Ncis la kensi and callen relationship problems

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ncis la kensi and callen relationship problems

Man charged with murder in relation to Opotiki death. For NCIS agent Kensi Blye (Daniela Ruah), it was a long-awaited Daniela Ruah: Hetty is not there and Sam is having trouble coming Daniela Ruah as Kensi Blye on NCIS: LA Kensi and Deeks are engaged but what is the next step when it. NCIS: LA Season 10 Premiere: Who Didn't Make It Out of Mexico Alive? Kensi was banged up but lucid; Callen would eventually realize he. NCIS: Los Angeles Season 6 Spoilers: Is Kensi and Deeks' relationship in trouble ? The Blacklist's Parminder Nagra guest stars, Thapa returns on 'Expiration.

In the season two episode " Plan B " Kensi earns the nickname Wikipedia for her encyclopedic knowledge. Kensi's father Donald Blye was part of a special operations unit named "Oscar-Sierra". She is taken into custody by Assistant Director Granger when it's revealed that she was the last person a few Marines contacted before their deaths, although her name is eventually cleared when it becomes apparent that the true killer is a former member of her father's sniper unit who faked his own death.

In season four, Hetty tells Deeks that Kensi lived on the streets for about a year after her father's death.

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This event appears to have scarred her emotionally, although she has never gone into details as to the events that took place while on the streets. In the same episode, it is revealed that Kensi joined NCIS innine years after the death of her father. She was 24 years old at the time.

Donald Blye died trying to protect an American journalist named Brad Stevens who was about to expose Peter Clairemont chief of the Oscar-Sierra unit who had killed a civilian while intoxicated.

NCIS: Los Angeles Season 6 episode 12 Spoilers: Will Kensi and Deeks finally Get Together?

At the end of the episode, much to Kensi's surprise, it was revealed that her father and Granger were close associates. Kensi also has an affinity for Dubstep and techno music.

Deeks mentions it early on in season three and she is found listening to it while undercover in episode 22 of season three, "Neighborhood Watch". Season 4[ edit ] In the episode "Parley", while Deeks is undercover with a woman named Monica, Kensi appears jealous of how close Monica is to him.

While Kensi is preparing Monica for a meeting with an arms dealerMonica asks whether being Deeks' partner is enough for her.

ncis la kensi and callen relationship problems

Kensi seems uptight and tries to avoid answering the question. Monica then goes on to tell her that he can't be trusted; Kensi defends Deeks by saying "I trust him with everything".

ncis la kensi and callen relationship problems

Later Kensi goes to talk to Deeks and he asks her if she's good. She replies by saying she's good and asks Deeks the same question. He replies by saying "I'm good if you're good".

Death and an engagement for Daniela Ruah

Though they both say everything is fine between them, they both seem to be lying and are obviously not fine. Season 5[ edit ] In the opening episode of season five, Kensi is both comforted and deeply affected by the fact that Deeks used her as a tether to withstand the torture he had endured.

She is clearly distraught by his lack of response, even to this gesture.

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After Nate is called to assess Deeks' mental status, it is Kensi who's finally able to give him the sleep he has thus far been unable to attain, when she goes to visit him at his house. In the episode " Recovery ", it is implied that Kensi and Deeks have become intimate after he told her he wanted to be with her at his apartment and she stared at him before walking off, with him following right behind her.

However, following their night together in the episode "Frozen Lake", things become awkward and full of tension when their entangled emotions begin to have an effect on their performance during field work. When Deeks doesn't take a most-needed shot, Kensi becomes agitated and tells Deeks she is standing on a "frozen lake" and that while she wants what they have more than anything else, it just won't work.

Despite this, at the end of the episode, Kensi tells Deeks they'll find a way to work things out between them, admitting they have a "thing", before asking him to be patient with her as they talk things through.

ncis la kensi and callen relationship problems

He agrees to that and they make plans to meet again that night. As Kensi waits for Deeks later on, though, Hetty tells her she's been reassigned to a new and classified mission and will have to leave until the job is finished, much to her disappointment. As she prepares to leave, she receives a text message from Deeks saying he is almost there. She appears genuinely upset and walks off. In Afghanistan, she receives her mission - she is to kill an American man who lives under the alias "White Ghost".

ncis la kensi and callen relationship problems

Because of her personal connection to him, she isn't able to kill him and she eventually gets captured. It is revealed that all of this was a plan crafted by Hetty to protect Jack from the CIAbecause Jack is in fact innocent.

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When the team hears news of Kensi's capture they rush to her aid, only to find her pale, weak and having been very severely beaten. LA crew will experience plenty of ups and downs this season - and quite a few turning points for individual characters in the process. Callen becomes a target Much of Season 7's focus will be on Callen's Chris O'Donnell search for answers regarding his family, after the reveal at the end of Season 6 that his father is actually alive.

And we will continue to write that chapter this season. The premiere, which picks up three months after the end of Season 6, finds Callen at odds with the entire team after he goes rogue on an assignment and becomes entangled with both the CIA and a group of Russian criminals. Before long, his colleagues are tasked with targeting one of their own.

We've had situations where he's gone off the grid, but there's some pretty interesting conversations between Callen and Hetty and Callen and Sam about loyalty and being informed about what's happening," Brennan says.

But there's trouble ahead, Brennan warns, especially when Kensi starts to learn more about Deeks' past as an undercover officer. It's going to put pressure on their relationship. The fact that he's being investigated by internal affairs will cause a fairly dramatic reassessment of his life, of his career and what he wants to do with it.

When the internal affairs investigation reaches its conclusion and we find out what's behind it, what it's all about, it will be a catalyst for at some point Deeks making decisions about his future.