Marceline and the ice king relationship

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marceline and the ice king relationship

This page describes Ice King's relationships with other characters in the Although as much as Marceline remembers Ice King as Simon, he doesn't seem to. Marceline & Ice King have known each other for about years, when Simon Petrikov found Not much is known of their relationship at this point, except that. In "Everything Stays", Simon, who has almost transformed into the Ice King permanently and is thus leaving to isolate himself, assures a young Marceline that he.

In " A Glitch is a Glitch ," Ice King "reminds" Princess Bubblegum about how she told him that she would go on a date with him if he was the last person in Ooo, but she replies that she never really said that. He later reveals that he created a computer virus that would delete everything except him and the princess. Later in the episode, Princess Bubblegum tells him that even if she actually said that, he would not be the last person in Ooo because she would be still there and starts kissing her own hand, revealing that she would rather be in love with hand rather than the Ice King.

Depressed over his feelings with Princess Bubblegum, Ice King looks at a paparazzi shot of her. After commenting how pretty the princess looks when she is sleeping, he puts the duct tape over her mouth, causing her to wake up with a muffled protest. Ice King realizes, that based on her reactions, that she does not love him, and decides to travel out far in Ooo to start somewhere "fresh.

He tells her that Princess Bubblegum is so "closed off" to her emotions that she crushes the relationship so that she does not ever have to develop emotions as he thinks that he and Bubblegum have a real, romantic relationship. At the end of the episode, he officially broke up with Princess Bubblegum. He tells her that he is breaking up with her because she treats him badly and is always away at parties, which closely resembles the relationship between the Island Lady and the Party God.

However, the princess does not seem to care about this and tries to call in the Banana Guards. Other princesses Aside from Princess Bubblegum, Ice King has shown an obsession with all the other princesses. His most common is Wildberry Princessfor unknown reasons. This is due to the fact that he cannot hold Ghost Princess with his "love mitts. Fionna Fionna is a gender-swapped Finn created by Ice King for a series of fan fiction novels he has written involving adventures of her and her cat Cake.

While generally fan-fictions, Ice King has generally turned himself into a Mary Sue character where Fionna is madly in love with him and the duo go on adventures together while confessing their love for each other. While his creation, Ice King has obsessed in believing that Fionna is real and is willing to do anything to bring her to life; even attempting to bring a book of his to the Ancient Sleeping Magi of Life Givingwho in turn brings the book itself to life instead of creating a living, breathing Fionna.

Regardless of the set-back, Ice King continues to believe that Fionna will be brought to life someday, all the while being called "delusional" by everyone. He also has a secret room with ice statues of her and Cake along with hundreds of fan fictions deep in his castle. Ice King was led to believe that the Island Lady should break up with the Party God because he does not pay attention to her at all and continues partying. But with the Island Lady too afraid break up with him, Ice King tried to break up with him for her.

However, there is a misunderstanding, and the Party God is led to believe Ice King is flirting with his girlfriend. Thus, a fight begins between them. Ice King won the battle and sent the Party God into space.

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Later, when Finn and Jake sabotage Ice King's wedding ceremony, through certain complications he ends up accidentally temporarily marrying Jake. In " What Have You Done?

marceline and the ice king relationship

In " The Eyes " Ice King disturbs them so much that they threat to kill him and in " Loyalty to the King " they three are opponents again. But from " Mortal Recoil " on, Ice King frequently tries to be friends with Finn and Jake in his own misguided way and has willingly made alliances with them. In " Hitman ," the Ice King makes it clear that he does not want to kill Finn or Jake—the most he would do is "punch [them] in the gut and make [them] spit up [their] lunch. The three are essentially friends, but since Ice King constantly kidnaps princesses and the two would have to save them, Ice King gets frustrated that Finn and Jake stopped him from his motives, and Finn and Jake would consider Ice King as a foe and believes that every motive he does is evil, since this is what they always see from him.

This is one of the main reasons Ice King usually has negative feelings towards Finn and Jake. Though Ice King's actions rarely have malicious intent, Finn and Jake must often step in to stop him from kidnapping princesses. Near the end of the episode, the three are shown snuggled up side-by-side by a roaring fire, wearing big Christmas sweaters.

