Luffy and sanji relationship questions

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luffy and sanji relationship questions

I will talk about the relationships that I personally like. First is my favorite, Nami and Usopp. I believe they understand each other more than. Along with Nico Robin, Nami is one of the smartest of the Straw Hats and the relieved to hear that if they helped with Sanji's problems then he would rejoin. Let talk about Luffy and Hancock * Hancock is most beautiful woman in OP universe but on When Luffy saw Nami without clothes, He reacted like Sanji( Bonclay incident and when Nami Related Questions (More Answers Below) For now, I don´t think they are mature enough to evolve into a romantic relationship. Luffy.

I'm a man —takes a drag of his cigarette— 4. But I'm caring to all my friends and like protecting people, especially Sanji. I love cooking, and I want to find AllBlue. And I used to love ladies before I realized I was in love with Luffy. Describe your partner's personality Luffy: He loves cooking, especially for me. He can be a bit rough, but I like it. He hates marimo, and he can really over-protective and jealous for no reason when people say things like "Nice hat, want me you to show me yours?

Do you see what I have to deal with? Is that all she can say?

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When did you first meet each other? When Luffy, Nami-san, Usopp, and marimo came to the Baratie. When I took my crew to his floating sea restaurant. What was your first impression of your partner? A funny blonde who could cook. A brat who had no idea what he was doing and was going to die.

I think of you differently now —says this reassuringly— 8. What do you like about the other person? His food, it's always good. And his hands, they always make me feel good Sanji: And his stomach at times, and his rubber body, it's really useful —blushes, so does Luffy— 9. What do you dislike about the other person? He still hasn't stopped going into noodle-dance mode when there's a really pretty girl around.

luffy and sanji relationship questions

Do you trust your partner? Of course, but I don't trust him with himself, you never know what kind of mayhem he could cause What do you call your partner? What do you want your partner to call you? Describe your partner as an animal. He'd be a piece of meat. Luffy —sweatdrops— that's not an animal Luffy: Then he'd be a giant yellow bird! Do we even want to know? What would you give the other person as a present?

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What would you want to receive as a present? What about the other person are you unsatisfied about? He's got to learn how to tell when people are flirting with him; it took me months of subtle flirting until I had to resort to telling him I loved him Luffy: Who would want to flirt with me —asks curiously— Sanji: What problems do you have?

I think we've already gone through this. What problems does your partner have? His struggle to get over noodle-dancing for pretty girls. His naivety with more than half of the things said to him. What does your partner do Including problems that makes you unhappy? I think we've already talked about this… Sanji: That's because we have been through this.

But I don't like the way that Luffy always rushes into something without thinking it through. What do you do including problems that make your partner unhappy Luffy: Serena, why are you giving us the same questions?

How far has your relationship gone? I think Nami called it making love, but I like calling it xxx. I mean making love is too emotional. Where did you go as a first date? I tried to take him out a few times… It didn't work, the closest thing we got was at a festival, and that was spent with the rest of the crew. What was the mood like at the time? It was ro-man-tic —tries to say it right— Sanji: The Ferris wheel was… eventful.

What did you feel about the person at the time? Sanji looked better than food when the fireworks went off, and then we kissed Sanji: Luffy really looked good in the light, or lack of, one of the best nights of my life. What's the most common place you go for dates?

We go shopping together, I guess. And we spent a lot of time in the different rooms of the ship Sanji: What would you prepare for your partner's birthday? I'd make the cake myself, and run around a town looking for a present at the last moment. Make his favorite food, take him somewhere special, do whatever he asks, and at night… you can guess.

Relationship between Sanji and Nami

Who first asked the other out? Took him forever to realize too. How much do you like the other person? I really love him a lot. Is someone going to wake her up? So do you love your partner? What does your partner say that makes you unable to refuse? It's the unconscious innocence. I can't not do anything Sanji says, it's hard too. If you suspect your partner is cheating on you what would you do? Sanji wouldn't cheat on me. And Luffy couldn't cheat on me even if he wanted to. Would you forgive the other person if they cheated on you?

But Sanji said he wouldn't cheat on me. I think we've already said that we wouldn't cheat on each other. If your partner was late one hour for your date, what would you do? Sanji never keeps me waiting. Look at the closest place that has meat, food, or shiny things. Which body part do you like the most on the other person?

His hair and his hands. What emotions do your partner show that you find attractive? Whenever he isn't sad. What does the other person do that makes your heart race? When we're in bed, or when he saves me from an attack I hadn't seen. When we kiss, and in bed.

luffy and sanji relationship questions

Would you lie to your partner? Are you prone to lying? I don't lie, I'm horrible at it. I couldn't lie to Luffy, he'd find out eventually. What do you guys do that makes you the most happy? Do you guys ever fight? Not really, unless I try to eat food before its ready, I guess.

