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Convergence in interspecific leaf trait relationships across diverse taxonomic groups and biomes would have important evolutionary and. Big Brother contestant Matthew Davies has been freed from his box in the . Her choice: Pauline picked bubbly Mark Byron to receive the. The Mantel test is widely used to test the linear or monotonic simulations show that in tests of significance of the relationship between simple.

Because of this, all the females were safe from this week's eviction and all of the males were automatically nominated to face the public vote.

They chose Chris, Marlon, and Steven. He then had to choose who was on his nice list and who was on his naughty list. The 'nice' housemates were invited to a Christmas party with Christmas dinner, whereas the 'naughty' housemates weren't.

Danielle, Helen and Marlon were put on Christopher's naughty list and were therefore not invited to the party. On Day 33, housemates took part in their next shopping task where the house was powered on battery. Over the two days of the task, housemates were asked into the "app zone" where they were offered to use an app. If they used an app, the battery would drain. On Day 34, Big Brother offered the nominated housemates a chance to save themselves, but by doing this the battery would drain and the shopping task would be failed.

Over a number of different rounds, couples were eliminated and the remaining couples were invited to a party.

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However, he is unaware that Ashleigh also has an earpiece and must try and guess who Steven will target. Helen had to get balls out of gunge using her mouth alone, Mark had to put pegs on his face, and Winston had to eat chillies. However, after completing these challenges, they were told they had each set their personal best and would have to take part again to beat this.

As all three housemates were successful, they won a hamper of treats. Armageddon Week Tasks On Day 38, the house was transformed into a post-apocalyptic wasteland for the beginning of Armageddon Week.

In teams, housemates had to collect as many fish as possible from a sewage pipe and then had to scavenge for items in order to build a raft that could hold a housemate afloat for the longest time. In 'On the Ledge', new housemates tried to knock original housemates off of a ledge by reducing the ledge's size through moving a wall. Original housemates had to remain on the ledge for the duration of the task.

Later, in 'Fool the House', original housemates had to correctly identify whether statements from newspaper stories, etc.

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Original housemates won the task. Original housemates did not discover Christopher was on a task, and new housemates and Christopher were rewarded with a meal in the garden. Later, in 'Judgement Time', original housemates had to correctly identify who new housemates had selected as the answers to a series of questions in VTs that were recorded before new housemates entered the house.

Original housemates correctly identified the majority of the new hosuemates' answers and won back hot water and access to the bathroom. On Day 40, Big Brother revealed to the housemates that Ash, Ashleigh and Marlon were the three housemates that received the most nominations. Between the three of them, Marlon was the one with the most nominations and was therefore evicted. The three new housemates; Biannca, Pav and Zoe, decided which one of them was to be evicted on Day Them and Christopher received a takeaway reward.

Teams had to choreograph, practice and perform a headline act, with Big Brother selecting the winning team. Zoe and Ash were selected as the winning team's groupies and also attended the party.

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The teams were pre-selected by Big Brother so that the most confident housemates were on the red team. The teams went head-to-head in a number of challenges, with the blue team believing that the team which won the most challenges would win a luxury shopping budget and the losing team would have only basic rations. However, the challenges were rigged so that the red team would always win, with the red team being aware that the real shopping task was to convince the blue team that they were all losers.

If the red team won this challenge, all housemates would pass the shopping task, however, if they lost, they would all fail. After the reds won the task, the housemates received a luxury budget. Big Brother deemed him to have failed this task. Following this, the Power Alliance nominated Pav and Zoe.

Ash was saved and replaced with Ashleigh. Mark was later sent to the 'naughty step' a second time for continuing to eat the winners' reward. On Day 48, they also nominated Pav and Zoe. Later that day Steven, Ash, Pav and Zoe had to choose one of themselves to become safe and one Power Alliance member to replace them; they chose Ash to be saved and Ashleigh to face eviction.

Housemates had to learn dance moves performed by professional dancers via a pre-recorded video. As he was voted for, Winston automatically received his letter, and then chose Ash, Ashleigh, Helen and Pav to receive their letters, therefore deleting Chris, Christopher, Mark and Zoe's. Housemates passed this part of the task after the videos each received more than 1, hits. As Ash's video received the most hits, he won a bottle of champagne.

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They failed this part of the task. Housemates passed this challenge. They had to answer all questions honestly. On Day 57, as part of People Power, housemates watched a viewers' focus group, presented by Matt Johnsonwith members of the public giving their honest opinions on the housemates. For passing her task, Zoe was rewarded with a showbiz cake. Their first task was to decide who should be immune from eviction this week. They were faced with a number of different challenges to test their physical strength, mental strength and willpower.

After all the challenges, Helen was announced as the strongest housemate overall. She was rewarded with a luxury meal and chose Mark to join her. After previously making mistakes whilst cutting Christopher and Mark's hair, Helen was given the opportunity to cut Ash and Winston's in the same way if they chose to accept. However, as both Ash and Winston refused, no more money was added to the fund.

The public then voted Ashleigh as the best judge of character. Ash, Chris and Mark all decided to take the money, however this was a lie. The real task was that Ashleigh, the best judge of character, had to predict which three would take the money. As Christopher, Mark, Pav and Winston received the most nominations, they face eviction. However, this was then lost by Ashleigh in the final task. They were then interviewed by Big Brother. Who doesn't want more Twitter followers and adoration of complete strangers that we don't even know?

I enjoy it, but don't need it. They were afraid of me in the beginning. I was instantly judged as being an out-of-the-ordinary "posh" housemate, simply by my lack of enthusiasm or forced whimsical persona when walking down the steps to meet the rest of my housemates. As expected, the rest of them had questioned Pauline about what exactly she had seen in my VT to have selected me for punishment and had all been made aware of how "I can't stand thick people".

