Nana and takumi relationship quizzes

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nana and takumi relationship quizzes

Nana Characters: Hashi, Takumi, Nana, Ren, Nobu, Yasu Nana Manga, Shojo Manga, Manga Anime, Anime Art, Cute Anime Couples,. More information. yes i think they love eachother but love alone won't make a relationship last, right now to me it seems lik Takumi has other priorties that he feels are way more. (The second time they slept together, Takumi told Nana about how his career kept him from maintaining a relationship; to his shock, Nana showed a complete .

I'm kind of an all or nothing girl when it comes to love and I don't get the half-way. I suppose I don't see how Yasu can ever find happiness if he's always putting other people ahead of himself. I mean, it is possible that happiness for himself isn't even his goal or he thinks he can be content watching over his bandmates and seeing to their wants and needs but I really think he's fooling himself. To tie this back in to your original question, perhaps we suddenly get so many Trapnest scenes specifically to contrast them with Blast.

To warn of what they might become with success, but also to show where their relationships with each other are warmer or, at least, freer. That said, I'm bothered by how calm Yasu is in his admission. Perhaps this is because he has already abdicated in his mind, but I just keep thinking of that scene at the end of "The Crying Game" where one character elicits a sort of Oh, great theory about the inclusion of the Trapnest scenes, Michelle! That makes a lot of sense.

As for Yasu's confession I think it deliberately lacks fire. The only motivation for letting any fire into his words would be to actually make something happen.

nana and takumi relationship quizzes

He doesn't want that. And seriously, do we think he should? What kind of guy would he have to be to go after her? Would we even like that guy? I'm not sure I would.

Takumi Ichinose

Nana and Ren are separated from each other at this point, but they aren't broken up. Not even remotely so. I respect Yasu more for not trying to turn a moment of simple honesty into a seduction. I know, I know. You're right, but I can't help wanting him to intervene anyway. I'm not even convinced it would work out well for him in the end.

After all, Nana leaves this scene pretty much knowing how Yasu feels about her. Does that motivate her to break up with Ren and pursue Yasu? Nana is no more ready to leave Ren than she was before this conversation happened. If Yasu had gone after her here, they might have had a fantastic night of sex, but ultimately it would have ended in pain for all involved.

Maybe it's a case of Nana needing time to think things through. Maybe she knows that acting on it now will only lead to pain but I doubt she's going to forget about it.

That said, I've still not read past volume eleven, so I have no idea what actions she really will take with this knowledge. I feel very much like Michelle does, that this really a rather sad admission. He's in this place where he can say he loves this girl but not do anything about it But that is where Yasu spends most of his life -- procuring things or happiness or situations for other people but not for himself.

I think that is the only point I'm trying to make. You know, I think Yasu's not such a sad figure. He's got a band on the brink of success, filled with people he genuinely cares about and who care about and respect him.

Here's the thing, though, that may be reinforcing my reading that Yasu can't go after happiness -- in the side story about Naoki we get glimpses of a boy who can't even figure out what to ask his adopted parents for on his own birthday. His sense of self is defined in relation to other people's wants and needs because it is Ren's love of music, his interest in the guitar to be precise, that inspires him to ask for a set of drums i.

That kid, who can't even figure out if he has any desires of his own, breaks my heart and makes me feel for Yasu I know I've been tough on him in past NANA projects but seeing him try to brainstorm a request for a present like it was a duty It really got to me. I can definitely see your point, Danielle. But maybe look at it from another side. Even to himself, he's thinking, "There's no inconvenience or or dissatisfaction in my life.

I can't think of anything more I want or need. I could actually see an argument for either response to that question. Looking at how multi-leveled all of this is, do you ever wonder what kind of notes Yazawa must have on these characters? Or does she keep notes at all, but rather knows them so well that she can execute their development without flaw?

I think this is a very interesting question because of how little Yazawa herself can be felt in NANA. Unlike a lot of other shojo mangaka she doesn't include a version of herself in her omakes -- she actually creates an alternative universe where all of her characters collide. I guess I'm trying to say that for me Yazawa's process is one big question mark so while I'm just as curious as Michelle I don't have any way of knowing how she does the things she does!

