Maneka gandhi and sanjay relationship

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maneka gandhi and sanjay relationship

Sanjay and Maneka were married via a civil ceremony at the house of Mohammed Yunus; Why do people prefer Sonia Gandhi over Maneka Gandhi?. ''Three years ago, I came to you as a bride,'' said Maneka Gandhi, at a an opposition political party, named after her late husband, Sanjay. Within a couple of years of the death of Sanjay Gandhi, Maneka and her relations with family in a new book 'The Unseen Indira Gandhi,'.

He was above prejudices of any kind: He was an agnostic and firmly believed that religion played a very negative role in Indian society. What I admired most about him was his secularism. He was a visionary and an exemplary leader; the father of Indian constitutional democracy, of universal adult franchise, the five-year plans, giving equal rights to women, among other things. But it is telling that in Singh's final assessment, the father of our nation paled in comparison to none other than Manmohan Singh who he rated as the best prime minister India has ever had.

maneka gandhi and sanjay relationship

Indira Gandhi, he says in an interview with Rediff was probably insecure around educated people because her own education had been so scattershot. So she surrounded herself with second-rate people, yes men and tolerated their corruption. After Maneka was thrown out of the family home, Mrs. Gandhi thought he was supporting Maneka.

Singh tried to tell her he was not but she would not believe him. Looking back at her career, Singh really had only two highlights — her handling of the Bangladesh War and then its refugee crisis. However her end shocked him. But in the final analysis, Indira comes out with a failing grade. He met him in the s when Sanjay wanted him to write about his Maruti venture. In his book "Absolutely Khushwant", he says that while the factory itself was not that impressive, he did write a story saying the allegations that Bansi Lal had given Sanjay land for free were false.

Sanjay had paid a fair price. It was not that simple.

maneka gandhi and sanjay relationship

Of course, not a single Maruti ever came out of that plant. In editorials both signed and unsigned, he rolled out the red carpet for Sanjay.

Of love and malice: Khushwant Singh and the Gandhis

Sanjay has taken a heavy load on his young shoulders. He has a long and arduous road ahead of him. Do not strew banana skins on his path.

maneka gandhi and sanjay relationship

Help him to reach his goal of a prosperous and happy India. Indira Gandhi with her sons Rajiv and Sanjay. He could be a real charmer. He had been good to me. He put me in Parliament. Even when Illustrated Weekly was at its most Sanjay-philic, he let his readers have free rein in the letters to the editor. Guha cites one such letter he published. Khushwant Singh published it as the lead letter. And he was not using that description as praise. He was also convinced Indira Gandhi thought the same.

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But Rajiv's original sin was what he did not do after the assassination of Indira Gandhi. I cannot imagine his grandfather [Nehru] allowing such a thing to continue.

Nehru had courage; he would have gone out and confronted the mobs. He did that during the Partition riots.

Sanjay Gandhi

Singh had openly opposed Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale and was on his hitlist but he had also returned his Padma Bhushan as a gesture of protest after Operation Bluestar. Romesh Thapar sheltered his aged mother. Sonia Gandhi The President of the Congress Party first made her appearance in Singh's writings as a secondary protagonist in the Indira-Maneka feud as the "favored daughter-in-law": She will be well advised not to fall into the trap," he writes, "For one, she is not qualified to hold the exalted post; for another, those behind the move are both dishonest and foolish.

Byhe was openly critical of her leadership style, telling the Deccan Herald: And so they keep them at a distance and belittle them as best as they can. She has done that successfully, so we have no one really coming up. Both he and the flying instructor, Captain Subhash Saxena -- who had initially refused to go with him, knowing Sanjay's inexperience at flying this particular plane -- were instantly and gruesomely killed. Indira had repeatedly warned Sanjay against aerobatics on the Pitts S-2A.

He can fly any plane he wants, but not this one'. If she's saying na jao don't gotoh na jao tum then don't go '. Manekaji aise bol rahi hai kyonki woh aurat hain. This is a man's plane. Manekaji is saying this because she's a woman '. He had taken it for a joyride and lost control while doing aerobatics.

maneka gandhi and sanjay relationship

Sanjay lost his life in the ensuing crash. It was a massive, wrenching loss for his mother. One of the enduring images of Sanjay's death is of Indira visiting the site of the plane wreckage not once but twice on June 23, inspecting bits of debris as if looking for remnants of her son and trying to relive his last moments.

Unkind comments were made that she was looking to find keys to a safe deposit box or vault containing his wealth, but instead it was Indira reverting to a primeval way of dealing with sudden and violent bereavement, returning to the site of death as if still searching for the disappeared loved one.

InSanjay was at the very centre of Indira's political roadmap, the main organisation man to whom Youth Congress cadres had remained tenaciously loyal even as the stalwarts fell away from Indira. With none of the heavyweights by her side, it was Sanjay who had become the party's supremo-in-waiting, the kurta-clad karta of the new Congress family, by now the newly appointed general secretary of the Congress.

Sanjay's activities during the Emergency had cost his mother an election, but, three years later, it was his organisational power and strategising that had brought her victory, or so she believed.

About of the Congress winning candidates in were Sanjay's recruits, impatient young bucks fiercely loyal to Sanjay, who scorned the old-fashioned niceties of their Congress seniors.

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Indira Gandhi shares a moment with Sanjay. Motilal Indira's grandfatherFeroze Indira's husband and Sanjay were the alpha males in Indira's life. Brought up by a refined and intellectual father, Indira was paradoxically drawn towards darker versions of men -- aggressive, dynamic men on the make who perhaps satisfied her own latent adventurous, defiant side.

Perhaps hers was a subconscious revolt against the high bar set by Nehru, or perhaps insecure about wielding power without too much political conviction, she turned towards brash, power-wielding men rather than towards philosopher-idealists like her father with whom she had never been able to communicate easily and who might disapprove of her methods. Sanjay, in a way, was the last link with Feroze Gandhi and with Motilal Nehru; he was the last of the dominating men in her life to whom she warmed more intimately than she did with her cerebral father or the gentle Rajiv her elder son.

If Jawaharlal was the saint-hero, these men were the anti-Jawaharlal, the opposite of saintly. She did not recognise that none of them could match Nehru's moral strength, telling Jayakar Pupul Jayakar, a close friend of the Nehru-Gandhi family, wrote Indira Gandhi: An Intimate Biography, published in'No one can take Sanjay's place, he was my son but like an elder brother in his support Rajiv lacks Sanjay's dynamism and his concerns. Indira Gandhi with Sanjay's body.

maneka gandhi and sanjay relationship

She visited the site of the wreckage twice, inspecting the debris as if looking for bits of her son.