Polyamorous relationship pros and cons

Polyamorous Relationships: Can They Really Work?

polyamorous relationship pros and cons

Can polyamorous relationships really work? Read my latest post to find out the pros and cons of these types of relationships. Here are are a few observations in brain-dump order. Most have both pro and con elements. Many are true for any relationship. Many are true only because. Like any style of relationship it comes with pros and cons that we each need to weigh for ourselves. Hopefully, polyamory will eventually.

If you get sick and need someone to take care of you, you have multiple people to call, and you don't have to lean on only one person who may have their own problems to deal with. Polyamory doesn't mean "many sexual partners", it means "many loves.

But having an open attitude can free you to become deeper friends with people of the opposite sex, something you might be scared to do if you are in a conventional monogamous relationship, because you fear that your friendship might become something deeper and threaten your romantic relationship.

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Knowing that someone supports you and loves you no matter what might let encourage you to be more open and receptive to loving and caring for other people. Our society suffers from a "scarcity" mentality. We think that love can only be a certain way, and there's not much of it to go around. We save ourselves for the perfect person, because we are afraid of squandering our love and our lives on someone who's not perfect.

Pros and Cons of Polyamory

This means we might miss out on many very rewarding relationships. But if we abandon the expectation that our loves have to fit a fairy tale model we can open ourselves to the possibilities and become more supportive of other people in our lives who we might otherwise be afraid to love.

Cons of polyamory Having multiple relationships takes up a lot of time and energy, and this can damage the quality of your relationships. It's probably not a good relationship style for someone with ADD, as you will find yourself pulled in multiple directions. Different partners will all have different expectations of you and of the relationship, and they might not always respect or understand that you need to take care of someone else as well as them and yourself!

Jealousy can be very hard to deal with. Love is a powerful emotion, ingrained in us by our evolution.

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It is this way because our survival and our ability to raise viable offspring depended on it. It is a powerful thing, beyond our ability to control rationally. There is no handbook for this lifestyle! All of our lives we have been told the story of the fairy tale romantic marriage, falling in love and living happily ever after. The fact that "happily ever after" works so rarely doesn't change the fact that we expect it to work for us.

Polyamory: Pros and Cons

Our internalized stories our cultural conditioning work against a poly lifestyle. Is it working for each of you?

polyamorous relationship pros and cons

How are your outside relationships impacting what you have together—is it better or worse? Remember, all decisions you make in the primary relationship must be in the best interests of both partners. Consider all pros and cons before starting An established monogamous relationship impacts more than just the two people who made it up: Will polyamory be a pro or con for you, for your original partner, and for your extended circles? Even when the strongest couples decide to have a polyamorous relationship, jealousy and insecurity are never far away if things start to go wrong.

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And how will it affect your finances, and even your schedule, to have multiple committed relationships? It takes a great deal of energy just to keep one going—several at one time make for a juggling act. To make a polyamorous life work, you have to tend all the relationships with equal care and energy.

polyamorous relationship pros and cons

If you choose this path and do the work, it can benefit everyone; if you make it all about you, get ready for grief, pain, or potential disaster. Do you need help navigating an open or polyamorous relationship?

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