What is like reading about a number of the main characters' histories through the perspective of one of the lesser-used side characters? To me the most remarkable thing about Naoki's story is that it made me almost like Takumi and Reira!

There's still a great deal of room for more revelations about their backgrounds, but knowing where they're coming from makes a difference in how I view their current incarnations.

I'm actually even curious about what changed Reira from a cute and chipper junior high student to a moody high schooler. Reira I mostly feel sorry for. I think she must be a miserable, miserable person. To answer Danielle's question, I think it's really perfect that Yazawa chose to give us a look at all those characters through Naoki's eyes.

First of all, it gives us a chance to get to know him a little, which hasn't happened at all in the manga.

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Mostly, though, I think it gives us a relatively objective look at this group of characters, free of biases we are almost certainly carrying at this point based on how we've interpreted things from the protagonists' point of view. We haven't yet been given an opportunity to identify with Naoki, so it is necessarily less personal. We are forced to view things through fresh eyes.

I think this is incredibly effective. I think this short story reveals the most about Yasu and Takumi through Naoki's eyes and one thing that struck me this time around is the way in which Yasu and Takumi are parallel figures. Amsuingly, Naoki thinks of Yasu an an "undercover boss" because he's so good at working behind the scenes to get things done, while in comparison he just thinks of Takumi as a thug as everyone else does when they are young.

Hachi x Takumi [AMV]

Either way, though, both are figures who can get things moving and who have a strange power over other people. In terms of Reira, I ended up feeling sorry for her as well. That is an unimaginable burden for someone as fragile as Reira.

I imagine Yasu must have been her rebellion of sorts against Takumi and even though I still have a hard time seeing how that relationship worked, I think that she, like Ren, can't seem to understand a world in which one doesn't necessarily have to "sacrifice" important things, like love, for the band. I think it was important to see all this happening through Naoki's eyes and agree with Melinda, that choice was incredibly effective.

nana and takumi relationship quizzes

Hachi, who got too caught up in the romance of Ren and Nana forgot to even look at her favourite band member, Takumi and asked for his autograph. Nana promised to ask Ren for it and then later on surprised her by actually bringing him over to the house to meet Hachi in person.

Ren and Nana — Happy Together Again: But it was so obvious towards Hachi, as Nana did not want anyone to take her away. In fact, this alone cause numerous rumours regarding a lesbian relationship between them, which is completely false but understandable.

nana and takumi relationship quizzes

Hell, even Ren suggested it… But no, she is just possessive. She loved Hachi, and she wanted her to be friends with her and only her. So when she realised her attachment to Takumi, she was jealous about it and knowing that Nobu and Hachi had feeling towards each other, she pushed Nobu to take Hachi away to ensure that she is in their group.

However, when Hachi becomes pregnant and Takumi proposes to take responsibility for the child, she chooses him over Nobu which breaks both of them. It reaches an even more tense point when Takumi informs her that they were getting married. Added to the news about Hachi, Nana began having a slow breakdown, forgetting where she was and what she was doing. After Hachi said she was upset about Nana, Takumi tells her that he should now care only about him now and forces her to have sex with him, which Nana could head from outside.

This made her snap and by accident, drops one of the strawberry glasses from the beginning of the story on the floor breaking it. Horrified, she intentionally breaks the second one, the glass cutting her cheek.

Feeling that the two glasses were now together, she says she suddenly feels better. The next time she wakes up she finds herself in bed with Ren although she does not remember getting there. When she tells Nobu, he worries about her and while speaking to Ren on the phone, tells him that he is worried. Nana also mentioned that he lost her phone that Ren gave her, and while talking on the phone, Ren finds it in the sink under the water.

Nana also starts developing panic attacks, hyperventilating the point where she believes she is about to die. As the story moves on, Blast begins growing and finally has the chance to sign a record deal with Gaia Records and getting an even bigger name than Trapnest. Ren is our touring, which reduces her anxiety of dealing with him.

nana and takumi relationship quizzes

Even though no longer living in Apartment as no one is there, she begins to see Hachi occasionally. Therefore, she is lifted a little from her depression and begins feeling hopeful in the future again.

