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Aoi Kunieda

I won't give you some money," she concluded. Mumbling too much, you tightwad…" Oga mumbled. She's clenching her fist and was ready to beat her brother. You're old enough to do something for yourself…"she finished. Oga pouted his lips. Something about the 'you're old enough' rubbed him the wrong way. It seems like he's an old man by just her sister saying that.

He went upstairs after his nonsense fight with her sister.

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See this Demon King of yours? It's his fault," Oga said with a meme like face. Something is really pissing him off when Hilda talked about how poor is he. She's always getting on his nerves.

Oga noticed that there is a concern in her tone. Oga looked at her with his eyebrows raised. You're going to help me? It's just that… you're doing so much for the master, I think it's about time to show some gratitude," Hilda got serious she doesn't care anymore whether he will laugh or mock her, as she's proud that she can now express her emotions.

Oga looked at her. It took moment before he realized what she was talking about. She's thanking him, that's right. She returned the favor. How the hell are we supposed to find him? When did you became aware of it, lamebrain? Oga gritted his teeth.


Well, whatever… I like it both. Are you waiting for too long? Ah yeah, what is it? She can't even believe herself that she's in a date right now but not with the man of her illusions.

I have to lend Chiyo to my aunt," he said. Didn't I told him that I will never give up on him no matter what? But look at me, dating someone I barely knew…' and she let a heavy sigh out.

Suddenly, the courage he has was built up and he faced Aoi. It's okay if you want to go," and he smiled sincerely okay for him for her to leave.

She felt guilty as he saw Aiba's reaction. He's asking me to leave, yet he can smile sincerely. To think that…' she was stunned, mouth gasped. Aiba was a little bit of dumbfounded yet happy at the same time. For the first time, Aoi finally paid attention to what he wanted to happen. Meet me at our usual place," the white-haired teen hung up. He dressed and went off. She wants to tag along. Well she wants to surprise him out of the blue.

He looked at her from head to toe. She was wearing a knee-high white dress with a blue ribbon as a belt. Two white stilettos with a strap around the ankle fitted in her feet. She has pearl earrings and headband.

Her hair was ponytailed in a high manner. Oga thought for a moment that she looked like an angel that descended from above and was sent to him to please and make his a life a more pleasant one. Oga was so stunned by her and that's the only thing that she would say?

Like a real couple should. Oga smirked with satisfaction. I'm not a picky eater… I guess anything is fine," and she smiled. I love the stuff! She was embarrassed to the extreme level. What do you mean? Aoi changes her hair style, tying it up into loose pigtails and pushing her bangs away from her face. She is often seen with her younger brother, Kota Kunieda. Her hair is also tied up with a simple piece of hair accessory. Personality Aoi with her younger brother at the park.

Kunieda is first portrayed as a strong and determined young woman who will not hesitate to beat down those who oppose her and is said to be very charismatic, which is what allowed her to become the leader of Red Tail. She retains a serious attitude throughout her earlier appearances. However, after her "defeat" at the hands of Oga her attitude relaxes considerably, revealing a somewhat kind personality. Initially, her eyes tended to be sharp and serious. However, during the development of the series, her eyes start to show more happiness and relaxation.

In serious situations, her personality reverts to that of her delinquent self, or when pertaining to her rivalry with Hilda. Besides Oga, most people tend to easily read her emotions such as her crush on Oga, or her jealousy of Hilda.

She has an obvious crush on Oga which makes her act shy whenever he is around.

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Furthermore, she tries her best to hide her alter ego, Aoi Kunie, from Oga because he is nicer to Aoi Kunie, and she thinks he will hate her for deceiving him if he finds out the truth. After she regained Red Tail leadership, her personality reverted back to being sharp and serious, but she still retained her feminine personality and feelings for Oga.

Kunieda often lashes out lectures to anybody that she sees doing anything wrong, and frequently shows exasperation at Oga's shallowness, his obliviousness towards her feelings and his obliviousness towards the romantic connotations of many things that he says. She also knows basic First Aid, which she used to treat Hilda when she was stabbed by Hecadoth's Spear.

After he scares away the other mothers and disposes of a police officer, he asks her out with the intention of having his "Park Debut" with her. Aoi then introduces herself and her brother. Although she is somewhat cautious and suspicious, Aoi notes that Oga does not seem like a bad person. When she tries to defend Oga, the cop groups her with Oga in the same derogatory manner, and comments on how punks are the trash of her society.

At the end of the day, she returns home and changes, revealing her initial self to be a disguise to protect her identity as the leader of Red Tail. After hearing about what happened in Ishiyama High, she goes back to find Oga and punish him for the sake of Ishiyama's girls, until the two actually meet face-to-face. She realizes that he was the same person from the park, and freezes.

oga and aoi relationship memes

She remarks that Oga is 'trash' when he refuses to let Beel off his head. Nishiki Hyakka Midare Zakura. Oga also realize Beelzebub likes Aoi and approaches her, asking her to be Beel's mother. Upon hearing her fellow delinquents talk more about Oga and Hilda, Aoi becomes enraged.

She then challenges him on the school's roof, declaring that she will never forgive him for what he did. Aoi launches an attack on Oga, which he dodges, and tells him to come after her first. Oga mistakes Aoi for wanting to take care of Baby Beel, [21] surprising the latter. Aoi then asks as to what Oga did to Nene and Chiaki.

But again, Oga mistakes her words; he mistakenly believes that she was referring to how he tried passing Beel to Kanzaki and Himekawa and mocks the two as being weak, angering Aoi further as she believes he is referring to her friends. Ichishiki Hagan Kiku Ichimonji. Miwa then appears, exposes his plan and reveals himself as the responsible behind the attack.

