Notorious big and 50 cent relationship

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notorious big and 50 cent relationship

E Moneybags was a goon from Queens E was cool with Pac, Nas, 50 Cent, Nore. Prodigy, etc. this is him Biggie, Ed Lover from Yo MtV raps, And Pac. E is dude. Christopher George Latore Wallace (May 21, – March 9, ), known professionally as .. Wallace's truck stopped at a red light 50 yards (46 m) from the museum. . Since his death, Wallace's lyrics have been sampled and quoted by a variety of hip hop, R&B and pop artists including Jay-Z, 50 Cent, Alicia Keys, Fat. The Notorious B.I.G.'s presence is still felt 15 years after he died at age 24 in Los Angeles. Biggie and Jay-Z, both of whom grew up in Brooklyn, N.Y.'s 50 Cent . Ryan Pierse/Getty Images. Advertisement. In , when.

notorious big and 50 cent relationship

His murder also remains unsolved. Rick Ross Rick Ross was the target of an unsuccessful drive-by shooting in Florida in after exiting a restaurant where he celebrated his 37th birthday. An unidentified gunman opened fire on his car, which he crashed into an apartment building as he tried to drive away.

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Neither Ross nor his girlfriend, who was in the passenger seat, were injured. The gunman disappeared before the police arrived at the scene, according to reports.

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Florida rapper XXXTentacion, 20, dead in shooting: TMZ He spent 13 days in the hospital treating his injuries, which included bullet wounds in his hand, arm, hip, legs, chest and left cheek. The shot through his cheek left him with a permanently swollen tongue that gave him a distinctive slur in his voice. Three years later he shot to fame with the song In Da Club, the lead single of his debut album Get Rich or Die Tryin', and even released his own video game called Bulletproof.

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Young Buck The former member of 50 Cent's rap collective G-Unit was targeted in a drive-by shooting in in Nashville, Tennessee, where his car was shot at 11 times. The ideology behind those records represented the common man on the streets, and that made him appear to be accessible. Skills on the mic, accessibility, credibility and invincibility are ingredients that can make a rap icon, hence we have 50 Cent.

notorious big and 50 cent relationship

I was just returning from one of the most disappointing Super Bowls ever I was born in Oakland, what do you expect when I was informed that I had to travel to Miami to interview 50 Cent. I was looking forward to doing it because he is easily the most anticipated artist since Tupac and Biggie. In my last interviews with the two fallen icons, I had a chance to discover the men behind the images, and I was hoping for the same result with When we arrived in Miami I had a few hours to rest and prepare.

notorious big and 50 cent relationship

In that time I reflected on the interview that I did with Tupac which unfortunately ended up being his last just a few months before his untimely demise. He speaks openly against his adversaries, he speaks out against the law, he had been shot and survived, the streets are in awe of him, he is controversial, he's a sex symbol and he's a businessman.

So I figured that I would approach him the same way that I did Pac, and that is being straight-ahead with my line of questioning.

notorious big and 50 cent relationship

As soon as I got there I had a chance to review the album in a parked car in the lot. My immediate response was, "Damn this record is hardcore," and I will admit that the lyrical content "chilled" me a little bit. I believed just about everything that the man wrote, and I haven't felt like this about "murder rap" since Tupac and Biggie.

notorious big and 50 cent relationship

Don't get me wrong, he's not on their level — at least not yet. After I finished listening to the album I walked through the parking lot and took pride in the fact that the G-Unit gave me 'daps' of respect, plus these dudes were very friendly and secure, no fake "ice-grills. We greeted each other with a handshake and a half-shoulder hug and immediately started to smile at each other.

50 Cent Responds To Diddy's Alleged Involvement In Tupac's Murder

My smile meant "Congratulations, you are truly beating the system," and his smile seemed to mean "I got 'em all, just as planned. They all appeared to be excited and cooperative so we proceeded. I'm not going to tell you the whole interview because I want to encourage you to watch the special "All Eyes On: I will let you know that we discussed very openly his childhood, how he found out about his mother's murder, high school, his fears, death, Tupac, Ja Rule, girls, his son and more.

We all agreed to meet at 50's hotel later that night and we were going to follow him to a club performance. He described the at least 4-inch-thick windows and the steel plate underneath the car.