Poseidon and athena relationship fanfic

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poseidon and athena relationship fanfic

Although, he's having a rather "complicated" relationship with Athena. But, Poseidon had other plans for him after seeing how strong Percy. Fanfiction. Athena and Poseidon, the bitterest rivals on Olympus. Know why? To the public, I seem to disapprove their relationship, but after the Giants War. AWAY. So now I was stuck in Apollo's house with Athena. Great. "I dare you to go spend seven minutes in the closet with Poseidon." Oh no.

Well, at least it wasn't just Athena. We were all just sitting around in Apollo's TV room, bored. We sat for a while just doing nothing. Then Apollo broke the silence, randomly suggesting Truth or Dare. Artemis groaned, but, as we had nothing better to do, we all sat in a circle. Apollo laid down the rules: Nothing requiring us to go outside, nothing inappropriate. Artemis then added in that they could not make her break her vows.

Apollo glared at her. Everyone nodded in agreement, so we began. I some how managed to shovel them down my throat with out barfing…too much. B-but it was at the beginning, before I had much practice! She came back a moment later, and I could hardly tell anything had changed. I could tell this would end badly. I followed her, in somewhat of a stupor.

I had been sure she would refuse, which made me even more frightened.

poseidon and athena relationship fanfic

This was all too serious for her. She wasn't used to this sort of conversation. She had never felt this way before. It was overwhelming her and she couldn't handle it.

poseidon and athena relationship fanfic

She put a hand to her forehead and looked down in order to hide her new vulnerability from him. Now she really was confused. She never cried over anything, but right now it felt like the only thing she could do. Feeling like this, like he feels, physically hurts her, and she hates herself at the same time for making him feel this way.

Poseidon watched her crumble and he couldn't believe his eyes. His heart of stone melted in an instant. I — I'm so sorry.

poseidon and athena relationship fanfic

At first she was stiff and rigid in his arms, just crying and not fully absorbing the situation, but then she wrapped her arms around his strong back and held on for dear life.

She didn't know what to do or say, so she just buried her head in his chest. I didn't — I could never — I'm so sorry. He had no idea what to say. He had never reduced her to tears before, and he couldn't bear it.

I know that's all you wanted. Anyway, it's not all about that. She looks up at him through those enchanting silver eyes. Athena thinks to herself for a moment. Relationships are not my forte. I'm built to think, not to feel. His blue eyes returned to their normal calm, and his hard face relaxed into a soft smile.

He stroked her back and one of his hands slipped into her hair to tilt her head up so he could look into her eyes. She hoped he'd know what to say. Poseidon stiffened up slightly at her words. She used all the courage she had ever had to lift herself out of his grip, allowing herself to stand on her own without his support. Not trusting herself, she remained grasping his arms so she would stay strong enough to stand. He didn't say anything, only looked at her helplessly.

I don't know what a real relationship should feel like. I'm petrified that I might hurt you or ruin it.

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That in itself terrifies me. I'm the Goddess of Wisdom and I'm baffled by something that doesn't faze mortals. Poseidon smiled softly at her admission and stepped forward towards her.

I'm always here for you. You will never fall. Not when I'm here to catch you. Before she could say anything, Poseidon kissed her slowly. Athena kissed him back with equal emotion, their actions telling the other their feelings more than words ever could. When they pulled away from one another, there was a pause in which Athena took both of Poseidon's hands and slipped her own into them.

They smiled at one another and Athena tugged on his hands, pulling him in the direction of her temple. This time, however, they did not go into the main room, but up the stairs.

At first Poseidon slowed, seeming hesitant as Athena led him up. She let slip a smirk. And the time after that, and the time after that. How can I not be now? Poseidon grinned back and swept her up into his arms bridal style, carrying her the rest of the way to her bedchambers. When they reached Athena's bedchambers, he lay her down gently on the silk sheets of her grand four poster bed, and then proceeded to lie on top of her.

He leaned down and kissed her sweetly. The kiss soon became more heated as she snaked her arms around his neck, pulling him closer and opened her mouth to allow his tongue access. His strong arms found her waist and he held her close. Eventually, as even gods need to breathe, they pulled away, keeping their lips millimetres away from each other. He could feel her longing smile on them.

poseidon and athena relationship fanfic

He kissed her again, and then moved down and sucked and nibbled on her neck, leaving a few love bites as he did so. She moaned in pleasure. He made his way down her throat to her chest that wasn't covered by her dress. He pulled her breastplate away and then pulled the top of her dress down over her chest, loving her even more as she became exposed to his view. He felt a tug on his hair as she pulled him up to her face and once he reached it, she crashed their lips together, kissing him passionately as she unfastened his jerkin and slid it off of him.

She then cast it aside, not caring where it landed. Poseidon kissed his way down Athena's throat again making his way rather eagerly to her uncovered breasts, sucking lightly on each of them while his hand kneaded the one he was not currently teasing.

He moved further down her body and looked up to her for her permission as he reached to remove her dress down her legs.

She nodded and he had it off within seconds. Being subconsciously considerate, he didn't rip it as he removed it, and discarded it behind him somewhere. She reached down and tugged his tunic, along with his undergarments, down as far as she could in their position. When she reached as far she could, she hooked her toes into the sides, and stretched out her legs to pull it down the rest of the way.

Athena only nodded, not trusting herself to make a sound and the risk of moaning. She'd never let a man dominate her like this, not even Poseidon, but she trusted him. Poseidon took his left index finger and slid it down to her womanhood, pushing it into her ever so slowly. The moan that she released as she felt his digit enter her, made Poseidon want her so much it physically hurt his to wait. He moved downwards from her face and allowed his mouth join his finger, sucking gently while adding another finger into her.

She then bit her bottom lip when he sucked harder on her bundle of nerves. Poseidon watched as she rode out her climax. He wondered if there was ever anything in the world more beautiful. Athena lay there, eyes closed with her arms spread out and clutching the sheets.

She bit down on her bottom lip and her her chest rose and fell as she gasped for air. Her legs were spread for him and her curly rippling dark hair splayed out beneath her in a messy frame.

Athena suddenly sat up straight. Then her face broke into a grin and she laughed slightly. She stood from her throne and sprinted from the throne room. The other gods stood warily and followed. When was Athena ever enthusiastic? Athena started to push through the crowd of minor gods that were surrounding a fountain in the middle of Olympus.

The minor gods turned to see her making her way through the crowd and parted for her, as she was the more important one. She stopped breathing when she saw him. He was sat on the fountain edge, facing the crowd and tyring to be as polite as possible. His forearm and calf were bandaged, and Athena could see ichor staining the bandages. She stood and stared at him. He looked up to see why everything had quieted and his sentence trailed off as he caught sight of her.

He stood and a grin broke out across his face. That was all Athena needed. She broke into a run again, and crashed into him, making him stumble back slightly. Tears streamed down her face as she hugged him fiercely.

Then she stepped back and slapped him across the face. There was a shocked silence. Do you know how hard it was? You've been gone for so long, and all I wanted was to have you there! And I couldn't even seek the comfort of anyone, because no one knows! Why the Hades did it take ten bloody years?! She pulled back slightly. He held up the two gold wedding bands and the gold and diamond engagment ring and showed it to her. Poseidon dropped to him knees and hugged her around her legs, his head resting on her thighs.

I've gone ten years without your touch, I think a reward is in store. Poseidon let go of her and gestured to his back. He waved her off.

poseidon and athena relationship fanfic

I've had these for months.