Petrarch and laura relationship advice

Petrarch and Laura. An Unreachable Love and Desire. | Elizabethan Literary Culture

petrarch and laura relationship advice

Francesco Petrarca commonly anglicized as Petrarch was a scholar and poet of Renaissance .. There is little definite information in Petrarch's work concerning Laura, except that she is . In his work Secretum meum he points out that secular achievements did not necessarily preclude an authentic relationship with God. Petrarch, a guy that seems to define an aching heart, a longing for love, but an everlasting pursuit of it, for his muse and his object of desire is. was clear to reach my heart down through the eyes" (petrarca, Love Sonnets to Laura"). was responsible for establishing certain ideas about love-relationships . Therefore, Petrarch fell in love with Laura at first sight like romeo did with Juliet. Excellent advice when preparing any finance presentation.

petrarch and laura relationship advice

And we have a pretty good personality match. Is it really so bad to build a relationship based on mutual self-interest? Your mutual self-interest relationship can help you advance in the world. Your mutual self-interest relationship can facilitate the building of a home and nest egg.

petrarch and laura relationship advice

And your mutual self-interest relationship protects you from feeling the full onslaught of loving feelings for another human being without a sense however false of security. Real love has nothing to do with security.

It is a kidnapping in the night.

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It requires ascension to the heights of Heaven with an unknown creature followed by a descent into the depths with little chance of survival.

It is a story of togetherness and loss and togetherness again.

petrarch and laura relationship advice

Real love is rocky, almost certainly untenable…almost. It is for the brave.

Petrarch and the Sonnet

It is for the stupid. It is for the exceptional…and theirs alone to claim when won. But even when the love is lost, as happened to Petrarch, yours is the victory of a life made meaningful and clear despite suffering. You are enriched by the acrobatics of the soul, juggling to stretch and grow enough to pass the rigorous test that love throws down.

The Great Poets – Francesco Petrarch

Build a mundane relationship based on mutual self-interest if you like. Phil and Oprah would applaud. Petrarch affirmed vehemently that she did exist, and soon after the fateful meeting he began to compose the long series of poems devoted to her, which occupied him for more than 40 years.

The majority are sonnets, but there are some longer poems employing other verse forms. They describe her beauty and her impact on his heart and intellect, and the joy he finds in her perfection of mind and body.

But above all they describe his depths of yearning and suffering, for the outstanding fact about his relationship with Laura is that it remained unfulfilled, unconsummated. It was adoration at a distance, hopeless and unreturned.

This relationship between the love-sick poet and his unattainable beloved clearly links Petrarch with the tradition of courtly love, with the troubadour poets of France and their Italian successors. The poetry of that school is stylised and repetitive, the writer continually supplicating the lady for whom he burns with desire.

petrarch and laura relationship advice

These conventions were transformed by Dante in his sequence of poems and prose La vita nuova, where love is spiritualised: Petrarch was of course aware of this tradition, and drew on it for some of his repertoire of imagery and situations.

Of the greatest importance is the doctrine of love at first sight, the idea that some powerful external force enters the eyes and penetrates to the soul, altering the personality irrevocably. This idea was taken from classical literature, from the image of the god of love, armed with his arrows which human power cannot withstand.

In Petrarch this is Christianised, so that the sight of Laura becomes like that of an angel. This doctrine explains the enduring quality of his love, its ability to dominate his life for 40 years. He explores this lifelong obsession through a variety of images and situations, often striking and original.

It is often said that Petrarch invented modern love poetry, which is clearly untrue. But what he did was to present a spectrum of the experiences of love, in all its glorious and all its destructive facets.

petrarch and laura relationship advice

The sonnets do not exactly tell a story in the simple chronological sense; instead the moods alternate between radiance and despair, as Petrarch presents the war within the self which love can create.