Mario maurer and bai fern relationship quiz

Mario Maurer, Baifern 'Crazy Little Thing Called Love' Reunion |

mario maurer and bai fern relationship quiz

A Little Thing Called Love-Mario, A Little Thing Called Love- Pimchanok, A Little Thing Called Love-Sudarat All Quizzes Fresh Lists Trending Topics. Mario Maurer. Save. Mario Maurer (Thai: มาริโอ้ เมาเร่อ; Thai pronunciation: ; German pronunciation:) is a [19] He has a very close relationship with his brother, a hip-hop artist and actor. .. and also a Asian sleeper hit film starring Mario Maurer and Pimchanok Luevisadpaibul . For the fans of Mario Maurer And Baifern Pimchanok:) And fans are all surprised when they decided to share their relationship in public.

mario maurer and bai fern relationship quiz

He thought me about acting. You have to give your time and study about it. I started watching actors and actresses on TV at the age of five.

Mario Maurer

Mario is one of the important people who helped me pursue my career. He was good, professional, and nice in the movie.

mario maurer and bai fern relationship quiz

On your free time, what do you usually do? I have a free time because I cannot work without a free time because I have to rest.

mario maurer and bai fern relationship quiz

So, in my free time I usually go with my friends and we ride bikes and sometimes we go workout at the gym. I try to give my free time to my family because before I got into the entertainment industry, we always go out.

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But since I became an actress, I hardly have time to spend with my family. So whenever I have free time, I usually go out with my family. Mario, you have a Filipino best friend. What Filipino traditions or traits have you been exposed to? Like when you visit your best friend at home? That was to make adobo at home. So I eat adobo every time I go there.

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Yes, of course, they love to sing. What was the best thing that a fan did to you? Every time I come here in the Philippines, I always get a gift —something related to Filipinos and the Philippines. Like some time I got a very little house. How do you call it? I still keep that. I always keep all of what the fans give me. Sometimes, they give me the tricycle, because they know I collect cars so they give me something like a tricycle, a jeepney, a golden jeepney.

I have a limited edition jeepney at home. Like when we arrived yesterday Aug. And they passed me this little small photo book with all these little things.

Baifern Pimchanok & Mai Davika dancing to Dola Re Dola (Hindi Film "Devdas" Ost.)

Name one person you look up to. Because she does a lot of charity work so I want to follow my mom and try to do a lot of charity work. Why do you think it was such a hit all over Asia? I think because of Fern Baifern. She really had a very good acting in it. And her friends too in the movie.

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And he taught me that the more you get famous, you have to act small. I listen to people around me. I listen to a lot of advice. I listen to my parents, to my manager and also the more senior actors and actresses because they know the industry better. What upcoming projects can your fans look forward to this year? I also have a movie in Singapore. I am working on a TV series with one of the TV stations back home. In Julyhe was signed to become an endorser for the clothing brand, following the unexpected popularity from the showing of his film on network.

He also signed a one movie picture contract witha Philippine film production company. He will be paired with in the film that is due to release in entitled. On October 28,Maurer had a Press and Fan Conference in with thousands of fans in attendance, as a part of his official launch as a endorser. On October 29, he hit the runway at the Philippine Fashion Week held at. On August 3,Maurer return to the Philippines for promoting his movie and had a fan conference in two venues, and the following day together withas part of Baifern's official endorser.

Suddenly It's Magic

As expected, thousands of fans in attendance for continuing support for both stars of the hit movie. Even though he is of Thai Chinese and German descent, he cannot speak and only understands some.

mario maurer and bai fern relationship quiz

He is a of Thai and also speaks English. His father Roland died of a heart attack resulting from diabetes on June 27, He has a very close relationship with his elder brother who works as a hip-hop artist and actor as well. Due to the success ofthe chemistry between Mew, played by and Tong, played by Maurer, has been an issue and a trending topic. Hiranyawongkul has told reporters that he and Maurer are just good friends, and credited the film's editing for their seeming chemistry on-screen: The two later performed together at a concert after not seeing each other in years, at which Maurer asked him "Mew, do you miss Tong?

mario maurer and bai fern relationship quiz

If Tong didn't invite me, I wouldn't be here".