Ncis la 6x07 kensi and deeks relationship

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ncis la 6x07 kensi and deeks relationship

Skate Date (6x07 Leipei), 7. Disclaimer: I do not own NCIS LA or the characters . Summary: This snippet is in honor of Kensi and Deeks' five year anniversary as . "Thank you," he says genuinely, leaning over for a little kiss. This week the NCISLA agents are after a terrorist group that use a drone to kill a subject and its relationship to terrorism and put their own spin on the topic. Kensi and Deeks have been sent to Long Beach to check out the. Skate Date (6x07 Leipei), 7. Disclaimer: I do not own NCIS LA or the characters My imagination ran wild and this fic brings Kensi and Deeks together . " Unless something has changed in our relationship that I don't know.

You two get the junk food.

ncis la 6x07 kensi and deeks relationship

I'll get the take-and-bake pizza and text Beale. Kensi and Nell beat Deeks back to the car. Kensi climbs into the backseat with Nell. It's like I know in my head that he was a bad guy and that he would have killed me, but I saw the life drain out of him and I did that. Some days it's easier than others. Some days it just hits you that it's someone's life that you took.

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It's normal to feel the way you're feeling," Kensi assures her. Give it a little time," Kensi suggests. You're skilled…" she trails off because she knows from Nell's faraway look that nothing she says is going to help right now.

Just being here is going to have to be enough.

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Eric meets up with the group at Kensi's apartment. Not much else to say," she replies. Nell is pretty quiet most of the night, but the easy chatter of her friends and the distraction of the movies help take her mind off the shooting for awhile. When the credits roll, Kensi wakes from the nap she'd been taking since the middle of the movie.

After spending most of the night on the floor, and last night on the couch, her body is craving her bed.

ncis la 6x07 kensi and deeks relationship

Even though she's close to falling asleep again, she hears him open her door. A few seconds later he's sliding into bed under the blanket, but on top of the sheet. The fact that he speaks the truth frustrates her and she shows it by her fist connecting with his thigh. I really just came in here because I need to sleep in a bed or I'm going to be a zombie.

But, the truth is we are more than partners. I've been trying to deny it because I don't want to hurt you. Spending so much time together is making that difficult though. As the team sets out to investigate the crime scene we find out that in her spare time Nell is an expert in radio controlled aircraft. Eric is so proud he could explode!

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Kind of a strange hobby, but then again it is Nell. At the boatshed, Hetty finds out more from a homeland security agent that Minas was a traitor to the terrorist group where he once held a high ranking position. Minas gave up highly sensitive information about the group in exchange for his freedom. Back at the scene, Sam and Callen interview the main witness to the murder who explained that Minas was agitated and nervous after seeing another member of PK that Minas had fingered.

The terrorist, Frank Kouris arrived in the States before Minas. Callen has to uncover what his real motive is for being here and was finding Minas just a lucky happenstance? The Sam Hanna Tour of Skill Acquisition Ah… Callen knows his partner so well and chides him for his constant need to excel in everything he sets out to master.

The Gunslinger: An NCISLA Post-Ep FanFic (S6E7)

I never thought of Sam as a perfectionist but it was an interesting peek into the disciplined mind of Sam Hanna. I tend to agree with Deeks and feel she may back out on that promise but then it is a new and improved Kensi! Kensi and Deeks have been sent to Long Beach to check out the origination of the drone launch only to find the dead body of the warehouse owner. The restaurant scene was a classic bromance interaction between the two that we always enjoy watching. Nobody does it better!

Bealsky aka Eric finds that Minas had an encrypted account with Chauvenet where he may be offering his services as a killer for hire. The buyer kills Minas with his own weapon of destruction, effectively removing him from the picture all together.

The team is able to track down the larger drone and they sprint to the scene to stop the attack… but not before the drone is released and the pilot escapes!

Nice moment between mentor and apprentice. I was wondering when the mole would return. Looks like Hetty is still looking within her team and the implications are very serious not to mention scary. Memorable Moments Monty has anxiety issues! As Granger opened the case, I realized that we are seeing less and less of Hetty leading the team. Is this the sign of something more to come? So Nell is a drone expert?