Pokemon x and y shauna relationship

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pokemon x and y shauna relationship

Pokémon series producer Junichi Masuda answers our questions about X & Y, and the expanded Pokémon universe, in this to implement some elements of romance with Shauna when playing However, I don't think I want to take it in a direction that shows people fighting or a relationship falling apart. Calem x Shauna. Rated: Fiction I just finished playing Pokemon Y (one of the best games ever to be made), and decided that the relationships in the game could so to speak, use some "development" and hence, this story!. XY vifleem.info Official artwork from Pokémon X and Y Serena is a girl living in Vaniville Town with her friends Calem, Tierno, Trevor, and Shauna.

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He smiled at his mom. Cecilia left the room and got out of bed. Then he changed out of his pajamas and got dressed. He dressed Cal in a matching outfit. Afterwards, he came downstairs. Calem went downstairs and ate a breakfast of raspberry pancakes with scrambled eggs. After he finished his breakfast, he talked to his parents. Calem's father Pierre was quite happy for his son. Just don't forget to pack my clothes. There are also various inns that will welcome Pokemon Trainers.

Some people in the country are willing to take in visitors as well. Calem went outside and saw Serena and Shauna. They were sitting under the tree.

And now it's after ten! I've only been up 45 minutes.


Trevor and Tierno are waiting. It's to the north. They went to sit at the cafe. There Trevor and Tierno were waiting. Afterwards, it was time for Tierno to present something.

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But I've met him a few times too. The case had three Poke Balls in it. One contained Chespin, a green chipmunk thingy. One contained Fennekin, a yellow fox. And the last one contained Froakie, a blue frog with a white collar. Calem would have to choose one.

pokemon x and y shauna relationship

Choose which starter you think you'd like best. He recognized the starters, but he did not know which one to choose. Eventually, he remembered that he had really liked Froakie when he was younger, He thought that he wanted to have that one. Tierno took out the Poke Ball at the right.

Calem let out the Froakie. The Froakie looked quite happy, and saw that Calem was a sweet boy. Calem took an instant liking to the Froakie.

pokemon x and y shauna relationship

Serena and Shauna let out their Pokemon. They also took a liking to their Pokemon. The other two are male. He stroked it gently.

pokemon x and y shauna relationship

There was one for Calem, one for Serena, and one for Shauna. He handed them out to everyone. Calem was intrigued by this device. He wondered what it could be used for. It is marked with a Poke Ball sign. Just in case you need to rest your Pokemon But first I want to play with Naveen.

The two of them had quite a bit of fun together. Her sparkly green eyes seemed to pierce him, and her smile had a certain brightness to it which he had never noticed before. I suppose it is…" Calem said half-heartedly.


He really did not want to trouble Shauna with his concerns. Your response doesn't sound so encouraging. The small firefox stopped at a berry tree, jumping vainly in his attempts to reach the high-hanging berries. Calem and Shauna, seeing the pokemon's dilemma, simply started laughing. Calem, though he enjoyed feeding Fennekin berries, was certainly enjoying Shauna's company as well.

pokemon x and y shauna relationship

Why hadn't he noticed this before? The two trainers watched as Shauna's Chespin shared a berry with Calem's Fennekin, which the latter happily devoured. He wanted to respond — to say something to acknowledge the comment — but her gaze had completely caught him off guard. He suddenly felt his face heat up. It seemed like the time the two had together had come to an end. Calem and Shauna together…. Again, Calem wanted to respond, but he just choked on the words in his throat.

pokemon x and y shauna relationship

Wh-what's wrong with me…? He thought to himself. We should get going to the next city. It was nice to be surrounded by beloved pokemon and his best friends — especially Shauna. He just felt a bit…anxious. He still didn't quite know the exact reason for his nervousness earlier in the day. But time would determine its origin soon enough.