Parveen babi and amitabh bachchan relationship

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parveen babi and amitabh bachchan relationship

It is possible they had an affair (as was wont with Amitabh as a young actor back in the day) but broke off because Parveen Babi’s paranoia schizophrenia. After that Parveen Babi became convinced he was conspiring against her, perhaps even planning to kill her which is a. Parveen Babi (4 April – 20 January ) was an Indian film actress, model and an She appeared with actor Amitabh Bachchan in a total of twelve films that had performed well at box office. Bhatt later wrote and directed Arth (), a supposedly semi-autobiographical film about his relationship with Babi, and. She starred opposite Amitabh Bachchan in eight films, all of which were either hits or Danny Denzongpa and Parveen Babi dated for four years in the 70s. Danny shares shocking details of his relationship with late actress.

I had a new girlfriend actor Kim those days who was wary of Parveen.

parveen babi and amitabh bachchan relationship

Also, if your ex keeps walking into the house any time, it would be difficult for any girl to accept. I would pick up Kim from the sets after pack-up and reach home only to find Parveen in my bedroom watching a movie on the VCR.

I asked Parveen not to do it. But she'd say, 'We don't have anything between us, we are friends'," said Danny. Denzongpa also revealed in the interview to the magazine how he had to speak to his friend and Parveen's then-boyfriend Mahesh Bhatt, to make her see sense.

Danny's girlfriend after Parveen, Kim, wasn't very happy about Babi's antics. Parveen Babi was battling paranoid schizophrenia during this period, but little did anyone know back then that that would end up taking her life. Danny revealed the first time he noticed something abnormal about Babi. There were silver conches on the table.

When I began blowing one, she got frightened.

5 shocking revelations made by Danny Denzongpa about his relationship with Parveen Babi

That's when Mahesh said, 'She gets easily frightened these days and is turning into a recluse'. She cares for you and you must come over and give her support' said Mahesh," recalled Danny.

parveen babi and amitabh bachchan relationship

Denzongpa also revealed in the interview why Parveen snapped all ties with him. The reason, strangely, was Amitabh Bachchan.

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Amitabh and Jaya had entered the Hrishikesh Mukherjee unit at around the same time - the former with Anand, the latter with Guddi. The two superhits were released in the same year, By the time they were signed up together for the lead roles in Abhimaantheir relationship had taken on serious enough undertones for the two emerging stars to contemplate marriage.

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The Amitabh-Jaya marriage has weathered many storms and the biggest one of them, if the rumour mills are to be believed, answered to the name of Bhanurekha Ganesan, a. They went on to co-star in numerous other films. The Chinese whispers not withstanding, there was never any concrete evidence from any quarters that Amitabh ever crossed the line.

It was her professional - and some say, personal - association with Amitabh that altered the course of her career. It transformed her from an ugly duckling to a graceful swan.

That Bachchan-inspired makeover set the tongues wagging.

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The rumours of an extra-marital affair swirled around Amitabh until the early s, when Yash Chopra pulled off a major casting coup in Silsila. The film starred Amitabh, Jaya this was her first ever on-screen credit as Jaya Bachchan and Rekha in a love triangle that was believed to mirror their real life. The publicist and the fans of the three stars could not have asked for more. The expected commercial success of Silsila, surprisingly, laid all ghosts to rest and Amitabh never shared screen space ever again with Rekha, an actress with him he done the maximum number of films nineincluding some of the biggest hits of his career - Muqaddar Ka Sikandar, Suhaag and Khoon Pasina.

When Parveen Babi Said Amitabh Bachchan Tried To Kidnap Her!

While Rekha has often given her true feelings away in the course of television and print interviews in the odd years since then, Amitabh, as always, has maintained complete silence, neither confirming nor contradicting the allegations. That is the very posture that he adopted when Bollywood gossip rags went to town in the late s with Parveen Babi's bitter recriminations against what she described as a "betrayal" by the Big B.

Thanks to the linkage with the megastar, Parveen's career soared beyond all expectations.