Mphasis and hp relationship

HP News - Hewlett Packard Enterprise to Divest Its Equity Stake in Mphasis to Blackstone

mphasis and hp relationship

"While our financial relationship is changing, the business and commercial relationship with Mphasis remains an important part of our service. I can review Mphasis based on the following parameters: Job Security: Why are salaries at mphasis, an HP company, low compared to other IT companies?. PALO ALTO, CA--(Marketwired - Sep 1, ) - Hewlett Packard Enterprise ( NYSE: Blackstone purchased % of HPE's stake in Mphasis for INR per share, or approximately $ million. HPE Investor Relations.

mphasis and hp relationship

In case no equity shares are validly tendered and accepted in the open offer, Blackstone will acquire After taking into account the acquisitions made by the Acquirer under the Offer, the Acquirer will acquire such additional Equity Shares as would result in it holding After completion of open offer: The company proposes to declare a special dividend, or The company proposes for a buyback.

So considering surplus cash of Rs crore with the company after excluding crores for working capital, the company can declare a special dividend of Rs.

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If it decides to buy back the shares at a present price of Rs it can acquire maximum 3. Why Blackstone acquired Mphasis? Acquiring Mphasis will help Blackstone augment the capabilities of other portfolio companies and leverage on scale. The advantage is that it will provide access to around 80 portfolio companies of Blackstone to Mphasis.

mphasis and hp relationship

What Blackstone as new owners of Mphasis gets? Probable reason for Exit by HPE: After four years of acquisition, HP is a company in turmoil.

Mphasis was a jewel hidden in the HP family: CEO Nitin Rakesh

When it acquired EDS inits success seemed guaranteed. It's not really the mandate Blackstone gave me.

mphasis and hp relationship

It's the mandate I have from the Mphasis board. What excited me was that the positioning of the company is fairly unique - it plays to my interests, strengths and to the market opportunity.

Blackstone acquires Mphasis from HP Enterprises | M&A Critique

The strong focus on business domains, sub-domain specialization - and these are big enough for us to craft a fairly large-scalable business. We are talking about market-size opportunity running into tens of billions of dollars. I think the beauty of the model is, it's positioned in large-scalable domains and these domains are fascinating to me as I grew up in those businesses. Even if you include the HP relationship that will soon turn into CSC, it will be a large opportunity for us.

mphasis and hp relationship

This should give you enough headroom to mine other clients. There's no free lunch, and we have to earn every dollar. We will continue to keep our eyes on the billion, but also focus on the next phase growth. Mphasis has had a tumultuous past. May be because of that, a liftoff didn't really happen It was an extension of a large global firm.

  • Hewlett Packard Enterprise to Divest Its Equity Stake in Mphasis to Blackstone

Now we have the foundation in place, a strong set of services and all the right ingredients - many of which weren't there in the past. I credit the team that navigated the turbulence. You can't accelerate when you have turbulence. We still have some turbulence ahead as the industry is going through a structural change, but we know that we can fire on all four engines.

mphasis and hp relationship

I think size is a great advantage for us.