, and with some additions such as the Titanium Ranger The first US-created Rangerthere was a depth to Lightspeed Rescue, which sets it apart from other Ranger seasons.

power rangers time force wes and jen relationship 5 year anniversary

Dino Thunder Out of all the seasons that Disney produced, this one was by far my favourite. In a bid to unify the universes of Disney and Saban, they brought back a fan-favourite — Tommy, to clock up his fifth incarnation as a Ranger — this time graduating to Black Ranger.

Now, this as fan-service is awesome, but it also adds a new dimension to the series. Tommy was introduced to the franchise as a servant of evil, who suffered the painful loss of his powers twice — the first very quickly; the second, a more protracted affair. And even when they turned their White Ranger, Trent, to the side of good — the original Sentai footage saw their White Ranger continue on as a bad guy.

The only way around it? Easy — clone him for American audiences At the time, this raised the bar for the standard of a Power Ranger season. A mutant criminal, Ransik, from the Year breaks free from police custody and proceeds to take over a prison full of cryogenically frozen mutants, and is bent on taking them all back with him to the yearwhere there is no Time Force Police to stop him.

When they arrive inthey are stranded, and try to activate the Time Force morphers — but cannot do so as the DNA code is locked and cannot be activated without a Red Ranger. Jen tracks him down, begs him to use the morpher in order to unlock the others.

He eventually does so, but quickly has it snatched back from him after Jen deems him unworthy of being part of the team.