Mukuro and chrome relationship counseling

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mukuro and chrome relationship counseling

Summary: One-hundred little moments from your relationship. minus the arguments over almost everything, but that's what counseling is for. . Main Characters: Dokuro Chrome, Fuuta, Gokudera Hayato, Hibari Kyoya, I-Pin, Irie Shouichi. Dogs) · Gokudera Hayato/Yamamoto Takeshi · Chrome Dokuro/Rokudou Mukuro Other Relationship Tags to Be Added · Dazai Osamu (Bungou Stray Dogs). "Vilma" (); Sound Advice For Choosing The Right Medical " Gordon" (); Great Tricks In Relation To Wordpress Which Are Really Alberto Frizzell (); Hitman Reborn Rokudo Mukuro Cosplay Costume Maude Downs (); Hitman Reborn Cosplay Chrome Dokuro Costume.

Reborn rarely ever did anything without consulting Tsuna first. The Hitman was used to being in charge, dominant. But now he submitted to Tsuna's will.

The fact that he'd gone behind his back hurt Tsuna greatly…and pissed him off. I never gave Reborn permission to give that order nor was I ever informed that the heir was a candidate for assassination.

The boy is still a child. Kids a real computer whiz apparently; hacked into our system and stole half the family's social security numbers and pin numbers. Apparently many things were being withheld from him these days. Doesn't that asshole of a personal assistant tell you anything? He didn't think Xanxus would take it as a challenge.

But why was he surprised? Xanxus saw everything as a challenge. Everything was an obstacle that needed taking down for contradicting him. Tsuna shivered involuntarily and stared nervously up at the elder of the two.

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For some reason, however, Xanxus didn't have a threatening or violent aura about him. He seemed almost playful. I think you do too. It wasn't a shock to anyone when Tsuna had revealed that he held feelings for other men and no one seemed to mind in the slightest. Especially Gokudera and Yamamoto, who seemed particularly interested in sharing a bed as of late.

Tsuna had suspected that Xanxus was the same since he too had been known to bed his Varia members, but Tsuna had always tried to discount the information as gossip. There was no discounting this. He tried to jump back but Xanxus quickly caught him by the arm, and dragged him back against his chest and continued fondling his package. Tsuna moaned when he felt himself growing hard. He'd never actually experienced these sensual feelings. No one had ever done such intimate things to him.

There had been times where Tsuna had shared a kiss with Gokudera, or one of his other guardians, but things had never exceeded a heated kiss. Tsuna moaned at the feeling as those talented finger pinched his nipples and twisted to an almost painful extant. Somehow though, Tsuna didn't mind the pain because it was soon replaced with pleasurable tingle. He felt the blood rushing south, and his organ growing even harder than it was before. Tsuna wailed when the older gave his perks an extra strong twist, leaving them with a painful yet pleasurable throb.

Xanxus then quickly dispatched the shirt which had been obscuring the view of Tsuna's body for far too long. Xanxus admired the bare chest with fond eyes. Tsuna had definitely filled out over the years. He was not the scrawny little teenager he used to be that hadn't had a bit of muscle on his entire body.

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Tsuna had since developed muscle, though not as much as Xanxus and his ribs were no longer visible. Xanxus ran his fingers over the abs and took great joy in the shiver and whimper that Tsuna emitted.

Xanxus chuckled, finding it funny that the boy was only now just questioning his motives. Do you really need me to explain? Xanxus had just pulled down his pants. His legs now bared and the cool air conditioning of the training rooms blew against his skin. Tsuna shivered but it wasn't just from the cold. Some would say they belonged to a woman. Tsuna squirmed as those fingers reached his crotch and slipped underneath the underwear. They fondled and squeeze and Tsuna cried out at the sensations.

Xanxus leaned in and Tsuna got a large whiff of cologne and mint gum. It wasn't an unpleasant aroma in the slightest.

Unlike most men, Xanxus knew how to apply cologne without making people gag, and the mint gum only added to the intoxicating scent.

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He took it in with great joy. Xanxus noticed that Tsuna appeared to be sniffing his neck and laughed out loud as he retracted his fingers from Tsuna's privates. Tsuna let out a whimper of disappointment but was not kept waiting for long. Soon the last bit of clothing that shielded him from nakedness was pulled down and tossed away.

mukuro and chrome relationship counseling

Tsuna was completely bared and completely exposed to Xanxus. Xanxus smirked and grabbed at Tsuna's engorged organ. This will be a moment you won't soon forget. XXXX Tsuna's first time hadn't been at all like he'd expected. Tsuna had heard the horror stories from Reborn that everyone's first time hurt like hell, and that usually they were sore for a day or two afterwards.

But Tsuna couldn't recall any pain at all. All he remembered was great gentleness on Xanxus' part, and pleasure. Tsuna had been surprised at how gentle Xanxus had been with Tsuna; treating him like he was a fragile blossom. Xanxus had prepared him properly, and shushed him when he cried from the pain of first entrance.

Tsuna never thought he'd see or hear such kindness from his once enemy. Tsuna now laid in the arms of Xanxus on the ice cold floors of the training rooms, their sweat from their passionate activities dripping from their bodies. Neither had spoken a word since both had reached their climaxes and collapsed. Tsuna wanted to ask what the big idea was. Why Xanxus had decided that it would be a good idea to have sex but after the first few seconds of the pleasurable feelings, Tsuna decided that he really didn't care.

Now, however the silence was grating.

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Xanxus was silent for a moment. A stress reliever for you. Couldn't say the words Tsuna longed to hear from him. Xanxus knew that if he said them that they could not be taken back.

He'd be entering a whole new playing field, one he'd never been on before. In this respect Xanxus was as much a rookie as Tsuna. Tsuna was the affectionate type, always burying his guardians and friends with hugs and even kisses. Xanxus wasn't like that. He wasn't familiar with such things. His own father had been busy when Xanxus was a child. He was always gallivanting off to meetings, or training, or some other sort of matter of business. Because of that, Xanxus was often left with nannies or maids, who only did the bare minimum of what a parent ought to be doing.

They fed him, bathed him, put him to bed and gave him toys to play with, but they never stayed longer than necessary. They had other duties to attend to and to them, caring for Xanxus was nothing more than another duty.

Affection was sorely lacking in his childhood. But this little boss had struck something in him, something that had been abandoned, and left to freeze over in his heart long ago.

mukuro and chrome relationship counseling

It was hard for Xanxus to understand what it was at first, but now he knew. Xanxus knew it was love for the little boss that lay in his arms. Xanxus buried his nose in Tsuna fluffy hair and stroked the boy's cheek. He wanted to say it. He didn't want the boy think that this was just sex.

It wasn't just sex; it was far more than sex. It was making love. Xanxus felt like he would gag at the term. Xanxus wasn't one for lovey dovey gushy mushy love stories, but that was what it was.

Tsuna immediately perked up at the sound of his name. Xanxus rarely, if ever, called him by his name. Would he freak out and push him away, would he burst into an emotional sobbing fit, or would he be indifferent. Tsuna was silent for a moment, staring straight ahead into Xanxus' eyes, but then a large smile broke across his face. I'm sure that fucking Hitman will be wondering where you are. He made me promise not to keep you for longer than two hours.

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mukuro and chrome relationship counseling

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mukuro and chrome relationship counseling

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