This is as far as the story gets in the anime, but in the manga, the remainder of the story focuses on their rise to fame and finally debuting. Also we see the relationship between Ren and Nana deteriorate even more especially after their relationship gets exposed to the paparazzi, who are do anything to dig up as much first as possible about them including of posting picture of Ren with Reira the lead singer of Trapnest to suggest they were in a relationship which upsets Nana.

They also show how Hachi and Nana are slowly starting to repair their relationship although it is nowhere near the past relationship they had. Towards the end of the manga, Blast is finally ready to start touring the country to promote their album, when their guitarist Shin gets arrested for the possession of Marijuana and prostitution which cancels the tour indefinitely. This causes Nana to lose even more trust in him and therefore unfortunately, this is the last communication they have for around 5 months, although several times they confess to themselves that they want to see each other but cannot bear to do it and strain their relationship more.

Nana gets an offer to go solo for the time being and although it is not punk, she decides to go through with it to continue singing. As she was in Osaka getting ready for her interview, she receives a promise from Hachi that she would come to celebrate with her. Nana is hoping that Hachi will also bring Ren with her, although she does not say it. As he was driving in the snow and speeding, the paparazzi were chasing him, and he hears in the radio a Blast song.

It is not clear how long it took, but Ren had died in the car after the accident. The first to find out was a paparazzi not the two chasing Ren who had ran away after the crash who was heavily involved in the bands life. Shocked, he calls Yasu who was with Nobu and Shin. Slowly everyone finds out except for Nana who is sitting in Osaka waiting for Hachi and hopefully Ren.

Takumi calling Yasu to tell him about Ren: At first she is shocked and does not do anything. In fact, when they asked her if she wants to drive or fly to their hometown for the funeral, she calmly says that she had work and could not leave. Yasu recognizing her shock, tells her that she should see Ren, as this would be the last time she would ever see him. As this sinks in, Nana remembers all the times she had with Ren and starts crying and collapses. The only part exposed was his hands which were untouched as he protected them for the sake of the band.

The remaining chapters of the story, Nana never goes back to normal. She spends most of her time asleep on the bed or the couch, refusing to see his picture or open his picture or talk to anyone. She slowly begins to speak to Hachi and Nobu at the end but not enough. The author Ai Yazawa got sick and had to go the hospital last year and has not been out till this year but is not sure if she can continue writing. Therefore, we know from the middle chapters that in the future Nana has run away from Japan without anyone knowing as they all assume she is dead.

nana and takumi relationship quizzes

We know it is Nana, but it is not clear why she leaves or when. As I read the chapters again when I finished the story, I began seeing the hints and foreshadowing which really upset me in the middle of the chapters. For example, Hachi says that she was sad during the time Nana was not with her in the apartment and found comfort in the fact that she could smell Nana in the apartment.

But she realised that Nana and Ren wear the same cologne and that she actually smelled Ren when he was around. She then says that she is sure that even now, Nana would be wearing his cologne to be able to sleep at night alone. Or, then again… Haruko may be real, or she may not; her drawn image is either the the core of Naoki, or a meaningless surface. Moreoever, the meditation on truth and lies in the pages above is contrasted, not with pictures of Naoki, but with pictures of Nana and Ren.

In the context of a serialized soap opera, this meta moment, where the headlong narrative collapses into itself, is unsettlingly disorienting. These people we know as friends are just visual illusions; line drawings on the top of nothing.

The effect is not so much to knock us out of this story, as to knock us out of any story, including our own.

Instead of images arranging themselves into a sequence, they seem to hang still, unorganized bits and pieces that refuse to make a whole. Genre falls apart, as ungraspable as life, or as death. Takumi-to-come and Hachi-to-come are estranged.

The characters keep falling out of the genre narrative, or else the genre narrative falls from around them, like snow dissolving.