I had watched the show for years and realised that the popularity of each contestant is very fickle, so being locked up in a glass box would not faze me in the slightest or alter the viewer's perception of me long enough for a lasting effect. When watching it back I shouldn't have been surprised to find out that it was edited to present me looking ever so saddened, rather than humored as I was in reality.

After a couple of days my personality came out, a rather pretentious, overly opinionated, dry, sarcastic and brutally candid camp boy with awkward mannerisms. I wasn't in the position to let people witness my sensitive side in the early days as my guard remained up and I kept well and truly on my toes for the twists that lingered ahead of us during Big Brother's most evil series yet. This of course diminished when the novelty of Big Brother wore off and the true opinions of others found their way out of my mouth after three days.

I became miserable in my final week once the girls were selected for power and I had to witness the show I love conform to cultural stereotypes and gender discourse; something I have very much challenged my whole life. I have since been informed of my downfall when sitting in the diary room miserably talking down of the rest of my housemates in my final week when the pressure of potential eviction loomed over me.

Whilst the viewers may have personally preferred to watch other housemates over me, I couldn't bare the fame talk and that's what made me extremely bitter about my pending eviction. Of course, since leaving the house I have reminded myself that it is all one big game and that you cannot take Big Brother so seriously after all because you are purely allowing yourself to be utilised in a game show.

Now that I am out I have already conspired to the game that Big Brother is and will learn to accept that however I was portrayed and no matter how shocking my eviction may have been to most viewers, it has happened and that the past is precisely what it is. Aside from coming across like a grumpy old man, I did enjoy the most of my experience. I look back and laugh hysterically when attempting to conjure an image back up in my mind of Danielle's face whilst I fed her eggs during the farm task.

Similarly, her reactions to being electrocuted and finding out that she was put up for nomination in week one kept me giggling throughout the series and impersonating her to her face never shown on TV.

Excluding the comedy at Danielle's expense, my masquerade ball will always be a party to remember after experiencing my dreaded 24th birthday during my stay. The occasions where I had the most fun were the tasks, where we could solely forget that we were locked in a dull and claustrophobic environment with the same people, partaking in the most monotonous and repetitive conversations day after day.

I managed to compete in a dangerous obstacle course reminiscent of Takeshi's Castle, partake in a couple of pants-pissing hysterical farm themed tasks, immerse myself in a fantastically crafted murder mystery and of course "twerk" like Miley Cyrus in a horrifically exposing Y-front.

Of course I the show is heavily edited. I formed friendships with most of them very quickly and was deemed one of the key entertainers by my fellow housemates early on. As I continue to watch back I am only gobsmacked by how irrelevant I look and how inherently quiet and bland I actually was made out to be through the a viewers TV screen after all. The first week was the most fun where we would excitingly embrace each and everything the producers would throw our way.

At that moment everyone was excited to make new 'besties' and talk about how shocked they're mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, cousins, school friends, teachers, bosses and enemies from the past would feel to find out they were on Big Brother. What nobody realised including myself was that the novelty of being on Big Brother would quickly wear off and eventually you would get bored, tired, stressed and hate the fact that you were starting to not enjoy the experience as much as you imagined.

This is when unexpected arguments kick in, all sense of stimulating conversation is lost causing you to slag others off behind their backs, you find yourself sleep-deprived, chain smoking and eventually cracking in the diary room and the entire house becomes entirely dependent on the rationed cheap alcoholic "refreshments" that Big Brother provides to us nearly every night.

I never felt the need to exhibit or put on a forced entertainment show for my housemates and neither Big Brother's viewers either for that matter. Instead I just did me. There are several housemates that indeed played up to the cameras.

Many of them are definitely bright enough to know how they are being perceived on TV and therefore act accordingly to how they hope the game will go for them, in hope that they will not receive a dreaded nomination.

Whilst most housemates fully threw themselves into the shows tasks and twists and let go of their inhibitions I remained uptight in various circumstances, given the fact I reminded myself there was life after Big Brother and this limited experience was not one I would allow to dictate my future or either disrespect my girlfriend on television. I was involved in the most controversial argument of the series and experienced a number of unique scenarios that will not be repeated.

Most critically, I put myself in a position to allow 1. These comments certainly make up for any self-esteem lost in the house after being called a "Pigeon-chested little twat" after all.

And about that argument between Helen and I. Regardless of how negative my feelings were and still remain towards Helen, she wasn't always so bad to me. Being blunt and entirely up-front towards people isn't always easy when you're around such strong characters and being judged on national TV.

Of course, I have been highly vocal about how much I do not condone her behavior, but what she chooses to do is her own problem. Yes, I have indeed found out about her scandal in the press since leaving Big Brother but everyone has a past and I will not judge people on that. I have judged her on how she treated myself and others in that house and that is what led me to my conclusions on her.

Will I keep in touch with any of my Big Brother housemates? After one week in that house it felt like a whole month. Feelings are intensified and you become highly dependent on strangers you barely even know.

I developed a very close "bromance" with the charismatic, fun-loving Mark who relentlessly requested I come to Liverpool after Big Brother to join him for a typical "scouse" night out and will certainly take him up on. Big Brother is not reality and In the house I experienced many housemates make enthusiastic "empty" promises with one another about sharing flats and going into business ventures with each other, but sometimes I told myself it was best to allow them to learn the reality of their friendships upon their exit.

There are many people I will certainly keep in contact with after the show and many I truly hope to build genuine friendships with in the future. My advice to anyone who is thinking of applying for Big Brother is that you need complete confidence in yourself.

Big Brother is only for the thick skinned and not for the faint-hearted. It is an intense experience that is not to be underestimated in the slightest.