Finn also mentions that Donny is "alright," which implies that Ice King is more than "alright" to Finn. In " Princess Potluck ," Ice King seems to think that Finn and Jake are his "BFs," though this is most likely the result of his skewed view of the world.

marceline and the ice king relationship

In " Play Date ," Finn is shown to have a great deal of empathy for Ice King, even to the point of enjoying his company. While Finn finds Ice King to be an interesting companion, Jake has no tolerance for his antics. Jake has to go as far as outright demanding Finn to get rid of Ice King.

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He has disdain for all of Ice King's oddities, even his attempts of affection. Finn, on the other hand, finds his efforts endearing and does not mind his presence in their house. Flame Princess Flame Princess and Ice King Fighting During his song " Oh, Bubblegum ," the Ice King showed that he knew who Flame Princess was, and calls her "okay," though it was not clear if he had any affection on her and if they had met before.

Since then, Ice King developed a fear on her and is willing to give anything to her to placate her. Later in the episode, Finn forged an insulting letter to make the two fight again. Enraged, they had their final battle in the Ice Kingdom, which causes the destruction of it when Flame Princess effortlessly throws the Ice King down.

Though, due to the random jokes often found in the series, this may not prove anything. Lemongrab attempts to eat the Ice King twice over the duration of the episode, and attempts to kill him once for "having no purpose.

Ice King's relationships

In the Adventure Time eight part miniseries " Stakes ", they show in the episode "The Empress Eyes" that at some point after Simon left Marcy knowing he was going to become too dangerous and messed up to take care of her, he ended up being hypnotized by The Empress and became a slave to her. He was apparently completely in love with her, and would do anything for her. The Empress saw him as a pawn, but at least admitted there could be something to like about him by saying he had a "kind of silver fox thing going on.

She thinks he's basically an idiotic train-wreck and she especially hates him because at this point he is "too stupid to fall under her spell. The Empress also told Marceline while fighting how she thinks he was happier back then when he was with herself, which angered Marcy.

She and Petrikov had a very committed relationship until Petrikov obtained an enchanted crownwhich gradually began to alter his mind and body.

Gunter and the other penguins Edit The Ice King's moodiness in life is expressed toward them. He will portray paternal feelings towards them, often referring to himself as "daddy" in the third person, and can even be understanding to their childlike antics, such as when Gunter was breaking bottles in "Still.

marceline and the ice king relationship

Though annoyed, Gunter came back, so the penguins seem to be quite loyal. He even said "clap harder or I'll smack your buns. Sometimes, Ice King can do favors for the penguins, as he allowed them to lick his tears except for Gunter, who Ice King states has a low-salt dietas seen in "Five More Short Graybles", and dance for their entertainment in "Another Five More Short Graybles".

He is also the one who gave Marceline her old toy, Hambo. Although as much as Marceline remembers Ice King as Simon, he doesn't seem to remember her as much as she explains to him. It is implied through Marceline's dialogue that Ice King has repeatedly sought her out at her different residences over the years, but does not remember their past friendship or his life as Simon, something that angers Marceline and sometimes even drives her to tears.

In "Simon and Marcy," depicts this period of their lives, where Simon worked hard to keep young Marceline safe and happy in the devastated post-Mushroom War world. In the flashback, Simon is shown to look for food for Marceline, entertain her with jokes, plays and songs possibly inspiring her own interest in music and risking his life to find her some chicken soup when she is sick.

However, it is also shown that Simon occasionally needed to put the ice crown on his head to access its powers to protect Marceline, and each time he did so accelerated his transformation into the Ice King, with longer hair and a longer nose, and a crazed, nonsensical personality.

marceline and the ice king relationship

Marceline was aware of the crown's effect on him and made him promise not to put it on, but Simon was forced to in order to save them from some mutants, and was only barely able to get the crown off.

Afterwards, he refers to her as "Gunther," indicating his transformation had continued. A letter he wrote for her in the past indicates that Simon stayed away from Marceline because he was aware the crown's powers were sapping his sanity and keeping him alive as he turned into the Ice King, and that he was afraid of saying or doing something harmful to her based on recent events.

marceline and the ice king relationship

He remains a fan of her music even as the Ice King, and irritates her by showing up at her doorstep to write a song to help him get princesses. However, despite her frustration with Ice King's behavior, Marceline maintains some affection for him, turning away Finn and Jake when they offer to wallop him for her, and eventually performing the duet "Remember You" with Ice King based on their past relationship.

She also admits in her song "Nuts" that while she is deeply annoyed with Ice King, she is always glad to see him when he shows up.