What do you guys fight about? Eating food before it's ready. So how do you make up after words? I say sorry, then Sanji sighs and gives me a little bit of the food before making me leave Sanji: If he stayed any longer I might've ended up taking him in my kitchen.

Now, I love him, but I love my kitchen being hygienic. The last time we had xxx in there, it took forever to get out the stains. Would you still like to be lovers in your next life? If there was such a thing as reincarnations. When do you feel that you are being loved? Whenever I think of him. When do you feel that your partner does not love you anymore?

When he goes into noodle-dance with those pretty girls. I never feel that Luffy doesn't love me anymore; it's just those perverts out there I have to worry about. Aren't you a pervert though? How do you express your feelings? I don't need to —looks at Sanji— do I need to? His demeanor in a lot of ways can be compared to that of a secret agent. This is amplified by the fact that he tends to wear a suit, very often enjoys a smoke, and in the anime they tend to play smooth music with jazzy undertones when he speaks.

He quite often makes comedic exceptions to this, such as when in the presence of beautiful women, or when angered by a crew member. Like Zorohe is more perceptive than he seems, and often tells people what they need to hear instead of what they want. Hence, he is seen as one of the more hardened members of the crew.

For example, when the Straw Hats first meet Laboon and learn that the whale had been waiting for 50 years for a reunion with his crewit is Sanji who immediately and correctly points out that Laboon's crew is most likely dead. Sanji does possess an optimistic and idealistic side.

His dream is to find a sea which even other cooks consider mythical. Furthermore, even after the abuse he experienced from his family as a child, he held out hope that they may have changed for the better. However, this hope proves to be completely futile, but he was more angry than surprised at the revelation, showing that he maintains a healthy sense of skepticism even at his most hopeful. Like Franky and unlike ZoroSanji is not afraid to show his emotions when the moment calls for it, and is entirely capable of crying or losing his temper, which results in Sanji's short fuse and subsequent beatings of most villains and Luffy.

In fact, a running gag has appeared since Sanji's fight with Jabraduring which he stated that when he gets angry, he "heats up". After this fight, when Sanji gets particularly angry at a villain, he appears to burst into flames. This occurs with both Absalom and Duvalthough the latter example appears only in the anime.

It is also seen when Luffy states nonchalantly that he is friends with Boa Hancocka beautiful woman, when she appears to prevent a Marine ship from sinking the Thousand Sunny. Despite his hardened outlook on life, Sanji does not object to acting foolishly on certain occasions, like dancing with the more immature members of the crew Luffy, UsoppChopper and Brookor acting childishly excited in certain situations like when they first visited Skypiea and he was also the crewmember who enjoyed going to Fish-Man Island the most as he seen partying with mermaids.

He is also one of those who believes that afros give power. Sanji seems to enjoy relaxing with a cup of tea his favorite drink as seen when he entered Mr. This habit came up again in Enies Lobby when Kalifa distracted Sanji by offering him tea; in another instance, Sanji angrily refused Bege when he was offered something to drink while trapped inside of Bege's body. Since at a young age, Sanji has a habit of saying "shit" or "shitty" when describing something. While the Japanese word for feces, "kuso", is not specifically an expletive, Sanji's manner of speech makes the term sound brash.

For example, he might call a person he especially does not like a "shitty bastard" or something along those lines such as his personal nickname for Zeff, "shitty geezer"but he also described something pleasant to him, like being alone with Nami, as "shitty fantastic" and "the shitty best".

In the FUNimation dub, this habit is downplayed to swearing that is less offensive. He has a habit of separating himself from everyone else and subsequently helping the crew survive, such as times like: When Luffy, Usopp, and Karoo were fighting Mr.

When he and Usopp were going to save Nami from Enelhe took a detour first to destroy the inside of Enel's Ark. In Water 7he left the group after finding Nico Robin and was not seen until the Puffing Tom 's departure. When everyone else was fighting the two hundred captains at Enies Lobbyhe went to close the Gates of Justice instead. The most significant would be having to leave Zou to spare his crew from the Fire Tank Pirates while he has to confront his family.

He does admit that he is not perfect. He convinced Usopp to let him fight Jabra, because of their differences in abilities. He admitted that he was stronger than Usopp in terms of physical strength, that they both had things they could not do and things they could do and because of that, they can help each other. This inspired Usopp to realize he was the only one who could save Robin by use of marksmanship. Intelligence Edit Sanji is also able to think one step ahead in most situations, making him extremely clever compared to his other crewmates.

The first example is when dealing with Baroque Works he fooled Crocodile into thinking he was Mr. Later on when the rest of the crew was captured by the ShichibukaiSanji with the help of Chopper outwitted him using a Den Den Mushi. This was very impressive as Crocodile was known for his scheming nature.