Before he is about to attack, Oga awakes and defeats Miwa by slamming him deep in the ground. Aoi realized her mistake and Oga tries to pass Beel to her when she apologizes. She doesn't answer and simply asks the relationship between Oga, Hilda, and Beel. Oga states that Beel was forced upon him and that Hilda is a Demon; the two women mistakenly believe that Hilda is an evil woman who forces people to take care of her children.

She is later seen along with the Red Tail assisting Oga get to Toujou by using a wooden halberd, clearing a path for him from the delinquents blocking his way. He fails to realize she is Aoi Kuneida, only remembering her as the girl from the park, and invites her for ice cream. She then, in a rush, came up with the name Aoi Kunie.

He became interested and asked Oga to shake hands only to suddenly toss Oga before challenging him to a test of strength. Aoi butts in yelling at her grandfather, only to be interrupted when he realizes his package was stolen.

Just as her grandfather was about to beat up the delinquents, she suggests he look behind them and seemingly falls from the cliff.

He states that he sees potential in Oga and that he's free to come to their dojo and become stronger, accepting him as a possible grandson-in-law much to Aoi's embarrassment before walking away with her.

Due to the school being destroyed, Aoi and some of the students are transferred to the sister school Saint Ishiyama High where she is placed next to Oga's seat.

oga and aoi relationship memes

When Oga and Furuichi stumble into Teimou territory and they held Kazuya and Azusa hostages, Aoi rescued them and assists in Oga's fight. She and Oga were both asked to go see Kido due to this incident and both were forced to make sure to keep Ishiyama students from causing trouble otherwise they'll both be expelled. After their meeting Aoi follows Oga who wanted to visit Kazuya in class.

When they found out Kazuya isn't there Aoi tried to get Oga back to class but he said he wanted to ask about the Rokkisei. As soon as Oga said Rokkisei the whole class got scared and Shinjo and Sakaki appear in front of them. As soon as Aoi tried to reason with them, they stated that they are doing this as punishment Sakaki attacks Aoi with his bamboo sword.

Aoi managed to dodge but he still cut some of her hair. Aoi asks Azusa for a ruler and prepares to fight back. As Sakaki attacks Aoi, she easily cuts his sword.

Shinjo then faces Oga, but Oga only ask him riddles while getting punched. Unable to dodge he ask Aoi to hold Beel and tells her he won't fight back but don't stray more than 15 meters away from him.

She misunderstands and assumes it means stay close to him. When Oga dodges and stops one of Shinjo punches, he answers his riddle correctly. Oga was hoping Beel was watching only to realize that Beel fell asleep in Aoi arms. When Shinjo and Sakaki walk away both Aoi and Oga return to class.

While returning Aoi was wondering why were the Rokkisei able to freely fight back without and trouble from the teachers and Oga realizes that Beel is completely attached to Aoi and once again asks if she can just be his mother much to her embarrassment. Aoi holding a ruler in the anime. When back in class they both realize Kanzaki is missing. When they were told that he went out to find the ones who injured Shiroyama so badly that he had to be hospitalized, they immediately rush and try to find him only to find him defeated in class by Miki.

After getting Kanzaki out and listening to Miki telling them to meet in the rooftop if they want to fight.

Back in class, an argument ensues between Nene and Himekawa. Aoi stops them, only to find both Himekawa and Natsume seem to just leave it be and 'go home'. Aoi, Himekawa, and Natsume appear behind him, ready stand up for Ishiyama and their comrades.

Sakaki attacks Aoi without hesitation, even though she was unarmed, only to be stopped by Himekawa and block one of Miki's attacks directed at him. She manages to counter Miki despite getting hit. Before they could fight Oga steps in and asks Aoi to hold Beel for him. She tries to warn Oga of Miki's techniques only for him to ask if she believes he would lose, she tells him no.

For the rest of the match she observes, and was surprised when Tojo, Izuma, and Shizuka appear.

Tojo was ready to fight, but was forced to stop by Izuma, and Shizuka stated that the police was here. The next day she along with Oga, Furuichi, Kanzaki, Natsume, Himekawa, and Tojo were told to be expelled for fighting. Aoi tries to convince them to not expel the others and at least punish the Rokkisei as well for fighting, only to be told that they were given the authority to use violence against anybody in the school especially the students of Ishiyama.

They would have been expelled if it wasn't for Himekawa reasoning they no longer have any reason to not fight back against the Rokkisei and was postpone.

They made a deal that in a couple of days there with be a festival and they will have to face the Rokkisei in a sport match. If they win they won't get expelled and the Rokkisei would lose their authority in the school.

Back in class, she get a shock when she realizes that Hilda has been transferred into their class and tries to argue with her for choosing her seat to be in front of Oga.

Later she was informed that the sport match would be volleyball. She at first tries to get everyone to attend for practice but fails. Hilda easily manipulate everyone to come for practice for revenge trick everyone in thinking that the Rokkisei were insulting them during practice. Aoi as part of the volleyball team.

During practice everyone was doing good but still working as a team as well as arguing who is the leader. Hilda makes a proposition that whoever can return her serves will be the leader. Everyone was intimidated by the speed and strength of Hilda's serve except for Aoi, who volunteers to do it. She missed the first one, but after focusing, she returned back the second one, only to hit the net.

Impressed, everyone willingly decided that Aoi was most suited to be a leader and started playing as a team. Over the next few days, they continued to train till the day of the match. During the match they had a bad start, since Oga and Tojo didn't know the rules and cheated. They manage to make a comeback by using Beel as part their plan to cheat.

oga and aoi relationship memes